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Cat: MG 021. Rel: 10 May 03
Deep House
  1. Esta Hermosa Cancion (original mix)
  2. Negro Yosoy Peligro
  3. Esta Hermosa Cancion (Hermosa beats)
out of stock $8.63
  1. Abicah Soul meets GU - "Esta Hermosa Cancion" (Flute mix)
  2. Gene Hunt - "I Live" (feat Cei Bei & The Funk Farmacist - dub)
out of stock $8.63
Cat: 12R 11. Rel: 15 Sep 14
Deep House
  1. Abyssy - "Ferrocromo"
  2. Twilo - "Close Friend"
  3. Mike Lee - "Get It Right"
  4. Giovanni Damico - "Too Space"
out of stock $8.37
  1. Acid Andee & Manjane - "Don't Stop" (Pete Dafeet remix)
  2. Homeboy - "Sloboda"
  3. Gramophonedzie - "Filthy McNasty"
  4. Audiowhores - "Trapped" (Blacksoul rerub)
out of stock $7.55
  1. Acid Arab - "Zahr"
  2. Gilbr Beesan Rum - "A Song For Anna"
  3. Society Of Silence - "Baghdad"
  4. An I & Capablanca - "Farsi Farce"
Review: To date, the Acid Arab Collections EPs and CD - compiled by the Paris-based producers behind the concept, Guido Minisky and Herve Carvalho (who DJ/produce under the Acid Arab alias) - have been little less than stunning. This third vinyl-only EP is of a similar standard. As usual, there's a strong focus on house and techno, with Middle Eastern instrumentation, vocals and samples atop. Highlights include the raw, heavy pump of Society of Silence's deliciously distorted "Baghdad", the spiraling, Brown Album-era Oribital style intoxication of An-I & Capablancas "Farsi Farce", and the ghostly horns and humid pulse of Gilb'r Beesan Rum's "A Song For Anna".
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out of stock $8.63
EP One (12")
Cat: ILL 001. Rel: 01 Jun 11
Deep House
  1. Acid Mondays - "Fomo"
  2. Sean Thomas - "Fantasizer"
  3. DJ Ali - "Park Your Mind"
  4. Garry Todd - "Dice Me Up"
Review: You know when a vinyl arrives with dizzying artwork, artist names like Acid Mondays and track titles like "Dice Me Up" that you've simply gotta give it a listen. And so it proves here, with the debut release on Illusion Recordings. First up Acid Mondays - aka Dan Ward - drops "Fomo", which effortlessly weaves beefy club drums, piston-pumping chords, cleverly arranged vocal snippets and a bulging bassline for house jam that winks knowingly towards the old school. This shares the A-Side with Sean Thomas's "Fantasizer", with the Philly producer locking in a groove that wallows in the deep end. DJ Ali and Garry Todd share the honours on the flip, with the former opting for a crisp tech house flex while the latter goes for an 80s e-funk tip, utilising a killer disco sample along the way. A nice debut for Illusion - more of the same please!
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out of stock $7.55
Ordinary Tales EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HOUSEWAX 021. Rel: 09 May 16
Deep House
  1. Bx 19 (6:55)
  2. Ky 18 (6:49)
  3. Point Of View (6:01)
  4. Sz 17 (6:13)
 in stock $9.99
  1. AJFV & Back Is Beautifull - "Coco Loc" (6:21)
  2. G Zamora - "La Rumba Viene" (6:53)
  3. Alex Gomez - "This Love" (5:34)
  4. Jamezy - "Brooklyn Bridge" (5:56)
 in stock $10.53
Cat: WS 002. Rel: 20 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. Albee - "Yeah! Ollie!"
