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Latest reviews

Undercover Lovers Vol 3Psychemagik
Psychemagik's Undercover Lovers Vol 3 delivers a masterful reinterpretation of dance classics with a twist. On the A-side-, their rendition of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' transforms the high-energy anthem into a mesmerizing slow burner. With a low-slung groove and heavy synthesisers, Psychemagik crafts an epic version that wow's listeners with its depth and intensity. On Side-2, their take on Hall and Oates' 'I Can't Go For That' is equally exciting. Retaining the legendary groove while infusing it with melodic nuances, Psychemagik creates a unique jam that feels both familiar and fresh. The addition of Spanish lyrics adds an unexpected dimension, further enhancing the track's appeal. Undercover Lovers Vol 3 is a great example to Psychemagik's talent for reinventing classics into new gems for a new generation.
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If there is a more hyped artist in the world right now than Fred... again we aren't sure who it might be. The lad who grew up close to Brian Eno and has since worked with him in the studio is a global star who has also collaborated with Four Tet and Skrillex, played all over the world, won various awards and dropped several albums now presses up his acclaimed USB to gatefold double vinyl. It is a collection of his early singles that captures his lo-fi, lived-in, diaristic sounds across a range of experimental electronic styles.
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Yaroslav M - Chat Noir Hors Serie #1
Chat Noir Hors Serie #1Chat Noir Hors Serie France
Lviv native Yaroslav M helps Chat Noir launch its newest V/A series in full force, bringing four acid house vinyl slab-segments to their so far alkaline, and thus wanting, repertoire. Somewhere in the gap between dark tech house and new-beatific trance come 'Hit It' and 'Affairs', whilst the anime namesake 'Champloo' is a comparatively bleepy one, easing up on the human side of things, and letting the automatons run their course, by way of more arpeggiations and cyberspatial FX. Finally, 'Things Between' rounds things off on a dark acidic prance-off.
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RadiumRawax Germany
The reissue of Acid Jesus's tracks 'Radium,' 'Uranium Smuggle,' and 'Hibernation Drive' is a momentous occasion for electronic music enthusiasts. Produced between 1995-1997 at Klangfabrik, these tracks are a testament to the duo's pioneering sound and gathered here for a vinyl pressing together for the first time. 'Radium' and 'Uranium Smuggle' showcase a similar sonic structure, with 'Radium' delivering a frenzied, peak-hour experience, while 'Uranium Smuggle' offers a cooler, more contemplative journey. The underated track, 'Hibernation Drive,' is not to be missed. This gem is stunning blend of IDM, techno, acid, electro, and Detroit influences. It's a masterpiece that transcends genres completing this German bomb.
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Ebo Taylor - Twer Nyame (reissue)
Twer Nyame (reissue)Comet France
One of the leading lights of Ghana's vibrant musical ecosystem, Ebo Taylor cast a monumental influence thanks to his deft blend of Afrobeat, jazz and funk, helping define the now-canonical highlife sound. 'Twer Nyame' was released as a three-track single in 1978, although the 16-minute run time of the track makes it much more than a rapid fire hit. Backed with the delicate delights of 'Peace On Earth' and the shuffling funk perfection of 'Atwer Abroba', it's a rare gem of Ghanaian groove from the undisputed king of the sound.
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Magic TouchThe Italian Stallion
Two new, pure, unadulterated, deep house bits by The Italian Stallion aka. DJ Soch. These two tracks establish everything an idealist dance requires; warm pads, dreamy chords, jazzy keys, and all-round tough beats and driving basslines. A-sider 'Magic Touch' brings a pendular swing to things, with a mesmeric groove unfurling to peak on an especially brilliant vibraphone breakdown. B-side 'Dreaming A Better World', meanwhile, hatches the sonic blueprint for a new transition town, plunging our ears into vats of yearner vocals, three-note string cadences and high-on-life bass syncopations.
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Ltd - Love To The World (reissue)
Love To The World (reissue)AM US
'Love To The World', a sumptuously opulent and heavily orchestrated disco-soul number, transformed the fortunes of L.T.D - and their freshly appointed lead vocalist, Jeffrey Osborne - on its initial release in 1976. Here the full-length version of the track gets the reissue treatment for the first time in a while, with the band's gorgeous original mix (produced by none other than Larry and Fonce Mizzell) being backed by a fresh rub by house master turned disco king Dave Lee. The Z Records founder makes the most of the band's original vocals and instrumentation (admittedly with the addition of splashes of reverb and delay) on a seemingly re-constructed 'Mizzell Magic Mix' that brilliantly stretches out the cut by stripping back the orchestration and other musical elements at key points. It's a genuinely brilliant rework.
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The Emperor Machine - Devoilez Vous
Devoilez VousLeng
Andy Meecham's forthcoming ninth album as the Emperor Machine, Island Boogie, is a genuine treat - a wonderfully colourful and effects-laden trip into what the former Bizarre Inc and Chicken Lips man calls 'electronic cosmic disco-boogie'. To get us all in the Mood, Leng have served up this EP of dubs and remixes. In the latter category you'll find a superb, piano solo-laden proto-house rework of 'Devoilez-Vous' by fellow Stafford act T Kutt, and a typically warm, languid Balearic disco interpretation of 'Island Boogie' by Leng co-founder Mudd. Meecham delivers two wonderfully skeletal, wayward and trippy instrumental dubs, lightly transforming 'Devoilez-Vous' and 'La Cassette' in turn. In a word: essential.
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