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Today: Funky/Club House
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Thursday 22 June 2017
Groove Odyssey Presents Go Ibiza 2017
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Cat: GOICD 01. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Joe Smooth - "Promise Land" (feat Anthony Thomas & Kim Jay Ondagroove - Rio Jordan Slow Jam mix)
  2. Diplomats Of Soul - "Sweet Power Your Embrace" (feat Incognito & Vanessa Haynes - Atjazz Love Soul remix)
  3. Skyy - "High" (Kenny Dope Classic mix)
  4. Fingers Inc. - "Bye Bye"
  5. Nova Fronteira - "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (Sean McCabe remix)
  6. Sandy Barber - "I Think I'll Do Some Steppin' (On My Own)" (Opolopo remix)
  7. Pauline Henry - "Heaven" (DJ Spen & Reeelsoul extended remix)
  8. Nathan Adams - "Surrender Your Love"
  9. Wipe The Needle - "Release" (feat Dawn Tallman)
  10. Byron J Moore - "Stay With Me" (Ian Friday Libation mix)
  11. Hallex M - "Feeling" (feat Darien - DJ Spinna remix)
  12. Bobby & Steve - "Brotherly Love" (Sax mix)
  13. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "In The Thick Of It" (feat Angel Johnson - Joy Negro Endless Summer mix)
  14. Paris Cesvette - "If You Love Me" (feat Robert C Walker - GU Soul Therapy mix)
  15. Richard Burton - "Bad Luck" (DJ Spen Bootleg mix)
  16. Leroy Burgess - "Over Like A Fat Rat" (feat Tyrone Williams - Bobby & Steve remix)
  17. Mya - "Circle Of Life" (Terry Hunter Circle club mix)
  18. Rhemi - "Mask Off" (feat Lifford & Hanlei)
  19. Bobby & Steve - "Whenever You Want Me" (feat Jon Banfield - Zepherin Saint remix)
  20. Louie Vega - "Freedom Of Dance (It's The Beat)" (feat Brutha Basil - Louie Vega Ritual mix)
  21. Ezel Bayacou - "Get Down" (Atjazz Tweak)
  22. Mike Dunn Vs Jungle Wonz - "Time Keeps Marching On"
  23. Julius The Mad Thinker - "Born To Do It" (JTMT Epic original)
  24. Davide Fiorese & Peppe Citarella - "Organ Ride"
  25. Louie Vega - "Evevator" (with Monique Bingham - Louie Vega dance Ritual remix)
  26. Inaky Garcia - "Afrovita"
  27. Anane Vega & Arnaud D - "Feeling Muzik" (feat Ade Alafia)
  28. Zepherin Saint - "Hurry" (feat Sara Devine - Tribe vocal)
Wednesday 21 June 2017
Hold On To Your Dream (Expanded Edition)
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 in stock $7.91
  1. She's So Far Away
  2. Lucky To Be Loved
  3. Shadows Of Your Love
  4. Cry Of The Lonely
  5. Heart Of Passion
  6. Intro (House In E-Flat Minor)
  7. I Can't Turn Around
  8. On The Rebound
  9. Let The Music Take Control
  10. Hold On To Your Dream
  11. Jack Your Body
  12. I Can't Turn Around (house mix)
  13. Jack Your Body (Club Your Body)
  14. She's So Far Away (12" mix)
  15. Let The Music Take Control (house mix)
  16. Cry Of The Lonely (club house mix)
Tuesday 20 June 2017
Lover II Lover
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 in stock $12.39
Lover II Lover (12" + sticker)
Cat: NBASTWAX 002. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. For Francoise (7:41)
  2. Don't Hold Back (6:10)
  3. Heavy Rotation (6:39)
  4. Sacrifice (7:27)
Review: This tasty 12" marks the vinyl debut of HDSN, a producer who first pricked our consciousness last year via a digital-only EP of soulful and deep house bombs on King Street Sounds. This four-tracker is a little more disco-centric in tone, with the producer combining samples from a wealth of classic and lesser-known 1970s anthems with his own beefy basslines and skipping house percussion. It's an undeniably summery and floor-friendly affair from start to finish, with highlights including the breezy, filter-sporting thrills of "Don't Hold Back", which includes a killer breakbeat breakdown and colossal drop midway through, the Soundstream-ish disco-house heaviness of string-laden killer "Heavy Rotation" and the deeper, richer goodness of closer "Sacrifice".
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Monday 19 June 2017
Dance Mixes 186 (Strictly DJ Only)
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 in stock $11.87
Cat: DJODM 186. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Aggro Santos - "Bomba" (Dave Aude remix)
  2. AJR - "Weak" (feat Louisa Johnson - DJ Mike D remix)
  3. Bakermat - "Don't Want You Back" (feat Kiesza - extended)
  4. Blondie - "Long Time" (Johnson Somerset remix)
  5. Callum Beattie - "We Are Stars" (Riva Starr remix)
  6. Cheat Codes - "No Promises" (feat Demi Lovato - Bassjackers remix)
  7. Danny Foster & Rogue - "Changes" (feat Bizzi Dixon)
  8. DJ Licious - "I Hear You Calling" (KC Lights extended)
  9. Enrique Iglesias - "Subeme La Radio" (Robbie Riveras club remix)
  10. Hardwell & Austin Mahone - "Creatures Of The Night" (extended)
  11. Icarus - "King Kong" (Felon clean remix)
  12. Like Son - "Freakin" (extended)
  13. Matoma & Magic! - "Girl At Coachella" (feat DRAM - Crankdat remix)
  14. Miley Cyrus - "Malibu" (The Him extended)
  15. Neikid - "Call Me" (feat Mimi - Danny Dove Offset remix)
  16. RAYE - "The Line" (Offaiah remix)
  17. Tobtok - "Rooftobs (Aber)" (feat Sorana - extended)
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