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Stasis (12")
Cat: SECOPS 025. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Stasis (6:20)
  2. Inner World (5:56)
Cyclone EP
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Cyclone EP (12")
Cat: J 1015. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Maybe Sometimes (3:22)
  2. Maybe Sometimes (2 3 Psymono mix) (3:34)
  3. Lello From SDA (3:44)
  4. Gargantuans (6:45)
  5. Cyclone (Tribute To The 90's) (3:08)
  6. D One (3:32)
The Dream Team Remixes Vol 2
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 in stock $9.22
Cat: JOA 006. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. Stamina (Bladerunner remix) (5:28)
  2. Warrior (Stivs & Katch Pyro remix) (4:36)
  3. Lighter (DJ Westy remix) (6:22)
  4. Latino (unreleased 96 remix) (3:47)
Supercharger Volume Three: The Switch It Up EP
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 in stock $13.07
  1. Junglord - "Tornado" (5:26)
  2. Duburban Poison - "Da Duppy Dem" (5:21)
  3. Simply Dread - "Doobie Riddim" (5:37)
  4. Osk-Kosh & Doc - "There Is Only One" (6:07)
Review: Limited to 300 copies: Supercharger continue to re-strengthen the roots with another four-piece of pure foundation fire. Featuring old mates and new, it's premium brock-out business as usual... Junglord carves up pure drum magic on "Tornado", Duburban Poison fine tunes some vintage warped bass on "Da Duppy Dem" while Simply Dread provides a one way ticket to 93 on "Dobbie Riddim". Finally label newcomers Osk-Kosh & Doc tap back to the original hardcore roots with a mental full-throttle 4x4 creating a panicked edge. Incredible scenes.
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Des Fleurs
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 in stock $8.72
Des Fleurs (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SNLP 001. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. Des Fleurs (6:24)
  2. Meeting Of Styles (with Lurch) (5:17)
  3. Other Scales (5:17)
  4. L'Automne (5:18)
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 in stock $9.74
Spotlight (12")
Cat: META 046. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Spotlight (6:07)
  2. Rotate (5:04)
Review: Earlier in 2016, George 'Dub Phizix' Ovens returned to action after a two-year absence. That double-header was warmly received in drum & bass circles, and it's likely this relatively swift follow-up will be, too. "Spot Light" is an intriguing concoction, with lo-fi, post-rock style guitar refrains and sustained-note strings seemingly floating over a punchy, bass-heavy, retro-futurist jungle rhythm. The "back to '96" vibe is even stronger on flipside "Rotate", which makes great use of blistering early jungle breaks, mind-altering sub-bass, and the kind of blissful musical touches that were once the hallmark of early Good Lookin' Records releases. Like the A-side, it's a bit of a treat.
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Dreams Of Freedom EP
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 in stock $8.97
Cat: INT 036. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Nobody (5:02)
  2. Definition (3:49)
  3. Dreams Of Freedom (4:53)
Review: Wrapping up another vintage year, Integral bossmen Artificial Intelligence return from their Metalheadz missions with three stunning reminders of their abilities: the way the strings ease in from behind and take you by surprise on "Nobody", the warm-but-deadly reese funk on "Definition", and the thundering power soul signature that caught our attention right back in the day on "Dreams Of Freedom". Dreamy.
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Drum & Bass Annual 2017
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 in stock $11.82
Drum & Bass Annual 2017 (unmixed 4xCD + booklet)
Cat: RAMMLPD 14CD. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. The Prodigy - "The Day Is My Enemy" (Bad Company UK remix)
  2. Wilkinson - "Sweet Lies" (feat Karen Harding)
  3. Deadmau5 - "Strobe" (Dimension remix)
  4. Bad Company UK - "Nomad"
  5. Andy C - "New Era VIP"
  6. Culture Shock - "Have It All" (feat Raphaella)
  7. Sigma - "Slow Down" (feat Jetta)
  8. Camo & Krooked - "If I Could" (feat Joe Killington)
  9. Sam Smith - "Stay With Me" (Shy FX remix)
  10. High Contrast - "Remind Me"
  11. Gorgon City - "Ready For Your Love" (feat MNEK - Etherwood remix)
  12. DJ S.K.T - "Take Me Away" (feat Raej - Andy C remix)
  13. Loadstar - "Red Rock"
  14. Changing Faces/The Prophecy - "Gale" (feat Charli Brix)
  15. Calyx & Teebee - "Long Gone"
  16. Noisia - "Tentacles"
  17. TC - "Next Hype" (feat Jakes - Crissy, Malux & Erb N Dub remix)
  18. Dawn Wall - "Ember"
  19. Hazard - "Roll On My Level" (feat Summer Rayne)
  20. London Elektricity - "Why Are We Here?" (feat Liane Carroll - SPY remix)
