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Flott Vaer
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 in stock $9.54
Flott Vaer (12")
Cat: FP 057. Rel: 12 Jun 17
Deep House
  1. Flott Vaer (7:14)
  2. Warm Warmer Disco (6:21)
  3. Flott Vaer (Magnus International remix) (6:33)
  4. Warm Warmer Disco (Prins Thomas Lille Oppgulp) (6:55)
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 in stock $10.94
Auto (CD)
Cat: FPCD 013. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Don't Be A Stranger (2:00)
  2. Nine Chains To The Moon (2:00)
  3. WALL-Y (2:00)
  4. 0x60 (2:00)
  5. Media Vision (2:00)
  6. Vim's Theme (2:00)
  7. New Slam (2:00)
  8. Alles City Beat (2:00)
  9. *Pretty Space* (2:00)
  10. Welcome Onboard (2:00)
Review: Even "CHMMR" Brenden's debut album has been a long time coming. The Norwegian put out his first 12" on Lunar Flicks way back in 2010 and made the transfer to Prins Thomas's Full Pupp imprint three years later. The influence of Brenden's label boss is evident throughout the ten tracks, with the producer blending his own inspirations - South African disco (check the brilliant "Alles City Beat"), dusty deep house (the warm and luscious "New Slam") and weirdo mid '80s oddities ("Pretty Space") - with the sort of sonic traits regularly found in Norwegian electronic music (heavy dub disco basslines, new age synthesizer motifs, Scandolearic melodies, nods to krautrock and Italo-disco etc.). It's a blend that guarantees a string of fine moments, not to mention a hugely entertaining album.
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Echo To Echo
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 in stock $19.92
Echo To Echo (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FPLP 012. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Big Red (6:25)
  2. Energi (4:07)
  3. Homecooking (1:59)
  4. Rise Above (4:59)
  5. No Release (6:43)
  6. Metroid Boogie (4:27)
  7. Synths Of Jupiter (7:07)
  8. Echo To Echo (1:49)
  9. A Man Called Anthony (4:17)
  10. Fun & Games (4:47)
  11. Zap The Cat (3:55)
Review: It would be fair to say that Magnus Sheehan has taken his time over Echo To Echo, his long-promised debut album for Full Pupp. Since debuting back in 2006 with the brilliant "Kosmetisk", the Oslo-based producer has delivered sporadic singles that hint at greatness. Echo To Echo is, thankfully, a largely impressive affair, with his trademark spacey, colourful synthesizers taking pride of place throughout. Stylistically, it's perhaps a little more varied than you might expect, frequently veering off his familiar Scandolearic nu-disco course to take in elements of dreamy deep house, tactile techno, IDM, electronica and an obviously icy take on new-wave. Throughout, it remains melodious and evocative, as with much of the best Norwegian electronic music.
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Intérprete: Marathon Edits
Synths Of Jupiter EP
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 in stock $9.82
Cat: FP 056. Rel: 10 Jul 17
Deep House
  1. Fluted Oval (5:33)
  2. Julienne (6:02)
  3. Synths Of Jupiter (Chmmr remix) (6:13)
  4. Mirepoix (5:10)
Review: There's predictably plenty to enjoy on the latest outing from synthesizer-obsessed Norwegian Magnus Sheehan, whose 2016 debut album, Echo to Echo, was something of an overlooked gem. He begins in confident mood with the jacking and mind-altering throb of "Fluted Oval", before mixing typical Scandolearic dreaminess with glistening, Chris Lowe style melodies on the standout "Julienne". It's arguably the nearest he's come for a while to matching the rush-inducing bliss of debut single "Kosmetisk". Elsewhere, "Mirepoix" is a wonderfully angular chunk of muscular (or possibly modular) machine funk, while Chmmr's remix of "Synths of Jupiter" is an orgasmic fusion of boogie synths and saucer-eyed Balearic disco grooves.
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Back 2 School EP
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coming soon $9.82
Cat: FP 060. Rel: 25 Sep 17
Prins Thomas III
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 in stock $19.36
Prins Thomas III (2xLP + CD)
Cat: FPLP 011. Rel: 05 May 14
  1. Hans Majestet
  2. Arabisk Natt (dub)
  3. Kameloen
  4. 2000 Lysar Fra Morellveien
  5. Enmannsrock
  6. Kavalar
  7. Luftspeiling
  8. Oase
  9. Trans
  10. Labyrint
  11. Apne Slusa
  12. Hans Majestet
  13. Arabisk Natt (dub)
  14. Kameleon
  15. 2000 Lysar Fra Morellveien
  16. Enmannsrock
  17. Kavaler
  18. Luftspeiling
  19. Oase
  20. Trans
  21. Labyrint
  22. Apne Slusa
Review: Prins Thomas seems to have got this album making malarkey down to a fine art. Having taken what seems like an eternity to put together his 2010 debut album, Prins Thomas, he's now up to volume three in his self-titled solo series. Whereas previous albums had a crustier krautrock feel amongst the cosmic synths, Prins Thomas III is largely downtempo, delivering a range of atmospheric Scandolearic moments that recall his two full-lengths alongside pal Hans-Peter Lindstrom. As usual, there's much to enjoy, from the drifting downtempo fluidity of "Trans" and wonky leftfield disco of "Labyrinth" to the sparse off-kilter Italo of "Apne Slusa" and intoxicating Middle Eastern chug of "Arabisk Natt (Dub)". In many ways it's a muted set - by his standards, at least - but that only adds to its' lazy, hazy charm.
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Kua EP
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 in stock $9.26
Kua EP (12")
Cat: FP 053. Rel: 18 Jul 16
Deep House
  1. Elva (6:02)
  2. Kua (6:13)
  3. Min Kjaere (9:11)
Intérprete: Mike Misiu
Ytre Rymden Dansskola
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 in stock $21.60
Cat: FPCD 003X. Rel: 26 Oct 09
  1. 1001 Natt
  2. Haraball
  3. Kjappfot
  4. Kahluha Madness
  5. Norlys
  6. Boogie Bus
  7. Magadrag
  8. Afterski
  9. U-Saving
  10. Bange Anelser
  11. Over Og Ut
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