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Eight Weeks: Pop Trance
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Vocal Trance Charts
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Vocal Trance Charts (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 828582. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Armin Van Buren - "Face Of Summer" (feat Sarah Decourcy)
  2. Aly & Fila - "Is It Love?" (feat Ever Burn - James Dymond remix)
  3. John O'Callaghan - "Find Yourself" (feat Sarah Howells - Standerwick remix)
  4. Talla 2XLC & Binary Finary - "Believe Everything" (feat Sylvia Tosun - original mix)
  5. Orjan Nilsen - "What It's All About" (feat Mike James - original mix)
  6. Denis Kenzo & Sveta B - "Let Me Go" (original mix)
  7. Dennis Sheperd & Katy Heath - "Where I Begin" (Trance Arts remix)
  8. Christina Novelli - "Same Stars" (Standerwick remix)
  9. Ilan Bluestone - "Bigger Than Love" (feat Giuseppe De Luca - original mix)
  10. Mike Saint-Jules & Amy Kirkpatrick - "Galaxy" (original mix)
  11. Fischer & Miethig - "On The Run" (The Pulsarix remix)
  12. Andrew Rayel & Digital X - "Winterburn" (feat Sylvia Tosun - extended mix)
  13. Dash Berlin - "Till The Sky Falls Down" (Andrew Rayel remix)
  14. Roger Shah & Nathia Kate - "Never Forget" (feat Amber - original mix)
  15. Trance Arts - "I've Seen The World" (feat Carie - original mix)
  16. ATB - "Sun Goes Down" (Savi X Lema remix)
  17. David Garvell - "Far From Home" (feat Ruby Prophet - extended mix)
  18. Grum - "Under Your Skin" (feat Rothchild)
  19. Nijana - "Your Own Way" (original mix)
  20. Aboutblank & Gemma Pavlovic - "Counting Stars" (Kasima remix)
  21. Sunbrothers - "Here & Now" (feat Natalia Meister - original mix)
  22. Rene Ablaze - "Falling In Your Arms" (feat Amy Kirkpatrick)
  23. Frozen Skies - "Eternal Flame" (feat Rebecca Louise Burch)
  24. Patrick Moreno & Max Lean - "Heart Of Giant" (extended mix)
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