  21. 1991 - "Nine Clouds"
  22. Dom & Roland - "Sirens Song" (feat Robert Manos)
  23. Fourward - "Empty Soul"
  24. Audio - "Make It Happen"
  25. DC Breaks - "Never Stop"
  26. Legion & Logam - "To Be Alone" (feat Micah Freeman)
  27. Rene LaVice - "The Calling" (feat Ivy Mairi)
  28. Agressor Bunx - "Colony"
  29. Flowidus - "Flight"
  30. Freek - "Remedy"
  31. Sound In Noise - "Can't Take It"
  32. Salaryman - "Echoes From Nowhere"
  33. Barbarix - "Do It Now"
  34. Sphere - "Cry For You"
  35. North Base - "Feeling The Love" (feat Mitch Dowd)
  36. Crissy Criss, Malux, Erb N Dub - "One Day" (feat Damien Soul)
  37. Frankee - "Clap Your Hands"
  38. Break - "Ain't No Turnin' Back"
  39. Obeisant - "On My Mind"
  40. The Upbeats - "Mediums"
  41. Bensley - "One Last Chance" (feat Skyelle)
  42. Sigala - "Give Me Your Love" (feat John Newman & Nile Rodgers - Andy C remix)
  43. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - "Rise Of The Black Panther"
  44. Urbandawn - "Together Again"
  45. The Prototypes - "Rocket Guns Blazin'"
  46. Teddy Killerz & Annix - "Leap Of Faith"
  47. Q Project - "Champion Sound" (DLR Jungle re-fix)
  48. Delta Heavy - "White Flag VIP"
  49. High Performance - "Loss"
  50. Aperio & Monrroe - "Rise"
  51. Madface - "Fallen Deep Enough" (feat Janine Small)
  52. Hamilton - "Only For Tonight"
  53. Mohican Sun - "Where Did You Go"
  54. June Miller - "Hide & Seek"
  55. Tyke - "Blessing" (feat Daddy Earl)
  56. LSB - "I Need Love"
  57. Slang Banger - "Sterns"
  58. Derrick & Tonika - "Gate Is Open"
  59. Voltage - "Right Now"
  60. Noisia & The Upbeats - "Dead Limit"
Review: Boasting some 60 tracks stretched across four unmixed discs, Ram's latest Drum & Bass Annual is something of a beast. It is, though, something of a 'who's who' of D&B, featuring pretty much every significant contributor to the contemporary jungle scene. There are naturally big tunes from big names (Noisia, High Contrast, Bad Company UK, Dom & Roland, LSB, S.P.Y, Andy C, Calyx & Teebee etc.), surprise drum & bass reworks of top-tier dance acts (rubs of cuts from The Prodigy and, more bizarrely, Deadmau5), and a swathe of lesser-known - but by no means inferior - artists and labels. In other words, it's a spot-on summary of where the D&B scene is at the tail end of 2016.
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 in stock $8.72
Strobe (12")
Cat: MAU 5022. Rel: 25 Jan 10
  1. Strobe (original)
  2. Strobe (DJ Marky & SPY remix)
  3. Strobe (Plump DJs remix)
Iron Balls
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 in stock $8.46
Iron Balls (12")
Cat: SIG 021. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Iron Balls (5:20)
  2. Angle Breach (5:17)
Review: It's by Calibre and it has balls in the title... Does any more need to be said? Not really, but credit where it's due - no artist comes close in consistency, proliferation and out-and-out distinctive style than Calibre. Here he is in "Posh Boy" mode - all sizzling in the bass and hazy in the chords - "Iron Balls" is nasty but restrained, cruel but kind, furious but funk. "Angel Breach" takes us even deeper into Calibre's darker side with a ricochet drum set and bassline that ploughs deeper and deeper into the abyss. There's no mucking around here - just up dark style Calibre.
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10 Years Of Symmetry
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 in stock $21.28
Cat: SYMMLP 005. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. If I Could (feat Kyo - with Boston) (4:50)
  2. Betamax (with Total Science) (5:05)
  3. Inside (with Spectrasoul) (3:49)
  4. Ain't No Turnin' Back (5:20)
  5. Free Your Mind (feat Fats - Break remix) (4:38)
  6. Give In To Me (with Kyo) (5:19)
  7. Who Got Da Funk (4:58)
  8. Overdub (5:07)
  9. Left Behind (6:00)
  10. NC17 & KC - "Slimeville" (Break & DLR remix) (5:21)
  11. The Rush (5:57)
  12. Not Forgotten (5:04)
Haze EP
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 in stock $9.48
Haze EP (12")
Cat: EBEAMZ 001. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Haze (8:08)
  2. Nightscape (4:46)
  3. First Contact (3:09)
Review: Ironically, Longdick isn't long in the game... Yet. This is his first full vinyl release having teased us on limited House Plants tapes and Bandcamp, here we find the Aussie freshman long-shlonging it across both house and jungle pastures in an arrangement that tells a tale in itself; "Haze" blows the starters klaxon with its sweet dreamy garage vibes, all clappy beats and a deep waist shuffle. "Nightscape" turbo-charges the party with its fusion of clunky tech 4/4s with a slo-mo industrial breakbeats while "First Contact" thrusts into rave nirvana with its Goodlooking style pads, birdsong and busted amen magic. Long it out.
