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It's Broken!
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 in stock $4.50
Cat: JBH 044CD. Rel: 04 Jun 12
  1. Brown Skinned Girl
  2. Honey Lips
  3. It's Broken!
  4. The Van Man
  5. I See Her
  6. Colors
  7. Jungle Talk
Review: This is one of those weird curiosities that has always appealed to crate diggers and self-proclaimed "Balearic" types (Harvey, we're looking at you). Recorded and self-released by aging, quiff-sporting rocker Bob Chance in 1980, It's Broken is strangely psychedelic, without ever sounding psychedelic. Alongside Chance's usual dewy-eyed rock and roll and doo-wop moments, we get the electronic post-disco brilliance of the title track, the serial killer reggae-jazz of "The Van Man" and the bizarre but brilliant instrumental freak-out that is "Jungle Talk". Oh, and a track that sounds like a poor man's Beach Boys, recorded in a bathroom. Bonkers or brilliant? Possibly both.
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Circle Of Light (Soundtrack)
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 in stock $10.43
Cat: JBH 061CD. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Circle Of Light (part 1)
  2. Circle Of Light (part 2)
Review: It would be fair to say that few will have heard of Circle of Light, a 32-minute art film by Anthony Roland, featuring the photography of globe trotting snapper Pamela Bone. It won prizes at festivals on its limited release in 1972, in part due to the mesmerizing soundtrack created by Radiophonic Workshop legend Delia Derbyshire and artist Elsa Stansfield. Remarkably, this CD marks the first release of that mesmerizing soundtrack, which combines usual Derbyshire sonic tropes - think tape loops, modular electronics, and so on - with atmospheric field recordings and special effects. It's a wonderfully evocative journey, with the two sound artists conjuring great beauty from their thrillingly experimental techniques.
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Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
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 in stock $10.71
Cat: TTT 006. Rel: 28 Aug 17
  1. Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (original mix) (4:42)
  2. Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (radio edit) (3:19)
  3. Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (Georges Vert dub) (5:11)
  4. Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (Fred Deakin mix) (4:11)
  5. Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (Jonny & Tommy Stupid Backward mix) (3:27)
Noise Art
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 in stock $23.39
Noise Art (clear splattered vinyl LP)
Cat: JBH 047LP. Rel: 14 Jan 13
  1. Ray Day
  2. Atari Sounds 4 Track Mix
  3. BlatzomFragzWhitenseWasp9
  4. Song Of The Plasticator
  5. Mix SynthAtariWar6
  6. Artwar Noise Loop
  7. BlatzomFragzWhitenseWasp6
  8. Artwar Light & Dark Show
  9. BlatzomFragzWhitenseWasp2
  10. Omozap To Plasticator
  11. Omozap Master Side B
  12. Rayday Readings
  13. Plasticator Loop
  14. MixSynthAtariWar8
Basil Kirchin Is My Friend: A Trunk Records Sampler
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 in stock $19.44
  1. Kitchen Kirchin Excerpt (1) (0:34)
  2. Assignment K (3) (1:49)
  3. Bells (1:24)
  4. Primitive London (2) (2:06)
  5. Shuttered Room Effects Tape (0:10)
  6. Birds (2) (0:39)
  7. Shuttered Room (5) (1:02)
  8. Charcoal Sketch (2) (3:22)
  9. Kitchen Kirchin Excerpt (2) (0:46)
  10. Quantum (part 1) (7:55)
  11. Rank Xerox (1) (0:48)
  12. Kitchen Kirchin Excerpt (3) (0:26)
  13. The Dice Is Cast (2:28)
  14. The Mustations (5) (2:15)
  15. Birds & Bangs (1:06)
  16. Silicon Chip (4:05)
  17. Schurmatt Autistic Children Tape (3:11)
  18. E+Me (8:03)
Review: Jonny Trunk has spent much of the last two decades digging into the career of now legendary British composer Basil Kirchin, a man whose unique and wide-ranging work are only now beginning to be properly recognized. Basic Kirchin Is My Friend is loosely based on a compilation CD Trunk put together for a celebration of the artist's work earlier this year, and gathers together a mixture of previously released material, unheard fare and snippets from an interview conducted months before is death in 2005. Featuring a mixture of seductive jazz, percussion experiments, easy listening smoothness, homemade field recordings, lo-fi ambient soundscapes, analogue synthesizer doodles and sultry classical style works, the compilation offers a superb introduction Kirchin's his unique sonic world.
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Bedazzled (Soundtrack)
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 in stock $21.40
Bedazzled (Soundtrack) (limited LP + CD)
Cat: JBH 058LP. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Main Title (2:08)
  2. Moon Time (2:28)
  3. Strip Slub (4:09)
  4. Italy (3:12)
  5. The Leaping Nuns' Chorus (1:19)
  6. GPO Tower (3:16)
  7. Love Me (2:28)
  8. Bedazzled (2:25)
  9. The Millionaire (5:13)
  10. Sweet Mouth (1:40)
  11. Cornfield (2:34)
  12. Goodbye George (3:28)
  13. Lilian Lust (3:42)
  14. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - "Cordially Invite You To Go To Hell"
Tam Tam Tam!
