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Eight Weeks: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
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Nobody But U
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 in stock $11.39
Cat: DAM 002. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Nobody But U (feat Tenderlonious) (6:27)
  2. Smoke (part III) (1:46)
  3. Smoochin (2:46)
  4. One 4 Reevesy (4:46)
  5. Lights Out (feat Jr) (3:04)
  6. Black SL (1:48)
Expensive Sheeeeet
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 in stock $6.48
Expensive Sheeeeet (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: BL 2000. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Expensive Sheeeeet (4:47)
  2. Lando Disco (4:21)
Review: The lesser spotted Leggins returns with another pair of edit gems. Afro-focussed "Expensive Sheeeeet" comes with more switches than a cockpit as we flick between lolloping bass groove, deep tenor soul, rifle percussion and serious sprinkles of sunset magic. "Lando Disco" ventures west towards Brazil with rich orchestration, wondrous sweeping strings and a perfectly lamenting vocal. Sonic honey.
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Brazzaville Percussions EP
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 in stock $9.07
Cat: SSS 011. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Disna Ngai (5:05)
  2. Rikikida (4:04)
  3. La Vie (4:43)
Review: The ever-mutating twists and turns in Bolangassa's musical history continues. From his early '80s involvement in Congolese National Ballet in Paris to the roles (and instruments) he's played on various afro disco records to this new chapter. A wholly tribal affair that takes right back to his Congolese roots. Concentrated percussion where the drums sing for themselves, each of these three cuts are Shamanic in their arrangement, drive and insistency. "Disna Ngai" is the most tribal and ceremonial of the three as many hands make the rhythm work, "Rikikida" is a much slower, more rounded dynamic while "La Vie" is the peak of physical coercion as the pounding staccato hypnotises with a loopy vibrancy that most techno producers would dream of. Eye opening.
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Stutter & Twitch 7" Series
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 in stock $7.51
  1. Hitchhiker (3:29)
  2. Windsurfing (Hunrosa remix) (3:26)
Mamao's Brake
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 in stock $9.58
Mamao's Brake (heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: JD 36. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Mamao's Brake (IG Culture remix) (5:02)
  2. Mamao's Brake (Tenderlonious remix) (3:21)
  3. Ah Que Legal (Reginald Omas Mamode IV remix) (3:21)
  4. Ah Que Legal (Jeen Bassa remix) (3:42)
Review: Joe Davis' Far Out Recordings is indeed an endless source of good music and outernational slickness. The British digging veteran has given us an insurmountable amount of pearls over the years but, specifically, he's opened a whole Pandora's Box of Brazilian music; word on the street is that he was the man who sold Gilles Peterson his first, now rare-as-hens-teeth, Brazilian 12s and LPs back in the 90s. His latest 12" features Azymuth drummer Ivan Conti, remixed and reinterpreted in the finest of UK flavours and, more specifically, form a selection of artists whom we rarely see these days. Broken beat pioneer IG Culture rewires "Mamao's Brake" in the most poignant of fashions, tearing up that percussion and letting it run wild amid scores of trippy synths, while 22a's Tenderlonious gives the tune a funky albeit minimalistic sort of flavor. "Ah Que Legal", on the flip, is first retouched by Reginald Omas Mamode IV, who turns in a beautifully stripped-back, lo-fi waver, and then by Jeen Bassa who goes for the hazy, boogie sort of flex. This is very warmly recommended. 5 stars.
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She Can't Love You
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 in stock $8.81
Cat: THY 003. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. She Can't Love You (original mix) (6:37)
  2. She Can't Love You (Egyptian Lover mix) (6:28)
  3. Maxx E (6:38)
Review: Under the Danced Til Midnight alias, DJ Andy Anderson has always produced music that eschews easy categorization. His two previous 12" singles successfully blended elements of funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, house and Afrobeat. This madcap, all-that-counts-is-the-dancefloor feel is continued on "She Can't Love You", which laces Ijeoma's soulful, R&B style vocal over a backing track that variously doffs a cap to fuzzy funk, boogie, breakbeat and disco-house. Similar could be said about the more breakbeat-minded "Maxx E", which feels like a reworked instrumental dub of the title track. Speaking of reworks, the EPs's highlight is arguably Egyptian Lover's punchy electro remake of "She Can't Love You".