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The Dream Team Remixes Vol 3
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 in stock $9.22
The Dream Team Remixes Vol 3 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: JOA 007. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. Public Enemy (Saxxon remix) (5:05)
  2. The Roller (Gold dubs & DJ Hubrid remix) (4:51)
  3. Coast To Coast (Diamond Geezer remix) (4:53)
  4. Walk & Skank (unreleased 1996 version) (6:05)
Review: What began on vinyl three years ago and came correct in full album form last summer on digital, Bizzy B and Pugwash's seminal jungle outfit Dream Team is once again brought back to life on vinyl. Introductions unnecessary: Saxxon's take on "Public Enemy" is as brutal as you'd expect, Gold Dubs and Hybrid twist up the pitched drums and juicy subs on "The Roller" while Diamond Geezer roughs things up 36 Hertz style. Finally we're slapped happy by an unreleased 96 version "Walk & Skank" - drop it and crush your dancefloor within seconds.
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The Space Between Remixes Vol 3
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 in stock $9.48
Cat: CODER 011. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Backfoot Dub (feat Emcee Child - Bladerunner remix) (5:41)
  2. Cartier (Jaybee & Dave Owen remix) (6:05)
  3. Don't Hold Back (feat Dylan Germick - Flaco remix) (6:01)
  4. Control (Insiders remix) (5:39)
Review: The third remix collection to come from their fourth soul-bounty album The Space Between, US trio Bachelors Of Science continue to invite fresh reinterpretations. Bladerunner hones in on the natural skank of "Backfoot Dub" and give it his own dark rub, Jaybee & Dave Owen get dreamy on "Cartier" while Flaco subverts the soul on "Don't Hold Back" with a collection of smooth, timeless pad tones. Finally, for a darker finale, Insiders give "Control" a shiny new coat of tech armour. Bulletproof.
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Electric Sun
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 in stock $19.47
Electric Sun (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: NHS 286LP. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Cold Light Of Day (feat Sherry Davis) (5:02)
  2. Icarus (feat Hugh Hardie) (5:15)
  3. Lost In U (feat McLean) (4:09)
  4. Fight 4 U (3:48)
  5. Take Me To Another World (feat Stella Attar) (4:10)
  6. Sentimentality (0:02)
  7. Tell Me True (4:52)
  8. Electric Sun (feat Sherry Davis) (4:06)
  9. Deep Breath (4:24)
  10. After Dark (5:06)
  11. Highway 1 (4:42)
  12. Still Life (feat Holly Drummond) (4:16)
Review: Few D&B artists have delivered seven albums in 10 years at the high level of creativity as Logistics. Few D&B artists have delivered seven albums full stop. But this is the prolific magic of Matt Gresham, a man whose passion for melody, soul, grit and authenticity are balanced in such a way he consistently smashes it with every construction. Take the rattling jungle amens and choral soaring of "Icarus" or the weighty halfstep and Flume-style vocal trippiness of "Fight 4 U" or the hazy sunrise glimmers of the title track.... Each cut expressing weight, musicality, heaps of space and a range that's at once broad and highly defined. Impressive.
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For Those Who Like It Sweet
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 in stock $10.24
For Those Who Like It Sweet (coloured vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRITSYS 007. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Chimpo - "War Tanker" (4:16)
  2. Sam Binga - "Drank" (3:21)
  3. Chimpo & Sam Binga - "Sassy Riddim" (4:16)
  4. Sam Binga & Chimpo - "Selection Dark" (1:46)
  5. Sam Binga & Chimpo - "For Those Who Like It Sweet" (1:27)
Intérprete: Bop
Ever Need/Plain As Day
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 in stock $8.97
Ever Need/Plain As Day (limited 12")
Cat: HZN 097. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Ever Need (feat Steo) (5:59)
  2. Plain As Day (6:33)
Change The Channel
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 in stock $5.12
Cat: RAMM 232. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Change The Channel (4:30)
  2. Encarta (3:47)
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 in stock $6.14
Cat: RAMM 240. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Nomad (6:44)
  2. Equilibrium (4:42)
Intérprete: Vincent Inc
Generation EP 2
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 in stock $8.97
Cat: META 43. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Freefall (5:47)
  2. Honey (5:16)
  3. Behold (4:25)
Review: Some seven months on from the release of his first Generation E.P, D&B veteran Commix finally delivers the follow-up. He recalls the halcyon days of Good Looking Records' spacey take on D&B on opener "Freefall", where jazzy keys and dreamy pads tumble down over a shuffling, post-jungle rhythm. While you can easily dance to it - with your head in the clouds, of course - there's more obvious peak-time material to be found on the flipside. The woozy, dub techno style synth motifs of "Honey" are accompanied by blistering, jungle-era breakbeats, while the superb "Behold" builds from an atmospheric, ambient opening, into an on-point, Exit style chunk of experimental D&B brilliance.
