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Echoes In Space: Volume One: 4.2 GB DVD Sound Library
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$109.15 SAVE 20%
 2 in stock $87.32
Cat: 564957 Rel: 09 Mar 15
Limited Edition 4.2GB DVD sound library, including atmospheres, drones, effects, field recordings, modulations, pads, custom sequences & percussion (arranged by tempo)
Notes: Limited edition DVD sound library packaged in retail double DVD case. This massive 4.2 GB sound library features 100's of custom sounds produced at Echospace studio, processed and mastered through an extensive chain of analog and custom made equipment including but not limited to compressors, ring mod's, filters, delays, reverbs and waveshaping devices. The library was made using primarily analog synthesizers, modular synthesizers and sequencers with gear dating back to the 1960's, 70's and 80's. There's a vast array of powerful and comprehensive sounds processed and treated with careful attention to detail, outlining over 2 years of extensive work. The library includes: Atmospheres, Drones, Effects, Field Recordings, Modulations, Pads and custom sequences all arranged in folders and separated by tempo. The perfect sound tool for never-ending and limitless production possibilities in nearly any genre.

The library also includes a percussion sequence section which contains a wide range of dense, deep and (careful attention to equalization curves) dark percussive sounds, FX and modulation sequences that can be used easily to impact key moments in your musical compositions on the fly via your favorite audio productions suites.

Also includes a 60 minute CD featuring an ambient piece performed by variant using ONLY elements of the source material contained in the sound library.

Technical Data:

- Over 200 samples at 48 Khz, 24 bit in WAV.

- Stereo Samples recorded in Echospace Studio using Apogee D/A Convertors

- All samples bounced to tape with an amazing array of hardware mastering tools

- Easily loaded in your favorite sampler / workstation / audio editor.
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Electro (over 1.8GB of pumping bass, jackin' beats and twisted synths hits & loops in Wav, Rex2, Apple Loops, Stylus RMX, EXS24, Kontakt 3 & NNXT formats)
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MRP:$51.02 SAVE 20%
 1 in stock $40.93
Notes: Pumping bass, jackin' beats and twisted synths - Limited Edition pack!

Special limited edition anniversary pack! Includes bonus Behind the Scenes at Sample Magic film, 700MB additional samples and 36 page extended hints and tips booklet. Pumping bass, jackin' beats, twisted synths, wired filth, acid grime, lost-in-basement fx, and washed-out seqs abound in SM20 Electro, the eagerly anticipated new collection from Sample Magic. Running the ground between indie-dance and peaktime mainroom filth, Electro takes in the best of techno, Dutch, jackin' and classic french disco, bending all the rules and mashing every genre along the way. Weighing in at a hefty 750+MB of 24-bit, 44.1Khz key and tempo-labeled Wavs (1.8GB+ multiformat material), the majority of loops come in industry standard 128bpm, ensuring dancefloor smashes are just a few clicks away.

What's in the collection:

- Drum Loops > From warm to fuzzy, sparse to busy, bouncy to jackin' and groovy to poppin': four packed folders of classic drum machine filth and live-infused workouts at 128bpm.
- Kick-Free & Nu-Perc Top Loops > Electro meets warehouse rave in 100+ rhythmically inspired, circuit-bent slices of beat-starters to max the tracks.
- Bass Loops > Pulsating 80s monosynths, dripping wet Italo madness, distorted squares and tone-bent saws - from the monstrous to the melodic.
- Music Loops > Ravey pads, Euro-disco runs, genre bending arps and big-room seqs primed to wreck the floor.
- Synth Loops > Key-labeled synth toplines plied with biting analogue warmth and manga-tweaked tube grime.
- Combi Loops > Frequently imitated but rarely bettered: a ready-rolled selection of instant loop-kits, featuring music and drum loops fully separated with added variants for you to drop & go.
- FX & FX Loops > When synths attack: biting whooshes, ear-mashing screeches, ravey sirens, acid house horns and tempo-linked builds, breaks and berzerkers.
- Drum Hits & One Shots > Finely sculpted precision-cut kicks, snares, hats, hits and crashes - all layered, tweaked and refined using the fabled Sample Magic all-analogue signal path.

This Limited Edition Anniversary Presentation Pack features:

- 1 x DVD (content)
- 1 x DVD (Behind the Scenes at Sample Magic short film)
- 1 x CD (Exclusive 700+MB content from Sample Magic and DrumDog labels)
- 36 page booklet including The Sample Magic Story, Hints and Tips, the Sample Magic studio, Five rules of House and more.