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In Love
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 in stock $8.55
In Love (7")
Cat: RBM 054V. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. In Love (feat Ishtar) (3:00)
  2. Lie To Kick It (2:30)
  3. Lie To Kick It (bonus beat) (0:59)
Garibaldi EP
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 in stock $9.07
Garibaldi EP (12" in screen printed sleeve reeditado)
Cat: WM 001. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Until She Spoke (6:46)
  2. Garibaldi (5:02)
  3. Garibaldi (West Norwood Cassette Library remix) (5:52)
Review: We're quite into the idea of waking up in the morning, coming over to the Juno HQ and listening to a new release by a new artist on a new label. Mystery man Tom Esselle inaugurates the newly formed Wholemeal Music with three cuts spanning house and broken beat, all salted and peppered with the right measurements of bass. "Until She Spoke" is a stepping percussive lick with gorgeous bundles of organic drum breaks and funky bass tones, whereas "Garibaldi" is a lil' moodier and reminiscent of a Theo Parrish kind of MPC jam. Lastly, the West Norwood Cassette Library man dem come in strong with a remix of "Garibaldi", transforming the original from nasty to utterly vicious thanks to grittier drums and a noticeably fatter bassline.
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Body (remixes)
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 in stock $7.51
Cat: MAKINEP 006. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Body (DJ Spinna mix) (7:44)
  2. Body (4:33)
  3. Body (DJ Spinna Ride It Out dub) (7:53)
  4. Body (Zo! remix) (3:31)
Review: London soulful house label Makin' Moves (brought to you by Matt Langrish-Smith & DJ Jamesey) bring the heat once again with these awesome remixes of The Foreign Exchange: an internet-spawned collaboration between Dutch producer Nicolay and US rapper/singer Phonte Coleman from Little Brother. "Body" is taken from their recent album Tales From The Land Of Milk & Honey and it is a wonderful slice of modern soul that calls to mind the work of Kaidi Tatham or Vikter Duplaix. The remixes on here work that extra bit of magic though and who better than NYC's finest DJ Spinna to deliver the goods on his deep and emotive remix. His second offering, the "Ride It Out dub" dives even deeper and does exactly what it says on the tin on this version, aimed squarely at late night dancefloors.
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Fade To Grey (Johnny Miller Remixes)
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 in stock $8.81
Cat: FTR 002. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Fade To Grey (Jonny Miller Blitz Musik vocal mix) (7:33)
  2. Fade To Grey (Jonny Miller Blitz Musik instrumental mix) (7:32)
Review: Londoner Jonny Miller runs Sonarpilot Audio and over the years has worked with everyone from Metalheadz and Radium Audio, through to Greg Wilson, Redlight, Seiji and even film director Chris Cunningham. Here he presents edits of the 1980 pop classic "Fade To Grey" by Visage. He had his work cut out for him but he delivers some interesting takes on this old school gem. As Bordello A Parigi best described themselves it is "a proto-houser of sorts and as relevant and influential a track today as it was back then." These remixes use the original stems with the "Jonny Miller Blitz Musik vocal mix" giving the track more of a balearic vibe that you could have imagined Alfredo playing to a crowd of sunburnt brits at Amnesia back in the day. While on the flip, there's a handy instrumental for those of you less keen on the vocals for some reason.
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Slow Oceans EP
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 in stock $10.88
Cat: COTCH 001. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Slow Oceans (1:52)
  2. Khula Naye (feat Hlasko) (2:55)
  3. Come Rescue Me (3:19)
  4. Signs In The Stream (feat Hlasko) (4:12)
  5. In The Void (feat Hlasko & Shane Cooper) (4:18)
  6. The Siren's Call (feat Nonku Phiri) (4:21)
Footwork House Jam #1
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 in stock $8.81
  1. Karizma - "Church Chords" (7:12)
  2. Nubian Mindz - "Check Da Discotheque" (6:26)
  3. Byron The Aquarius - "Nights In Jakarta" (3:55)
  4. Intr0beatz - "That DUB" (feat Lay-Far - Tape mix) (5:45)
  5. Kid Sublime - "Wings Of Love" (feat Han Litz) (6:21)
Review: Set up as a continuation of their podcast back in 2008, this Russian label joins the dots between jazz various genres. Footwork House Jam no.1 is a homage to the global house culture and the eponymous Moscow-based club night in particular. The idea behind this compilation 'is to provide the fuel for house dance culture and house movement to expand further on' the label claims. Starting off on the A side with Baltimore legend Karizma and his jagged groove therapy session titled "Church Chords" there's more quality with Brit Nubian Mindz with the glitched out disco house of "Check Da Discotheque" which will contort you even more with its nifty beat repeat effects. On the flip is Intr0beatz with the sexy late night deep house of "That DUB" where he goes for that timeless formula of emotive chords, swing fuelled rhythms and sampled diva vocals to full effect.. but wait for that bassline to drop, like seriously! Finally, Dopeness Galore darling Jacob Otten aka Kid Sublime drops the soulful and life affirming broken beat nu-jazz experiment "Wings Of Love".