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Intérprete: Bop, Soul Intent
Better Perspective
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 in stock $17.94
Cat: SHA 110. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. Better Perspective (feat Jinadu) (5:52)
  2. Parallel (feat Zara Kershaw) (4:51)
  3. Clockwise (4:57)
  4. Out Of Reach (feat Lucy Kitchen) (5:06)
  5. Antihero (4:36)
  6. Problems (feat Maiday) (3:45)
  7. Leave It Unsaid (4:33)
  8. We Look For Patterns (5:26)
  9. Trigger Warning (4:12)
  10. Cold Shoulder (5:05)
  11. Hold On A While (feat Jono McCleery) (4:31)
  12. It Must Be (4:16)
Review:  Exactly two years since their debut album Desire Paths, Shogun duo Technicolour & Komatic dish up their sophomore and it's even slicker and consistent than the first. With a finely honed signature that's unmistakeably their own, no other act do liquid in this way. From the cloud-bouncing floatation session of "Parallel" and raw string power of "Clockwise" right the way through to the final salvos of the soulful mourns of "Hold On A While" and the halfstep dreaminess of "It Must Be", every track here has a purpose without so much of a hit being chased or a vocal being added for feature's sake. Authentic and unashamedly deep.
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Shelflife 4
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 in stock $31.78
Shelflife 4 (4xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SIGLP 011. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Space Time (feat Cleveland Watkiss) (5:34)
  2. Model Way (5:37)
  3. Down On You (5:14)
  4. Amen Tune (feat DJ Marky) (5:20)
  5. Underfire (7:17)
  6. Bottles & Airports (5:36)
  7. Justice (5:38)
  8. Love Worn Soul (5:50)
Review: No other artist in the game could pull a stunt like this off: Such is his proliferation, Calibre's Shelflife series are his way of gathering ideas that he felt weren't right for single releases, or dubs that he just never got round to putting out. As with previous editions, the whole collection rolls like an album due to his consistent, spacious signature. Highlights: How about every track? You need specifics? The piano-slapping sunny-side opener "Latin Way", the big jazzy washes and lolloping rolls on "Model Way", the pushy, gritty breaks on "Spirit Catcher", the wriggling drums, stark minimalism and mid 2000s techno feel to the hook on "Underfire". We could go on and on. It's Calibre - you know what to do.
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Future Uncertain
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 in stock $8.19
Future Uncertain (clear vinyl 12" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: TEMPO 1210. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. OT Blues (feat Pliskin) (8:19)
  2. Seal Clubba (feat Pliskin) (6:48)
  3. Future Uncertain (feat Pliskin) (5:40)
Ruling Sound
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 in stock $9.22
Cat: MS 028. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Ruling Sound (4:55)
  2. Ruling Dub (4:59)
  3. Ruling Sound (TMSV remix) (5:00)
Review: Lafayette, Louisiana, may not be particularly associated with the bowel-bothering sub-bass and ricocheting drum hits of dubstep. Nevertheless, it's home to Bukkha, a producer whose floor-friendly dubstep releases are shot through with high-grade dub reggae influences. "Ruling Sound", featuring the slick and soulful vocals of Junior Dread, is a perfect example. It's effectively a dubstep/steppers reggae fusion, and a very good one at that. The producer's love of original dub can be heard loud and clear on the accompanying "Ruling Dub", which beefs up the sub-bass whilst ramping up the reverb, delay and tape echo. The flipside TMSV Remix, which boasts crunchier, jungle-influenced breakbeats and even weightier sub-bass, is also pretty nifty.
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 in stock $8.72
Prototyped (12")
Cat: 31RSLTD 001. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Prototyped (original mix) (6:56)
  2. Prototyped (Hidden Turn remix) (7:06)
Review: Legendary D&B jungle from Doc Scott, "Prototyped" originally blew minds in 1996. Occasionally shadowed by the a-side anthem "Shadowboxing", this is a much darker, heads-down roll-out with sudden flurries of amens that hit and run from seemingly nowhere. 31 freshmen Hidden Turn follows up his delectable debut album The Ride with a subversive contemporisation as heavier layers of trippy textures are added to the groove but those rifle drum shots still have that same effect. Very well played.
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Invaders Must Die
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 in stock $11.02
Cat: HOSPLP 001. Rel: 23 Feb 09
  1. Invaders Must Die
  2. Omen
  3. Thunder
  4. Colours
  5. Take Me To The Hospital
  6. Warrior's Dance
  7. Run With The Wolves
  8. Omen (reprise)
  9. World's On Fire
  10. Piranha
  11. Stand Up
Brain Music EP (includes remixes by Slick Shoota and House of Black Lanterns)
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$6.14 SAVE 30%
 in stock $4.30
Cat: MODRU 004. Rel: 20 Apr 15
  1. Brain Music
  2. Wet
  3. Brain Music (Slick Shoota remix)
  4. Wet (House Of Black Lanterns remix)
Review: Skubi steps into the limelight with his debut release for Modern Ruin, an imprint reserved strictly for the finest in footwork killers. "Brain Music" is basically a modern hip-hop lick with cavernous low-ends and that familiar juke vocal stutter. The same goes for "Wet", a relatively darker, dreamier sort of affair. Remixes comes from none other than Slick Shoota and House Of Black Lanterns, the former opting for a jungle swing while the latter twists and funks that juke into an even nuttier bundle of drums and percussion. Large.