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 in stock $9.30
Cat: JBH 055CD. Rel: 22 Dec 14
  1. Imbarabao
  2. Imbae-Sofa
  3. Nana Imboro
  4. Fa-eu-a
  5. Onika
  6. Ogum Olojo
  7. Maracatu Da D Santa
  8. De Luanda-o
  9. Maracatu Elegante
  10. Nega Zefinha
  11. Tem Brabo No Samba
Strictly Britxotica! Palais Pop & Locarno Latin
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 in stock $15.22
Cat: JBH 064LP. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. The Cha Cha Cha Course (intro) (0:46)
  2. Joe Loss - "Mambo In Old Lisbon" (2:24)
  3. Edmundo Ros - "In Ain't Necessarily So" (2:04)
  4. Johnston Brothers & Ted Heath - "Papa Loves Mambo " (2:34)
  5. Tony Scott - "Cha Cha Pop Pop" (2:04)
  6. Tony Crombie - "Rock Cha Cha" (2:04)
  7. Stanley Black - "Petite Fleur" (2:27)
  8. John Warren Orchestra - "Dream Talk" (2:23)
  9. Martinas & His Music - "Cha Cha Charlie" (2:30)
  10. The Tango Lesson (intro) (0:49)
  11. John Graven Quintet - "Besame Mucho" (3:25)
  12. Dave Lee - "Goodness Gracious Me" (2:20)
  13. Phil Tate - "Green Turtle" (2:23)
  14. Don Carlos - "La Battanga" (2:49)
  15. Chaquito - "La Fajanda" (1:57)
  16. Jack Parnell - "Topsy" (2:41)
  17. Eddie Calvert - "Americano" (2:19)
  18. Victor Silvester - "Cervaza" (2:28)
Review: Jonny Trunk's quirky Brixotica series has previously showcased some brilliantly camp and - more importantly - musically delicious British takes on South American and African music from the easy listening era. This latest instalment sees the lauded crate-digger turn his attention to UK-made Latin music from the ballroom era. An almost non-stop celebration of big band cha-cha-cha, rumba and mambo, the compilation boasts all manner of overlooked treats from the likes of Johnson Brothers & Ted Heath (the tongue-in-cheek silliness of "Papa Loves Mambo"), Don Carlos, Victor Sylvester, Tony Scott and the John Warren Orchestra. There's also a wonderful bonus in the shape of an excerpt from a little known cha-cha-cha instructional record.
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Intérprete: Juno Recommends Jazz
Britxotica Goes East!: Persian Pop & Casbah Jazz From The Wild British Isles!
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 in stock $28.74
  1. Beverly Sisters - "Sphinx Won't Tell" (2:45)
  2. Chico Arnez - "Yashmak" (2:57)
  3. Stanley Black - "Caravan" (2:40)
  4. Johnny Keating & The Z-Men - "Four Beats To The Casbah" (2:25)
  5. Charles Blackwell - "Persian Twist" (2:42)
  6. Philip Green & His Mayfair Orchestra - "Baghdad Bazaar" (2:48)
  7. Kenny Day - "Sheik Of Morocco" (2:36)
  8. Tony Osborne - "Marrakesh" (2:28)
  9. Yana - "Climb Up The Wall" (3:34)
  10. Stanley Black - "Miserlou" (2:46)
  11. Johnny Keating Kombo - "Delilah's Theme" (2:55)
  12. Laurie Johnson - "Call Of The Casbah" (2:35)
  13. Roy Tierney - "Lonely One" (2:12)
  14. Tony Osborne - "Turkish Coffee" (2:12)
  15. Reg Owen - "Kazoo" (2:20)
  16. Ray Ellington - "The Sultan Of Bezaaz" (2:46)
Review: Well, you can rely on Johnny Trunk to deliver a good bit of exotica and it's safe to say that his label, Trunk Records, is the go-to destination for the quirkiest, strains of the genre. Here, he takes things East with follow-up to the popular Britxotica series and delivers a compilation of London-made music from artists inspired by the glamorous sounds of the 60's Orient. Musicians like Stanley Black, Tony Osborne, Johnny Keating and Yana were all locals, all Eastenders, but their passion and open minds led them to create wild and interesting variations of Persian and Turkish forms of jazz. Wonderful.
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Time Signals (reissue)
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 in stock $23.11
Cat: JBH 063LP. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Journal (0:36)
  2. Time Signal (1:27)
  3. Scoria (2:30)
  4. Rhythm & Sounds (1:23)
  5. Sequent (1:40)
  6. Just Walk Easy (1:01)
  7. Walk Easy (1:02)
  8. Join In (1:33)
  9. The Rocker (1:29)
  10. Hot Cake (1:19)
  11. Shuffling (1:16)
  12. The Hunters (1:16)
  13. Drums Around (1:52)
  14. Survivor (2:43)
  15. Different Strokes (1:13)
  16. Reports (1:09)
  17. Humming (1:19)
  18. Eternity (1:20)
  19. Swinging Skins (1:22)
  20. Machinery (1:37)
  21. The Searchers (1:09)
  22. Space Waltz (1:40)
  23. Kind Of Bossa (1:29)
  24. Rudiments (1:17)
  25. Heavy Weights (1:45)
Review: Before submerging himself in the world of electronic-acoustic fusion in 1977, Klauss Weiss had been best known as one of Germany's leading jazz drummers. 1978's Time Signals - here reissued on vinyl for the first time since - was not his first attempt to fuse early analogue synthesizers and home-made electronics with his own jazz-leaning drumming, but it probably remains his most successful exploration of this style. It's an album that successfully distils many influences - ambient, krautrock, Tangerine Dream, space rock, the Radiophonic Workshop, and so on - into a wealth of short, library music style tracks that impress with their imaginative approach to musical fusion. Throw in some killer drumming from Weiss - including some turntablist-friendly breaks - and you have an odd but thoroughly entertaining album.
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Tapes 1
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 in stock $19.44
Tapes 1 (LP)
Cat: JBH 065LP. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Track 1 (7:06)
  2. Track 2 (7:05)
  3. Track 3 (11:19)
  4. Track 4 (3:10)
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