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Palo Santo
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 in stock $10.35
Palo Santo (12")
Cat: MAMIE 001. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Palo Santo (6:33)
  2. North Wind (6:02)
  3. Asked The Moon (6:10)
  4. Dream Hunter (8:49)
Rescue Me
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 in stock $15.80
Rescue Me (12")
Cat: SR 06. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Rescue Me (The Sophisticado Love mix) (7:58)
  2. Rescue Me (The Jam Master mix) (6:25)
  3. Rescue Me (The Sean Ali & Corey Munk Julious remix) (10:36)
Mesquite Beat
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 in stock $5.44
Cat: TT 1041. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Mesquite Beat (feat The SGs) (4:30)
  2. Justice (feat The SGs) (4:32)
Bring Me Down
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 in stock $11.14
Cat: SS 065. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Bring Me Down (9:32)
  2. Bring Me Down (Theo Parrish translation) (9:35)
Review: Here's something to get excited about: a cracking new cut from Detroit deep house legend Alton Miller, backed with a 'Sound Signature' translation from the equally revered Theo Parrish. Miller's version of "Bring Me Down", is something of a treat: a sparkling, starry deep house epic that's blessed with immaculate vocals from soul chanteuse Maurissa Rose. Parrish's translation is equally as stretched out and similarly enjoyable, but is far looser and dustier in feel, with warmer bass and beats that naturally tend towards the jazzier. It's naturally more in keeping with Parrish's work than Miller's, but retains enough of the latter's touches to be counted as a fine remix.
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Lunar Love Remixed
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 in stock $8.28
Cat: AR 100VL. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. The Barber (Kalbata remix) (5:33)
  2. The Serpent (Sub Modu remix) (6:49)
  3. Totem (Nicola Cruz remix) (5:04)
  4. Totem (DJ Khalab remix) (4:04)
Review: Agogo's latest release features a quartet of artists remixing tracks from Mop Mop's fine - if a little overlooked - 2016 album Lunar Love. There's naturally a noticeable dancefloor focus, with Sub Modo delivering a pleasingly bass-heavy rework of Anthony Joseph hook-up "The Serpent" that also boasts some shuffling, intricately programmed, Innervisions style tech-house percussion. Also impressive is the trippy, late night voodoo of DJ Khaleb's version of "Totem", which is rich in tribal drum hits, feverish audio textures, chopped-up organ stabs and rolling grooves. If you're after something a little more horizontal, the Nicola Cruz re-make of "Totem" bobs along at a slower tempo, at the same time making more of Mop Mop's original, Afro-influenced instrumentation.
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Intérprete: Simon Harrison, Mop Mop
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 in stock $9.84
Beletronic (12" reeditado) (1 per customer)
Cat: RHRSS 22. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Hiwa (3:24)
  2. Paco (3:15)
  3. Zouklove (5:38)
Review: There was much excitement surrounding Granit Records' recent reissue of Claude Rodap's sole album, 1982's synthesizer-heavy fusion of traditional Martinique styles and (then) contemporary electronic music, Syn-Ka. Now Rush Hour is getting in on the act, issuing three more obscure Rodap productions - this time made around the turn of the Millennium - on vinyl for the first time. There's naturally plenty to enjoy, from the rainforest melodies, spacey synth-bass and gentle tropical rhythms of "Hiwa", to the glistening, guitar-laden Caribbean Balerica of closer "Zouklove". The track that sits in between, the denser, jazzier, solo heavy "Paco", is also superb.
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Scrim II Scrim Edits
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 in stock $6.73
Scrim II Scrim Edits (hand-stamped 12'')
Cat: DP 019. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Back To Life (Scrimshire Waaait For It edit) (7:21)
  2. African Dance (Scrimshire Afro-Trance edit) (7:17)
Review: Scrimshire's pedigree for edits last year was in a league of its own. Monthly dispatches designed to do nothing but tickle, tease and thrills dancefloors, each one of his edits took on lives of their own with heaps of additional musicianship and groovecraft. These two Soul II Soul edits say it all... "Back To Life" gets a powerful tease on the pay-off while "African Dance" gets brand new drums and a whole new boogie section. Damaging.