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 in stock $7.95
Scatter (12")
Cat: QRN 2008. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Scatter (4:27)
  2. Inhibitor (5:06)
Legion Of Boom EP
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 in stock $9.48
Cat: GF 016. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. Standard Affair (4:48)
  2. Legion Of Boom (3:55)
  3. Morro (dub) (4:26)
  4. Dr Know (4:55)
Review: Addison Groove is always a great reminder that's it's not always DJ Rashad (RIP) and RP Boo that you need to look up for footwork. Hooking up with DJ Die on his Gutterfunk label the two chalk up four bangers, though some melodic moments are there to be found on B2 cut "Dr Know" which at some points almost sounds like a friendly throw back to classic DJ Marky. "Standard Affair" is frenetic but punctuated by snare-heavy break downs and 808 percussive bleeps. Indiana Jones referencing "Legion Of Boom" ups the tempo and funk with the most liquid cut on the EP while undoubtedly the biggest, baddest production here is the cut up vocals, spastic percussion, gun clacks and deep Rhodes of "Morro".
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 in stock $7.95
Balaklava (12")
Cat: A 1403. Rel: 18 Jul 16
  1. Balaklava (6:46)
  2. Orphic (6:55)
Review: Bank-robbing bass: Bristolian Pessimist dons his head gear for two slabs of deep dark rolling D&B on Blackest Ever Black vinyl-only offshoot A14. Driven by the bellowing subs more than any other element, "Balaklava" is a penetrative demonstration of sonic pressure that's relieved as the rolling kicks and snares break through the heavy low end fog. "Orphic" takes more of a techno approach with industrial strength drums shaking with dubby reverb over electrical hornet's nest buzzes. Intense.
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Intérprete: NAIL
Microfunk EP Vol 2
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 in stock $8.46
Microfunk EP Vol 2 (clear purple vinyl 12")
Cat: MICROFUNK 002. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Microfunk Crew - "December" (feat Robert Manos) (5:25)
  2. Oak - "Sandman" (VIP) (6:06)
  3. Dissident - "Eyes-Closed Film" (5:25)
  4. Sileni, Despot & Bop - "Twichy Nerds Concert" (6:12)
Intérprete: Bop
True Skool
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 in stock $4.87
True Skool (2nd 12")
Cat: ZEN 12178X. Rel: 17 Apr 06
  1. True Skool (Switch mix)
  2. True Skool (The Qemists mix)
Intérprete: Flore
Missing Persons EP
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 in stock $15.37
Missing Persons EP (double 12")
Cat: CRIT 074. Rel: 24 Feb 14
  1. Missing Persons (feat Frank Carter III)
  2. Live On Your Smile
  3. Sunday Crunk
  4. Ivy Lab & Emperor - "Pepper" (Deft remix)
Review: Ivy Lab provides Critical Music with its first physical release of 2014 with a four-track double 12". To begin with there's the piano-ambient introduction of "Missing Persons", which in a way sounds like a highly sped-up Burial track combined with Frank Carter III's vocals full of a similar sounding soul heard in Storm Queen's crossover hit "Look Right Through". The drums remain super-quick on "Live On Your Smile" alongside warbled computer bleeps and melancholic female vocals, while "Sunday Crunk" is a hip hop-inspired, MPC-styled slow jam that may well take its inspirations from southern rap. Lastly on this deluxe package, Project: Mooncircle and 2nd Drop artist Deft touches-up Ivy Lab & Emperor's "Pepper" for something verging on heavy dubstep mixed with some growling, Fis-like effects.
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Real Talk EP
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 in stock $7.69
Cat: FOKUZ 077. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Impish - "With You" (Calibre remix) (6:32)
  2. Mr Joseph - "Real Talk" (6:52)
Review: Fresh from soundtracking the summer with the beautiful "Soul Girl" on Liquid V, Mr Joseph returns to Fokuz with a dreamy shaker-soaked roller that pins full attention around the bellowing, cockle-warming sub. Flip for stunning refix from the one and only Calibre. Switching out most of the waspy, evil elements of Impish's already delicious original for syrupy subs and vapour-trail breathy elements, it's yet another class repurpose from Calibre. No surprises there, then.
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I Stayed Around
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 in stock $7.69
Cat: FOKUZ 079. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Random Movement - "I Stayed Around" (Lenzman remix) (5:40)
  2. Facing Jinx - "Meet You There" (feat PET) (6:47)
Review: Fokuz fire off another deep groove doublet: Lenzman applies his spacey, cosmic sheen to Random Movement's 2015 summer bluster cut a plunging drone feel to the bass and unrelenting, rolling drums. Facing Jinx maintains the deep space feel of the 12" with "Meet You There" as lilting pads and a roomy bassline weave and bob amid a tightrope two-step. Classy.
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Four:Fit EP
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 in stock $8.46
Cat: SOULR 071. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Mixed Bag (feat DRS) (6:21)
  2. Step Forward (5:16)
  3. Jupiter (5:51)
  4. Stingray (feat Lynx) (4:52)
Review: It's about time... Fresh off the heat of his Trevino album, Marcus returns to the D&B source with a full-fat foursome on his label's spotless Four:Fit series. Each cut a 24 carat diamond, shining in its own special way: "Mixed Bag" is a DRS-polished soulful addition to the ever-growing halftime annals, both "Step Forward" and "Stingray" are brittle two-step heads-down headbutts while "Jupiter" is an amen-rattled jungle shake-up. Timeless, deep and spacious; Marcus never fails.
