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Doublesix Takes Vol 1
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 in stock $17.43
Doublesix Takes Vol 1 (double 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CHARACTER 006. Rel: 15 May 17
Deep House
  1. I Got To Have You (7:19)
  2. Take Me Higher (6:14)
  3. The Grand Cruiser (8:07)
  4. Supper In Casa Blanca (6:09)
  5. Blues (5:17)
Review: Sam Geiser aka Deetron serves up his first double pack EP on his label Character. The five tracks are the producer's take on house music from the viewpoint of an accomplished DJ of nearly twenty years. Having carved a long standing reputation in both the techno and house worlds, Geiser exposes another side of his personality here. Utilising soul, funk and hip-hop production techniques, the tracks are built on sampled material, much in the vein of his earlier and heavily charted tracks. "I Got To Have You" starts off the EP in fine form, this soulful number having the same energy as previous anthems like "I Cling". He then gets down with some superb hi-tech soul on the stylish "Take Me Higher" while loopy latin house gets its turn on the infectious "Supper In Casa Blanca"
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Fabric 76
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 in stock $6.97
Fabric 76 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 151. Rel: 16 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. Johnny Blas - "Picadillo" (Carl Craig Breakdown version)
  2. Jaime Read - "Timewave"
  3. Baba Stiltz - "Palats"
  4. SoulPhiction - "Mind & Body"
  5. DJ Sneak - "Who's Knocking"
  6. Juxta Position - "Mercy"
  7. Redshape - "Finizh"
  8. Ripperton - "Searchin 4 You"
  9. Greg Beato - "Who's The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here"
  10. Tom Trago - "The Elite"
  11. Seven Davis Jr - "One"
  12. Galaxy 2 Galaxy - "Timeline"
  13. Afefe Iku - "Bodydrummin" (feat Osunlade)
  14. Marquis Hawkes - "Honey Kisses"
  15. Gemini - "New Style Of"
  16. Presk - "Rais"
  17. Ondo Fudd - "There Will Be A Time"
  18. Four Tet & Terror Danjah - "Nasty"
  19. Seiji - "More Of You"
  20. E-Dancer - "The Move"
  21. Moderat - "Bad Kingdom" (Marcel Dettmann remix)
  22. Caribou - "Irene"
  23. Joe - "Slope"
  24. Atoms For Peace - "Before Your Very Eyes..."
  25. Function - "Falling The Same Way" (Dommune version)
  26. Design A Wave - "Weird F"
  27. Juxta Position - "Mercy" (loop)
  28. Nils Frahm - "Says"
Review: Deetron's Fabric mix has been a long time coming; in many ways, it's a surprise that he hasn't been asked to lay down a volume before. His wide-ranging approach to techno and house - rooted in the classic sounds of Chicago in Detroit, but rich in immersive European tech-house - is perfectly suited to the mix format. Fabric 76, then, is an impressive journey, with classic tracks from Galaxy 2 Galaxy, DJ Sneak and E-Dancer rubbing shoulders with more recent fare from new school heroes such as Tom Trago, Joe, Ripperton, Seven Davis Jnr and the irrepressible Redshape. With tracks from Caribou, Atoms for Peace and Four Tet also making an appearance, there's plenty of curious turns to keep the mix fresh and exciting.
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