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Wish I Didn't Miss You
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 in stock $9.58
Wish I Didn't Miss You (7" reeditado)
Cat: MSV 025. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Wish I Didn't Miss You (3:54)
  2. Wish I Didn't Miss You (remix) (4:19)
Review: Oooh! Angie Stone's "Wish I Didn't Miss You" definitely belongs in the canon of all time modern soul classics. Taken from her 2001 second album Mahogany Soul, the Swizz Beats produced track made optimum usage of an O' Jays sample and was instrumental in that LP going gold and propelling the former D'Angelo collaborator to stardom. It also inspired countless official and under the counter remixes with Blaze's perhaps the most recognisable. So yes this reissue on 7" from Outta Sight is worthy if you don't have the original in your collection and features a housed up remix from Hex Hector on the flip.
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The Extrovert City
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 in stock $8.03
The Extrovert City (12" reeditado)
Cat: 2039 BLACK. Rel: 09 Jan 17
  1. The Extrovert City (6:12)
  2. Mister Seahorse (5:01)
  3. The Shadow Ain't Going Nowhere (5:10)
Review: Kaidi Tatham's busted beats and jazzy house licks have been favourites of ours for donkey's years. The man released a heap of material alongside the mighty Dego back in the early 2000's, and he's still putting out some utter fire in this day and age. Back on Dego's on 2000Black, Kaidi storms though with the bubbly acoustics and jazzy beats of "The Extrovert City", a tune that would have gone down like a nuclear bomb back at the mythical Dingwall's in Camden. "Mister Seahorse" is something else entirely; a tune with a slow, laid-back pace, stoned-out bass tones, and some of that classic Kaidi jazz magic that we adore. A monumental EP, and one which'll surely be a favourite among the Sound Signature fanatics. Recommended.
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Two Way Here One Way Go
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 in stock $8.03
Cat: 2040 BLACK. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Two Way Here One Way Go (5:09)
  2. No Facetime (Errors) (4:39)
  3. BBQ (5:32)
Review: The latest missive from the reliable 2000 Black camp is a collaborative affair, featuring the combined talents of Kaidi Tatham, Mr Mensah, Matt Lord and Dego (this time under the Ranks alias). With such talent on show, it's unsurprising that A-side "Two Way Here One Way Go" - a rolling, club-ready fusion of Tony Allen style drums, Afro-futurist sounds and killer musical touches - is thoroughly fantastic. It's accompanied by two tasty B-sides: a pitched down, synth-heavy shuffler entitled "No Facetime (Errors)" and the starry, up-tempo, Herbie Hancock style jazz-funk-meets-Restless Soul grooves of "BBQ".
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Deep In The Mudd
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 in stock $10.10
Deep In The Mudd (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: EGLO 51. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Deep In Mudd (feat Hardhouse Banton) (4:35)
  2. R6 Interlude (2:17)
  3. Boards & Skins (3:12)
  4. Just Negotiate (feat Simeon Jones - Kaidi Tatham remix) (6:41)
  5. Century (feat Hardhouse Banton) (4:32)
  6. Reflections (2:13)
Review: Fresh from the runaway success of his Yussef Kamaal project with Yussef Dayes, Henry Wu returns to Eglo Records for the first time since 2015. While it's jazzy broken beat opener "Deep In The Mudd" - co-produced by Hardhouse Banton - that's naturally getting most attention, there's plenty to get excited about elsewhere on the EP. Check, for example, the hissing jazz of "Boards & Skins", Kaidi Tatham's deep, sparkling and effortlessly soulful re-make of "Just Negotiate", and the ultra-deep, Rhodes-laden bliss of "Reflections", a beat-less treat. Also worth checking is the EP's other Hardhouse Banton hook-up, "Century", which charges off on a high-tempo, mutant P-funk tip.
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The Creator EP
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 in stock $10.35
Cat: NBD 003. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. The Creator (4:54)
  2. 99 Pence Bargain Dub (4:45)
  3. Myriad (3:27)
  4. Sentimental Apathy (2:40)
  5. A Question Of Consciousness (4:16)
Review: Frequent Bradley Zero collaborator and Rhythm Section International regular Z Lovecraft is up next on record label/radio show No Bad Days, following up great releases by Toronto's Roberto and Polish producer Selvy. Starting out with the lo-slung boogie funk of "The Creator", there's then some nu-jazzy broken beat business to be found on the wonderful "99 Pence Bargain Dub" On the flip we've got the soulful and celestial acid house journey of "Myriad" and then "A Question Of Consciousness" closing out this fine EP in style with its soothing R&B tones and featuring some absolutely sublime organs to help you drift away.