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Billie's Smile
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 in stock $8.46
Cat: SOULR 045. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. Billie's Smile
  2. Lunar
Drum & Bass Arena 20 Years
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 in stock $8.72
Drum & Bass Arena 20 Years (mixed 3xCD + MP3 download code in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: DNBA 20CD. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Pendulum - "Tarantula" (feat Fresh, $pyda & Tenor Fly)
  2. Sub Focus - "Rock It"
  3. The Prototypes - "Pale Blue Dot"
  4. TC - "Tap Ho"
  5. Pendulum - "Vault"
  6. Noisia & The Upbeats - "Dead Limit"
  7. Spor - "Aztec"
  8. Hive - "Neo" (remix)
  9. Insideinfo & Mefjus - "Mythos"
  10. Phace & Misanthrop - "What's Wrong"
  11. The Upbeats - "Beyond Reality"
  12. Original Sin - "Dr Feels Good"
  13. DJ Hazard - "Machete"
  14. Break - "Music Is Better"
  15. Sigma - "El Presidente"
  16. Chase & Status - "Hurt You"
  17. Rudimental - "Feel The Love" (feat John Newman)
  18. BCEE & SPY - "Is Anybody Out There?" (Friction & K-Tee remix)
  19. Sub Focus - "Airplane"
  20. Wilkinson - "Afterglow"
  21. Adam F - "Brand New Funk"
  22. Q Project - "Champion Sound" (Total Science Hardcore Will Never Die remix)
  23. John B - "Up All Night"
  24. Dillinja - "Nasty Ways" (feat Lorreia Loushy)
  25. Digital - "Deadline"
  26. Nasty Habits - "Shadow Boxing"
  27. DJ Hype - "Peace, Love & Unity" (feat MC Fats)
  28. DJ Zinc - "Reach Out"
  29. Shimon & Andy C - "Nightflight"
  30. DJ Krust - "Warhead" (Steppa mix)
  31. Ed Rush & Optical - "Bacteria"
  32. Noisia - "Diplodocus"
  33. Digital & Spirit - "Phantom Force"
  34. Dillinja - "Grimey"
  35. Ed Rush & Optical - "Pacman" (Ram Trilogy remix)
  36. Moving Fusion - "Turbulance"
  37. Ram Trilogy - "Titan"
  38. Twisted Individual - "Bandwagon Blues"
  39. Moving Fusion - "The Beginning"
  40. Total Science - "Defcom 69"
  41. SPY - "By Your Side" (feat LSB & Tyler Daley)
  42. DRS - "The View"
  43. Hybrid Minds - "Lost"
  44. Lenzman - "Open Page" (feat Riya)
  45. Ivy Lab - "20 Questions"
  46. Spectrasoul - "Glimpse" (feat DBridge - Ivy Lab remix)
  47. Dawn Wall - "Between The Sheets" (feat Artificial Intelligence)
  48. Alix Perez - "Forsaken" (feat Peven Everett & Spectrasoul)
  49. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - "Oblique" (feat Frank Carter III)
  50. Calibre - "Archive"
  51. Icicle - "Dreadnaught" (feat SP:MC)
  52. DBridge - "True Romance" (feat Vegas)
  53. Commix - "Be True"
  54. Bachelors Of Science - "Song For Lovers"
  55. Artificial Intelligence - "Desperado"
  56. Marcux Intalex - "Temperance"
  57. Technimatic - "Night Vision"
  58. Netsky - "I Refuse"
  59. Sigma - "All Blue"
  60. Brookes Brothers - "Tear You Down"
Spiritual Value EP
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 in stock $8.97
Cat: HZN 096. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Wonderful (5:19)
  2. Spiritual Value (5:21)
  3. Mystic Ritual (6:52)
Review: Villem & McLeod: easily one of the most consistent and spotless partnerships in D&B, if they've ever put out a duff track we haven't heard it. Here are three more examples of their dynamic collaborative work: "Wonderful" tiptoes between grace and gully with shimmering soul and a beehive b-line (living up to its name in the process), "Spiritual Value" leans back into the clouds with soft piano strokes and vocal echoes while "Mystic Ritual" closes on a jazz reflective note. Verified class.
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 in stock $15.37
Corners (limited white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: HZNLP 011. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Corners (6:11)
  2. The Way You Turn (5:47)
  3. Help Computer (5:53)
  4. Burning (8:02)
  5. Heartgold (5:46)
  6. Les Soirees (6:12)
  7. Traces (7:00)
  8. No Return (5:54)
Review: His third proper studio album, Corners comes barely a year after Naibu's self-finding musical odyssey Case Study. Here we find him back on the roots; gently layering the traditional elements and tones with two eyes firmly on the winning formula. The breathy soulful yearns on opener "Corners", the glitchy machine percussion and deep sea sustains on "Help Computer", the lullaby-like vocal lilts and gentle instrumentation of "Heartgold", the soft harmonies and purring vocals on "No Return"... This is Naibu at his most stripped back and focused. Ageless drum & bass soul.