Content includes:

- 888 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots (741MB)
- 681 Rex2 Loops (466MB)
- 681 Stylus-RMX Rex2 Loops (936.6MB)
- 607 Apple Loops / AIFFs (628.5MB)
- EXS24, Kontakt 3 and NN-XT sampler patches and 12 page digital booklet (including hints and tips, kit list, folder guide and more).
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Electro House Revolution Vol 1 (2.58 GB multi format DVD - 2100+ sounds)
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 1 in stock $42.56
Notes: Oliver Schmitt aka Sounds Of Revolution continues his in-demand 'Revolution' soundset series with 'Electro House Revolution Vol 1'. No matter whether you're looking for punching drums, powerful synth and bass sounds, catchy vocals or inspiring grooves; this sample collection is the place to find all these. A particular highlight is the diversified loop section, which doesn't leave any desire unfulfilled; from compact, kick-free loops, over construction kits to bass and synth loops. Furthermore this DVD includes single bass sounds, a vocal section with spoken phrases and children sounds, heavily processed live recordings, chords and more than 1200 single drums. In short, 'Electro House Revolution' offers everything you need for the production of vigorous electro, up-to-date house and kickin' techno. As a further luxury, in addition to more than 2000 state-of-the-art sounds, this DVD contains playable programs for every single bass and synth sound, so they can be instantly played over the keyboard and don't need to get mapped.
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Inspiration Hip Hop Derty South
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MRP:$51.09 SAVE 62%
 1 in stock $19.64
Cat: 316028 Rel: 09 Jun 08
Notes: 15 complete Style Kits designed for modern Derty South style

Watch out- Bandmates Inspiration Hip-Hop - Derty South is invading your music system with lusciously gritty southern style. Bandmates Derty South includes 15 complete Style Kits designed for modern Derty South style.

Start building your own super Hip-Hop beats and grooves fast. Complete instrument breakdowns are included with each kit for maximum power and versatility. Take your compositions to the next level by mixing and combining kits for an entirely new sound.

Plus, Inspiration Hip-Hop Derty South includes an extra-Derty bonus set of Extras with over 45 additional drum loops for further customization.
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Inspiration: Hip Hop & RnB
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MRP:$51.09 SAVE 47%
 1 in stock $27.28
Cat: 317049 Rel: 23 Jun 08
Notes: An explosion of modern Hip-Hop and RnB. Loop connoisseurs, prepare to be inspired. Bandmate's 'Inspiration: Hip-Hop& RnB' brings an explosion of modern Hip-Hop and RnB right to your music production workstation. 'Inspiration: Hip-Hop & RnB' is bursting with 15 complete Style Kits produced in a full range of modern styles. Add to that a complete set of matching drum and percussion elements designed to help you build your own Hip-Hop/RnB masterpiece. This collection has it all, from west-coast to east-coast, dirty south to exotic, many styles are represented. Where you wish to take them is entirely up to you. For further customisation, take advantage of the top-notch extras also included. Then, go to the next level by mixing and combining individual kit elements.
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K Size Electro Edition Sound Library
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 1 in stock $49.11
Cat: 429462 Rel: 04 Jul 11
Over 2500 loops & sounds
Notes: Best Service and K-Size are ready for the next step by adding the K-Size Electro Edition.

With more than 2500 exclusively produced sounds and loops, this library offers the hottest and most trendy sounds in club universe. The content is not just limited to electro-house. There''s plenty of material which covers various styles like House, Techhouse, Progressive and Dirty-Dutch.

As with all K-Size releases, every loop has its own unique name, which makes it easy to find and remember your favorite sounds in no time. No more endless numbered lists with hundreds of Loops in one folder. You can use the K-Size within your favorite DAW. All loops are available as WAV/ACID, REX2, APPLE LOOPS and Stylus RMX SAGE files.

All One-Shot-Samples are mapped and immediately usable in all common software samplers like Kontakt3, Battery3, EXS24, HALion, Live and Reason (NNXT).

The K-Size electro edition sample library gives your productions the well needed pressure to smash every dancefloor in the world.