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Cold Radish Coma
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 in stock $22.02
Cat: MWN 037. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Source (2:29)
  2. The Strut (2:55)
  3. Das Dank (3:52)
  4. Level 1 (0:35)
  5. Fela (1:44)
  6. Tenderloin (1:44)
  7. Level 2 (0:30)
  8. The Strut (reprise)
  9. Local Knowledge (3:56)
  10. Level 3 (1:01)
  11. Crystal Eyes In (2:42)
  12. Cash Harp (3:06)
  13. Kellett St (1:17)
  14. For You (4:13)
  15. Cold Radish (2:56)
Shout It Out
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: DML 0012. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Give It A Tone
  2. I Trusted U
  3. Shout It Out
  4. Chin Chin
  5. I'll Watch Myself
  6. Just The Same
  7. Hard Worker
  8. Mad Dog
  9. Mad Dog Chaser
  10. Kum Kum (feat A-Wa)
  11. This Town
  12. This Town Chaser
Handful Of Soul
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 in stock $24.09
Handful Of Soul (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + insert + 5 photographs)
Cat: SCLP 406SE. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. A Child Runs Free (5:42)
  2. No Mercy For Me (3:44)
  3. Slow Hot Wind (4:01)
  4. This Is What Your Are (7:09)
  5. I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes (4:57)
  6. Rio De Janeiro Blue (4:09)
  7. A Handful Of Soul (4:20)
  8. On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (3:11)
  9. Never Die (5:31)
  10. Gig (3:32)
  11. No Trouble On The Mountain (4:21)
Intérprete: Juno Recommends Jazz
We Are Peering Over
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 in stock $15.53
We Are Peering Over (CD in metal box + 7 art cards)
Cat: LABOX 05. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Mother Shipton's Wayno
  2. Cleanest Land
  3. Apocalyptic Fantasies
  4. Shell
  5. Moolah
  6. 68/69
  7. Wee Nomad
  8. MuskOx
The Blue Square
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 in stock $19.94
The Blue Square (hand-numbered LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MR 006. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Believe (3:18)
  2. Tic Toc (2:37)
  3. Pie In The Sky (feat Gregg Green) (3:00)
  4. Mama (feat Esterina) (2:48)
  5. Midnight In Montmartre (2:44)
  6. M3d3a (feat Esterina) (3:39)
  7. Nightkisser (feat Melentini) (3:50)
  8. Out Of Time (feat Phil Diamond) (3:16)
  9. Old Devil Sunshine (3:19)
  10. Down The Street (feat Phil Diamond & Hugo Kant - instrumental) (2:47)
  11. Outerspace (4:39)
The Blue Square
 Añadir al Carro
 in stock $23.82
The Blue Square (hand-numbered red vinyl LP + stickers limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MR 006RED. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Believe (3:19)
  2. Tic Toc (2:37)
  3. Pie In The Sky (feat Gregg Green) (3:01)
  4. Mama (feat Esterina) (2:47)
  5. Midnight In Montmartre (2:46)
  6. M3d3a (feat Esterina) (3:39)
  7. Nightkisser (feat Melentini) (3:50)
  8. Out Of Time (feat Phil Diamond) (3:16)
  9. Old Devil Sunshine (3:19)
  10. Down The Street (feat Phil Diamond & Hugo Kant - instrumental) (2:47)
  11. Outerspace (4:40)
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 in stock $8.81
Migration (CD + insert)
Cat: ZENCD 236. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Migration
  2. Break Apart
  3. Outlier
  4. Grains
  5. Second Sun
  6. Surface
  7. Bambro Koyo Ganda
  8. Kerala
  9. Ontario
  10. No Reason
  11. 7th Sevens
  12. Figures
Review: Given his impressive track record, hopes are naturally high for Bonobo's sixth album, Migration, which is his first full-length since 2013. Happily, it's a majestic affair, with the producer delivering another sumptuous set of tracks. It was partly inspired by an extended period musing on the nature of personal identity, and the role that nationality plays in that. This concept is translated via thoughtful lyrics, and songs that draw musical influence from the four corners of the globe. It's not a big stylistic leap, of course - his bread and butter remains yearning, emotion-rich downtempo music built around gently jazzy grooves and impeccable live instrumentation - but given that few artists do it better than Bonobo, we'll forgive him for that.