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Film Noir/Mistrust
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 in stock $8.97
Cat: HZN 089. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Hydro & War - "Film Noir" (5:37)
  2. Hydro & Kolectiv - "Mistrust" (4:55)
Jungle Revolution
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 in stock $16.15
Jungle Revolution (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BD 227. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. Jungle Souljah (feat Rebel MC & La La & The Boo Ya)
  2. UK Allstars (feat Rebel MC & Tenor Fly & Top Cat & General Levy & Tippa Irie & Sweetie Irie & Daddy Freddy - Congo Natty meets Benny Page mix)
  3. Revolution (feat Rebel MC & Nanci Correia & Phoebe "Iron Dread" Hibbert & Ras Buggsy)
  4. Get Ready (feat Rebel MC & Tenor Fly & Daddy Freddy & Nanci Correia)
  5. Jah Warriors (feat Rebel MC & Nanci Correia & YT & Junior Congo Yosief Tafari - Congo Natty meets Vital Elements mix)
  6. Nu Beginingz (feat Rebel MC & Sista Mary)
  7. Jungle Is I & I (feat Rebel MC & Lady Chann - Congo Natty meets Vital Elements mix)
  8. London Dungeons (feat Rebel MC & Martha Kean - Congo Natty meets Boyson & Crooks mix)
  9. Rebel (feat Rebel MC & 2Nice)
  10. Micro Chip (Say No) (feat Rebel MC & Kaya Fyah & Phoebe "Iron Dread" Hibbert)
Fabriclive 84
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 in stock $5.90
Fabriclive 84 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 168. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Dub Phizix & DRS - "Break The Chains"
  2. Dub Phizix - "Who Are You?"
  3. Ulterior Motive - "Muted" (feat James Sunderland)
  4. Subtension & Minor Rain - "Sklep"
  5. Dub Phizix & Skeptical - "Contact"
  6. Was A Be - "WLTB"
  7. Dub Phizix + Chunky - "Dummeh/Ooh Aah" (acapella)
  8. Chimpo - "Backslang"
  9. Riot - "Zouk In The Souk"
  10. Basement Jaxx - "Buffalo" (Dub Phizix remix)
  11. Dub Phizix & Xtrah - "Bill Roach"
  12. Levelz - "LVL 09"
  13. Skeptical - "Tundra"
  14. Dub Phizix - "Dun Dem"
  15. Subtension - "Fairlady"
  16. Dub Phizix - "Gaana"
  17. Riot - "Bounce"
  18. Was A Be - "Champion Sound"
  19. Fixate - "Tweeker"
  20. Dub Phizix - "Bounce"
  21. Cadenza & Nasher - "Gyal Town"
  22. Fixate - "Sueno"
  23. Chimpo - "Atlanta"
  24. Fixate + Ward 21 - "Tic Tac/Doberman" (acapella)
  25. Dub Phizix - "Bugs"
  26. Dub Phizix & Chimpo - "Ossibisa"
  27. Dub Phizix & Strategy - "Jus' A Nuvver Divvy"
  28. Chimpo - "Restless Leg Syndrome"
  29. Dub Phizix - "Smokey Hot Biscuits"
  30. The Rum Baba - "Stop Talk"
  31. Skittles - "Mr Song"
  32. Fixate - "Throwback Therapy"
  33. Sam Binga - "8Barr"
  34. Dub Phizix + Strategy - "Hoooligan Plague/Marka" (Fabriclive VIP acapella)
  35. DRS - "Count To Ten" (feat ENEI - VIP)
  36. The Rum Baba - "Metallic"
  37. Dub Phizix - "Never Been" (feat FOX)
  38. Mikal & Riot - "Control Of People"
  39. Dub Phizix - "Rainy City Music"
  40. Matthew David Scott - "What's Next?"
Intérprete: Bop
Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel Sampler 2
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 in stock $8.97
Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel Sampler 2 (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: METALP 008LTD. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. DMT (feat Hive) (6:24)
  2. Inna Soul Jah (6:40)
Review: After a five year wait, a new Dom & Roland album is set to land this month. His seventh in total, and first on Metalheadz, Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel is one of his most remarkable bodies of work during his illustrious 22 year career and it features outstanding, boundary-pushing tracks like this. "DMT" is classic Bluenote badness - ruthlessly rule free and sprung in pent up energy and aggression. "Inna Soul Jah" continues the furious funk with a cymbal-heavy palette of drums that sounds like no other producer's on this planet. And this barely scratches the surface of the album's depth and weight.
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Looking At The Stars: The Remixes
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 in stock $9.74
Looking At The Stars: The Remixes (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: META 030. Rel: 03 Aug 15
  1. Paper Faces (feat Martyna Baker - Ivy Lab remix) (4:34)
  2. Starz (feat Kevin King - LSB remix) (6:24)
  3. My Tearz (feat Steo - Ulterior Motive remix) (6:00)
  4. Just Can't Take (feat DRS - DBridge remix) (4:04)
Review: One of the many premiere league D&B artists to have emerged from The Netherlands, Lenzman galvanised seven years of production kudos with his stunning debut album last year on Metalheadz. Now comes the all-essential, star-studded remix EP as we're treated to rubs from some of the finest names in the game: Ivy Lab strip "Paper Places" right back to its soulful bones, man-of-the-moment LSB gets his Calibre on with velvet pads and unrelenting drums, Ulterior Motive flip "Tearz" into a brutal stepper with an array of bass wheezes and groans that sound like they've got a 40-a-day habit, while the legendary dBridge adds a sharp two-step to the perennial soul/jazz roller "Just Can't Take". Each one of them representing the true essence of remix, Metalheadz have put together something very special here.