In tradition of K-Size, all samples were produced on High-End Studio Equipment to ensure maximum sound quality.
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ProSessions Vol 09: Hella Bumps 1 Sample CD
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 2 in stock $10.90
Cat: 246656 Rel: 27 Nov 06
Notes: Hella Bumps Disc 1 delivers the essential toolkit for hip-hop/rap artists. Inspired by the great producers, these CDs provide fresh new source material for tomorrow's platinum hits. You get the tightest drum kits anywhere, including killer individual samples to construct your own kits. There's also a slew of unique new melodies and the thickest, sickest bass lines around. All samples are in AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV formats.
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ProSessions Vol 12: Electroclash Sample CD
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 1 in stock $13.64
Cat: 246255 Rel: 27 Nov 06
Notes: Electroclash is loaded with analog sounds, loops and effects to pour that special juice onto your electronic tracks. This collection was made exclusively using vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines with the assistance of analog and digital sequencers and control voltage and gate converters no software synthesizers were used. You get REX files for use in Reason, Cubase and Logic, as well as individual samples for use with other programs and hardware samplers. All samples are in AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV formats.
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ProSessions Vol 13: Vector Field Sample CD
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 1 in stock $14.74
Cat: 246262 Rel: 27 Nov 06
Notes: Vector Field offers up a strange brew where dangerous synths meet melodic outcries, twisted nature and psychoacoustics. These 21st Century electron flows were created exclusively with a collection of analog machines from Korg, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, Yamaha, Metasonix and Studio Electronics. Absolutely no virtual synths were used in the creation of this deviant CD. All samples are in AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV formats.
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ProSessions Vol 17: Adrenalinn Guitars Sample CD
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 2 in stock $21.82
Cat: 246308 Rel: 27 Nov 06
Notes: AdrenaLinn Guitars is a tour de force of guitar playing, processing and editing by musician/author Craig Anderton. From ambient-friendly arpeggios to soul-ripping sounds for hardcore techno, AdrenaLinn Guitars delivers almost 700MB of fresh, creative, carefully crafted loops. With Roger Linn's innovative AdrenaLinn processor serving as a sonic foundation, each loop takes on rhythmic, animated characteristics that are perfectly at home in dance, pop, hip-hop, and other modern musical styles. The result is a novel integration of synthesis with the human, organic qualities of the guitar. All samples are in AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV formats.
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ProSessions Vol 32: Dope Beatz Juicy Hip Hop & R&B Sample CD
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 1 in stock $21.82
Notes: Dope Beatz is juicy assortment of mouth waterin', head snappin', back breakin' beats and loops from the producers at Studio Z. This brand new collection of hip-hop and r&b loops and samples features hot full mixes, followed by the individual breakdown of all elements-drums, bass, keys, and more. Packed to the max with bangin' loops, you also get one-shots of all the best classic drum machines and keyboard samples for creating your own Dope Beatz! All samples are in AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV formats.
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ProSessions Vol 35: Dance Static Sample CD
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 1 in stock $14.74
Cat: 246496 Rel: 27 Nov 06
Notes: Dance Static delivers a totally phat collection of dance tracks and grooves to get them dancing in the streets. CB Productions' David Burell (R. Kelly, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey) has compiled a legion of beats, basses, appregiators, pads, synths and lead lines into completed dance tracks in a mix-and-match construction kit format. This brew lets you to remix elements into endless crazy combinations-an absolute must for any dance producer regardless of style. All samples are in AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV formats.
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Sample Magic Electro House Sample CD
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 1 in stock $39.29
Cat: 270201 Rel: 11 Jun 07
Dirty Electro Minimal House & Twisted Nu-Disco Jams
Notes: Electro-House is the ultimate in twisted, filthy and bleepy house-tinged electronica U all expertly recorded in crystal clear 24bit quality. Boasting a disc-busting 1.8 GB worth of loops, hits and jams, Electro-House captures the real essence of the dancefloor, from the captivating groove to the hypnotic tech-funk that defines a genre.
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Ueberschall Minimal Techno (1.6GB construction kits, 1200 loops and samples; Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS)
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MRP:$116.58 SAVE 61%
 1 in stock $45.84

Minimal Techno is comprised of compacted / subtracted club grooves which capture the latest spectrum of sound frameworks used in the scene. With highlights on devious sound anomalies and robust soundscapes. A wealth of options from 75 c-kits, 250 instrument loops, 75 drum kits and 234 knock-out one-shots.

Minimal Techno contains 1.6 GB of style accurate leads, pads, bass, drums, stealth elements, spheres and textures. All samples have been refined and designed for minimal techno, electro and tech house but will mesh with parent and sibling genres such as: Glitch, Minimal House, MonoMusic, MicroMusic, Rave, IDM, you name it.

The Minimal Techno genre accentuates the resourceful minimalist approach to synthetic club productions. Having stripped down Glitch effects and disjointed contrasts between thematic layers and transitions within a piece. Traditional percussive and other instrumentation randomization is enhanced with microtonal textures and sound incidents.

Paramount Players:

Asem Shama, producer of Nouvelle Series Minimal Techno.
Manager of Sportclub // Electronic Pioneer.

Get Minimized
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