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 in stock $19.43
Migration (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 236. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Migration (5:22)
  2. Break Apart (4:34)
  3. Outlier (7:57)
  4. Grains (4:26)
  5. Second Sun (3:44)
  6. Bambro Koyo Ganda (5:04)
  7. Surface (4:16)
  8. Kerala (3:58)
  9. No Reason (7:29)
  10. Ontario (3:38)
  11. Boston Common (4:46)
  12. Figures (5:51)
Review: Given his impressive track record, hopes are naturally high for Bonobo's sixth album, Migration, which is his first full-length since 2013. Happily, it's a majestic affair, with the producer delivering another sumptuous set of tracks. It was partly inspired by an extended period musing on the nature of personal identity, and the role that nationality plays in that. This concept is translated via thoughtful lyrics, and songs that draw musical influence from the four corners of the globe. It's not a big stylistic leap, of course - his bread and butter remains yearning, emotion-rich downtempo music built around gently jazzy grooves and impeccable live instrumentation - but given that few artists do it better than Bonobo, we'll forgive him for that.
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 in stock $23.05
Volta (LP)
Cat: LCB 52. Rel: 09 Jan 17
  1. Go Slow (3:55)
  2. Need Somebody (4:57)
  3. Goodnight Moon (4:24)
  4. Every Time (4:01)
  5. Volta (4:39)
  6. Enigma (4:52)
  7. Jungle Law (5:06)
  8. Happening Again (4:41)
  9. Old Song (4:05)
  10. Taboo (4:14)
  11. Lights Out (2:09)
Dimming Awe The Light Is Raw
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 in stock $18.13
Dimming Awe The Light Is Raw (pink vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WV 140LP. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Sungblood (1:27)
  2. Raw Light Overture (3:06)
  3. Au Revoir (with Milo) (2:31)
  4. Birthjays (2:41)
  5. Glow-Up (with Matthewdavid) (2:37)
  6. Jotu (2:26)
  7. All Is Rite (1:24)
  8. Bad CGI (6:16)
  9. No Translator (with Milo) (3:10)
  10. You Might Be An Eye (3:46)
  11. A-Word/Dim (4:06)
  12. Monthiversary (with RYAT) (6:32)
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 in stock $20.71
Aforemention (2xLP)
Cat: MG 120LP. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Team Ball (9:17)
  2. R'n'Free (5:39)
  3. Pastilife Flashbacks (4:33)
  4. Fly (feat Nia Andrews) (4:07)
  5. Get Set Free (feat Dulcinea Detwah) (6:08)
  6. Gentle Glide (3:22)
  7. Solitary Orbiter (10:22)
  8. Melting Spheres (6:51)
  9. Two Ends Of The Spectrum (2:19)
Review: It's been ten years since Italian percussionist Tommaso Capellato released his debut album, the relatively traditional jazz-funk opus Originals. Aforemention, his fourth full-length, is an altogether more cosmic affair. It sees Cappellato combine his own loose-limbed drum work with intergalactic synths, space age Rhodes solos, copious amounts of delay and reverb, and electronic elements borrowed from futurist techno. There are occasional nods to out-there modern soul and R&B, but for the most part it's a loose, languid and thoroughly intergalactic romp through the furthest reaches of the jazz galaxy. It also includes a sublime slice of psychedelic exotica in the shape of ambient cut "Gentle Glide".