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Violent Rain EP
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 in stock $8.97
Cat: META 038. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Violent Rain (7:17)
  2. In Pursuit (6:31)
  3. Sierra Mist (6:51)
Review: Longtime Headz affiliate and frequently Goldie's co-pilot in the studio, Heist returns to the label with his largest EP to date and its business from of the off as "Violent Rain" oozes Timeless era synth tones and drums so live and sweaty you can almost see the drummer's sweat coming from your speakers. Dig deeper for Heist's most versatile showcase in years: "In Pursuit" is all stripped back and slinky (think Enei but wider), "Sierra Mist" is a sci-fi stepper that nods towards Riya's soulful style, "Unauthorised Transmissions" is a cheeky underground squelcher, "Grebe" is thoroughbred alien funk with just a sly nod towards his more standard jump-up signature while "Ghost On My Shoulder" closes the show on a beautiful glitchy vibe that's somewhere between Culprate and Squarepusher. Properly unique, creative and immaculately produced, Heist has smashed it on this one.
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 in stock $13.07
Timeline (2xLP + CD)
Cat: METALP 006. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Fallen (feat Dawn Wall) (4:38)
  2. Untitled Ghost (5:14)
  3. Privilege (feat Sense) (4:33)
  4. The Source (5:35)
  5. Take Me There (feat Steo) (5:45)
  6. Nothing But (4:53)
  7. Time Out
  8. Aroma
  9. Fallen (feat Dawn Wall)
  10. Pass The Buck (feat DRS)
  11. Nothing But
  12. The Source
  13. Take Me There (feat Steo)
  14. Rizon
  15. Is This Real
  16. Privilege (feat Sense)
  17. Carcosa
  18. Untitled Ghost
  19. Heaven Sent
  20. Justify (feat Terri Walker)
Review: Five years have passed since AI's debut album Stand Alone. Five years' worth waiting: After a string of universally received samplers, Glen and Zula finally unleash the whole set. Clearly in journey mode, the LP works really well as a listening experience as much as it does in the dance. From the gentle wafts and breezes of "Aroma" to the much darker DRS-drenched designs of "Pass The Buck" and the gritty, Metalheadz homage "The Source" back the majestic touches of two Dawn Wall collaborations, this is Artificial Intelligence at their most comprehensive and clear. Attention to detail has been paid to the finish of each track, ensuring a sheen and consistency that you really don't hear in drum & bass albums that often. Timeless.
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Intérprete: Soul Intent
Golden Age EP
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 in stock $8.97
Cat: META 035. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Got My Mind Made Up (3:08)
  2. Golden Age (feat Steo) (5:15)
  3. Never Enough (with Forren) (5:16)
  4. Homie Don't Play That (4:55)
Review: Longstanding Metalheadz stalwart Lenzman references drum & bass's formative sample-savvy soulful era with a collection of cuts that take root in the past but stretch far into the future thanks to his now signature crisp, toned production. From the linger pianos and processed vocal texture of "Got My Mind Made Up" to the twinkling arpeggio and sopping wet guitar tones of "Never Enough" by way of Steo's consistently showstopping vocals on the title track, it's yet another gold star for the Dutch don.
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To Have & Have Not: The Remixes
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 in stock $9.74
Cat: META 041. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. The Prayer (Blocks & Escher remix) (6:19)
  2. Incognito (feat Jerome Thomas - Skeptical remix) (5:19)
  3. Tip The Scales (feat DRS - Ulterior Motive remix) (5:15)
  4. The Prayer (Om Unit remix) (4:37)
Review: Almost three years old and To Have & Have Not continues to spawn fresh creativity. Blocks & Escher fire up the remix engine with a thunderstruck live drum shake-up of Jubei & Goldie's "The Prayer". Skeptical follows with a slightly swung twist to "Incognito" that thrusts Jerome's vocals further under the icy spotlight while Ulterior Motive add a little funk with cymbal splashes and reverbed FX on the synths. Finally Om Unit brings us back to where it all started as the foundation angst of "The Prayer" is simmered down into a cosmic halftime stew with a vibrant amen aftertaste. To not have "To Have & Have Not" would be criminal.
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 in stock $7.95
Bardabunga (12")
Cat: METHPLA 023. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Phil Tangent - "Bardabunga" (5:27)
  2. Phil Tangent & Pennygiles - "Crossing The Rubicon" (6:01)
Review: The latest plate on Metalheadz Platinum series comes from Phil Tangent, a fast-rising producer who has never previously appeared on Goldie, Kemistry and Storm's historic D&B imprint. A-side "Bardabunga" is a rolling D&B delight, with foreboding chords, mutilated horn stabs and wavy vocal samples riding punchy beats and booming sub-bass. On the flip, Tangent once again joins forces with regular collaborator Pennygiles. Between them, the two producers conjure up a cyber-sonic drum and bass assault that flips from trippy breakdowns to all-out dancefloor war in the blink of an eye.
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