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Dance Dance Dance
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 in stock $16.82
Cat: PP 55512. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Dance Dance Dance (disco version) (6:13)
  2. Dance Dance Dance (DJ version) (2:55)
Review: Originally taking form as Universal Robot Band's dreamy instrumental disco cut "Thyme" in 1977, within a year of its release Patrick Adams invited Marta Acuna to add suitably yearning, hazy vocal. Adding to the silky groove's allure without taking any of its original soul, Marta elevated an already pristine track into a real moment that embodies the deeper, most soulful aspects of late 70s disco. A highly authentic P&P reissue.
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The Master Of The Masterpiece 2: More Of The Best Of Patrick Adams
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 in stock $23.29
Cat: TEG 3314. Rel: 28 Apr 08
  1. Bumble Bee Unlimited - "I Got A Big Bee" (original demo version)
  2. Inner Life - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (original demo version)
  3. Sine - "Happy Is The Only Way"
  4. The P Crew - "Nasty Rock"
  5. Center Stage - "Never"
  6. The P Crew - "Busy Body"
  7. The Tribe - "Jungle Rock"
  8. Sine - "Rotation"
  9. Bumble Bee Unlimited - "Everybody Dance"
  10. Universal Robot Band - "Dance & Shake Your Tambourine" (original demo version)
  11. Debbie Taylor - "No Deposit No Return"
  12. The Eight Minutes - "Looking For A Brand New Game"
Disco Juice
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 in stock $16.27
Cat: PP 77712. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Disco Juice (6:56)
  2. Charleston Hopscotch (6:18)
Out Of Work
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 in stock $14.87
Out Of Work (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: PP 222212. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Out Of Work (6:19)
  2. Out Of Work (instrumental) (5:24)
Review: Released in 77: But, with its politically charged lyrics and thundering funk licks, it could have easily been released 10 years before... Or 39 years after for that matter. Painting a picture of hopeless employment frustration Jess's sermon consummately adorns the funk groove arranged and written by erstwhile Motown composer Billy Nichols. The result is something that sits between Gil Scott Heron and Chic and works just as well as an instrumental as it does a vocal. This was built to last.
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Ain't It Time
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 in stock $8.70
Cat: PP 10107. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Ain't It Time (vocal) (3:44)
  2. Ain't It Time (instrumental) (3:50)
Review: An absolutely belting slice of disco soul from Queen Yahna on a long-awaited legitimate reissue on Patrick Adams P&P imprint. Powerful vocals, big backing harmonies, a slippery tight groove and a message of positivity running through both the vocal and the instrumental... There's a reason OG copies of these have flown like hotcakes in the past. High grade 76 business.
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Artículos del 1 al 5 de 5 en la página 1 de 1
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