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Rio Arriba
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Rio Arriba (2xLP reeditado)
Cat: ZZKLP 17. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Jose Larralde - "Quimey Neuquen" (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
  2. Chancha Via Circuito - "Cumbion De Las Aves"
  3. Miriam Garcia & Alicia Solans - "Pintar El Sol" (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
  4. Chancha Via Circuito - "Rio Arriba"
  5. Chancha Via Circuito - "Prima"
  6. Chancha Via Circuito - "La Revancha De Chancha" (feat Fauna)
  7. Chancha Via Circuito - "Puente"
  8. Chancha Via Circuito - "Deportes"
  9. Figura - "Ze Bula" (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
  10. Chancha Via Circuito - "Amelia"
  11. Tremor - "Caracol" (Chancha feat Wenceslada remix)
  12. Chancha Via Circuito - "Hipopotamo" (bonus track)
Mr Jackson
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 in stock $13.99
Cat: FRUC 002. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Impressions (4:15)
  2. Make It Quick (4:02)
  3. Blunt In Da House (3:02)
  4. Flamingo (2:59)
  5. Bags Afterglow (interlude) (1:26)
  6. Bags Afterglow (3:34)
  7. Book Of Rhymes (2:03)
  8. Tocher (3:42)
  9. In Luv (interlude) (0:10)
  10. In Luv (6:14)
  11. Mr Funky Man (4:17)
  12. 3000 Miles (2:00)
  13. Tha End (5:16)
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 in stock $8.11
Metromonk (CD)
Cat: TRUCD 337. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. A Step (feat Pete Josef)
  2. Between Oil & Water (feat Erik Truffaz)
  3. Freeze
  4. Pointillism
  5. Zebra Stairs
  6. Abrupt (feat Douglas Dare)
  7. Mesmer Mesmerising (feat Isa Kurz)
  8. Spaceful
  9. Snow Screen
  10. Chimp Rave
  11. Herzkeks
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 in stock $12.69
Metromonk (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRULP 337. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. A Step (feat Pete Josef) (4:38)
  2. Between Oil & Water (feat Erik Truffaz) (4:50)
  3. Freeze (3:52)
  4. Pointillism (5:54)
  5. Mesmer Mesmerising (feat Isa Kurz) (3:12)
  6. Spaceful (5:41)
  7. Snow Screen (3:38)
  8. Chimp Rave (5:36)
Morocco Fantasia
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Morocco Fantasia (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NAK 913212LP. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Misterio (9:10)
  2. Siberiana (10:29)
  3. Double Concerto (9:42)
  4. Michaelangelo's 7th Child (7:38)
  5. Gumbiero (11:07)
  6. Turquoise (4:59)
  7. Encore (5:09)
  8. Egyptian Danza (9:06)
Best Of
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 in stock $14.49
Best Of (limited coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: BESTOFV 001. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens (3:19)
  2. Summer In Paris (feat Anggun) (4:04)
  3. So What (part 2) (3:10)
  4. Love Junkee (feat Cameo - J Dilla remix) (5:15)
  5. Voodoo Child (feat Afu-Ra - DJ Premier remix) (3:21)
  6. Juliet (DJ Cam remix) (3:22)
  7. Underground Vibes (3:44)
  8. Broadcasting Live (feat Channel live - Lord Finesse remix) (2:53)
  9. Show Your Love (3:16)
  10. Swim (feat Chris James) (3:27)
  11. Espionage Guru (DJ Cam remix) (3:02)
  12. Innervisions (3:49)
  13. California Dreamin (3:10)
Tephlon Funk!: The Free Tape
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 in stock $19.68
Tephlon Funk!: The Free Tape (heavyweight vinyl LP + 36 page manga comic booklet)
Cat: AS 054. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Formulation (3:00)
  2. Facts Is Facts (Actualize) (1:32)
  3. Isolation (2:35)
  4. Then (1:15)
  5. What Went Wrong (2:40)
  6. Realization (3:00)
  7. Manipulation (2:28)
  8. Magnificent Nightmare (1:11)
  9. A Scape Theme (2:20)
  10. Slender Rose (2:32)
  11. Sins (1:47)
  12. Love Me (Say Nasty) (2:21)
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 in stock $21.50
Stinger (LP)
Cat: MODOUT 038. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Stinger (2:35)
  2. Men Of Trouble (5:22)
  3. A.R.A.S. (1:20)
  4. Incendiary (6:32)
  5. Trickle Down (5:41)
  6. Boss (5:14)
  7. War Gin (5:33)
  8. Lots (6:39)
  9. Soul Thing (4:26)
Review: We don't hear a huge amount of music coming out of Texas these days, especially when it's as wild and wet at this new album from the terrific Hard Proof collective. The ten-piece band hail from Austin, but they sound as if they were coming straight outta Detroit or Chicago; offering all manner of shades of funk, Stinger is a album for those that like to psych out hard. It's only their second LP but, by the sounds of explorative tracks like "Men Of Trouble", you wouldn't be able to tell. There's just so many layers to this release, where tunes like "A.R.A.S." dip into experimental percussive twists, and dive out of gnarly guitar solos, while others like "Incendiary" provide jazzier, more funked-out shapes. It's a real hum-dinger, and we all better get used to the sound of Austin...
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Keta Iicna Hika
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 in stock $20.71
Keta Iicna Hika (LP + poster)
Cat: MG 118LP. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Tenzing Song (3:25)
  2. Gentleman (6:28)
  3. Hargeisa (4:10)
  4. Papa Paradise (3:30)
  5. City Of Aleppo (4:45)
  6. City Of Dub (4:26)
  7. Hekri Salari (4:13)
  8. Observation Is No Crime (3:07)
  9. Olele Moliba Makashi (4:30)
  10. Dub Hekri (4:16)
Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake (reissue)
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 in stock $21.50
  1. Alive (3:05)
  2. Mountain (4:07)
  3. Sunset (3:39)
  4. The Shark (0:33)
  5. Sneakin (Baby part 1) (2:58)
  6. Fly Away (Baby part 2) (3:19)
  7. The Wolf (0:47)
  8. Gettin' Money (feat Michal Menert) (3:26)
  9. The Time Is Right (4:04)
  10. The Rabbit (1:04)
  11. On N' On (3:36)
  12. Tonight (3:51)
  13. The Snake (0:55)
  14. The Chase (3:44)
Night Visions
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 in stock $16.06
Cat: BJLP 16. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Somos Candela (4:17)
  2. Oye Bien (4:10)
  3. Como Me Miras (4:10)
  4. Y Ahora Que (3:18)
  5. Misunderstood (feat Brit Manor) (3:47)
  6. Ya Te Toca (3:30)
  7. Burbujitas (4:34)
  8. Vamos A Batalla (4:00)
  9. Can't Let Go (feat Kendra Morris) (3:50)
  10. New Bell (4:21)
  11. Aguacero (album mix) (3:58)
  12. Tumbo Paredes (3:47)
  13. Cuentos De Anoche (3:41)
  14. La Oscuridad (4:11)
Laika's Take Off
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 in stock $11.02
Cat: IOT 58. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Baikonour
  2. Laika's Take Off
  3. Pool Party
  4. Agathe
  5. Chickens & Seashells
  6. Badliver
  7. Pores
  8. Qu'est-Ce Qu'il Y A
  9. Bonestrip
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 in stock $28.75
Instrumentals (2xLP + 12 page booklet)
Cat: AU 10161. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (5:17)
  2. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (1:53)
  3. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (1:05)
  4. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (5:38)
  5. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (2:36)
  6. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (2:07)
  7. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (2:32)
  8. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (0:56)
  9. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (2:00)
  10. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 1 (0:24)
  11. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 2 (6:31)
  12. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 2 (9:57)
  13. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 2 (6:39)
  14. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 2 (5:14)
  15. "Instrumentals" (1975) Volume 2 (2:36)
  16. Sketch For "Face Of Heaven" (9:47)
  17. Reach One (With Two Fender Rhodes) (1973) (16:46)
Review: Up until Peter Gordon's recent revival, excerpts from Arthur Russell's 1975 composition Instrumentals - inspired by his studies of Indian and western music while in San Francisco a few years previously - had only ever been performed in public on a handful of occasions. While this may have partly been due to the Russell's desire for it to be performed in a single 48-hour cycle, it has meant that the few recordings that do exist have remained hidden for decades. This superb double album gathers together those excerpts, recorded between 1974 and 78 in New York, alongside recordings of two other early Russell works. Musically, it's as strange, imaginative and touching as you'd expect, with Instrumentals variously fusing pastoral classical music, Indian mysticism, and (then) contemporary Americana.
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Temple Of I & I
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 in stock $10.88
Temple Of I & I (CD + poster)
Cat: ESL 222CD. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Thief Rockers
  2. Letter To The Editor
  3. Strike The Root
  4. Ghetto Matrix
  5. True Sons Of Zion
  6. The Temple Of I & I
  7. Time + Space
  8. Love Has No Heart
  9. Lose To Find
  10. Let The Chalice Blaze
  11. Weapons Of Distraction
  12. Road Block
  13. Fight To Survive
  14. Babylon Falling
  15. Drop Your Guns
Review: Some 21 years on from the release of their much-loved debut album, Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton are still going strong. The Temple of I & I is the Washington DC-based duo's eight studio full-length, and their first for three years. It features a wide range of guest vocalists, most seemingly drawn from the world of Caribbean sound system culture, and offers an extensive exploration of dub in its myriad forms. There are plenty of traditional-sounding workouts, along with a string of cuts that blend the duo's usual warm, hazy and bass-heavy sound with elements of hip-hop, easy listening and sensual modern soul.
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