  2. Alexander Brandl - "If You Loose"
  3. Gebby Dibson - "Spooky Adams"
out of stock $8.37
NDATL Special Edition 2017 (hand-stamped 12" + stickers) (1 per customer)
Cat: NDATLSE 2107. Rel: 11 Aug 17
Deep House
  1. Kai Alce - "Amongst Blackness" (5:03)
  2. Galcher Lustwerk - "Come2Mind" (5:37)
  3. Patrice Scott - "Highness" (6:30)
  4. M People - "Moving On Up" (unreleased KDJ edit) (7:01)
out of stock $26.73
Cat: BRV 002. Rel: 04 Dec 09
Deep House
  1. Amir Alexander - "Necessary Sanctuary" (original mix)
  2. Amir Alexander - "Necessary Sanctuary" (3 AM mix)
  3. G Marcell - "Breathe" (Inhale mix)
  4. G Marcell - "Breathe" (Exhale mix)
out of stock $10.79
  1. Alexkid - "Euclidean"
  2. Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother - "With You"
  3. Gab Rhome - "1990 As In Gold Was Born"
  4. Andrew Grant & Lomez - "Satisfaction"
out of stock $7.29
Matine (12")
Cat: DPRESS 015. Rel: 19 Apr 05
Deep House
  1. Matine
  2. Represion
Review: Ernesto Altes and Guillermo Morro made a name for themselves with their productions on Weekend Records and their sublabels. Their debut on DPress Industries came in 2004 with the Fusion EP - an excellent piece of work that put DPress on the international deep house scene. Now they're back with "Matine EP" where they maintain their deep side while combining trance and tech house elements. The B side takes them on their most minimal side, elevating their sound to something along the lines of John Tejada's click house.
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out of stock $8.63
  1. Amorhouse - "Respect" (feat Sabreetha - club instrumental dub)
  2. Amorhouse - "Respect" (feat Sabreetha - Twinbeat vs Bini re-construction)
  3. Stefano D'andrea - "Strisce Pedonali"
  4. Giordano & Tognarelli - "Together"
out of stock $8.63
Ferrusola EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BLACKMONEY 001. Rel: 23 Jul 15
Deep House
  1. Lisa Angel - "Show Me" (Marc Pinol edit) (6:23)
  2. Pau Roca - "Garvey City" (5:34)
  3. Retract Maple - "Acidtraxx" (6:07)
  4. Geto Nova - "So Powerful" (5:36)
out of stock $9.71
Mushroom Man (blue splatter vinyl 12")
Cat: GLA 021. Rel: 31 May 13
Deep House
  1. Mushroom Man (original mix)
  2. Mushroom Man (Flapjackers Vintage mix)
  3. Mushroom Man (Lil Mark Organic Underground mix)
out of stock $11.61
Cat: CLAVE 001. Rel: 29 Aug 17
Deep House
  1. Appian - "For Warm Weather" (part 2) (5:00)
  2. Gerald Norton - "Wilbert Cobbs" (4:54)
  3. Segv - "Uhxhxh" (5:34)
  4. Berndt - "Pitchblack" (5:08)
Review: Get your claves out for the lads... This white hot Detroit label launched earlier this year with this very inaugural volume, back again and reissued by popular demand. All flexing around 116 mark, there's a loose sense of funk coded throughout as we're treated to a range of groove treats. Highlights include the detuned synth hypnosis of Berndt's "Pitchblack", the percussive allure and sub charm of Appian's "For Warm Weather" and the rippling dubbed synths of Segv's "Uhxhxh". A very welcome reissue.
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out of stock $9.99
Cat: CORNDOGS 002. Rel: 26 Jul 14
Deep House
  1. Appian - "Grbx"
  2. Gerald Norton - "Gwen Stacy" (mix 2)
  3. Segv - "Hypersurface"
  4. Suitor - "Gradient"
out of stock $8.63
Work That (12")
Cat: DMX 02. Rel: 03 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Robert Armani & Gettoblaster - "Work That Shit Again" (7:35)
  2. Steve Pointdexter - "Work That Mutha Fucker" (Robert Armani & Gettoblaster remix) (5:59)
  3. Robert Armani & Gettoblaster - "Let's Go To Work" (5:14)
  4. Robert Armani - "Let Me Hit That Ass" (Traxman Back To Da Sound rework) (6:18)
out of stock $9.18
Solids (12")
Cat: DLGONWAX 004. Rel: 21 Aug 19
Deep House
  1. Art Of Tones - "So Sweet" (6:12)
  2. Scott Diaz - "A Quiet Love" (6:13)
  3. Cody Currie - "As Of Yet" (feat Joel Holmes) (5:09)
  4. Grant Nelson - "In The Dark" (5:59)
  5. Pontchartrain - "Don't Change It Up" (5:43)
  6. Goddard - "Almasti" (6:11)
Review: With such a star-studded line-up of old and new talent involved, it's little surprise to find that De La Groove's fourth vinyl release is seriously good. It's that good, in fact, that there's no space to go into each and every highlight. Instead, we'll point you in the direction of some of our personal favourites. Check first the breezy and soulful US garage revivalism of Art of Tones' impeccable "So Sweet", before turning your attention to the dreamy, vibraphone-laden deep house sexiness of Cody Currie's "As of Yet (featuring Joel Holmes)". Grant Nelson's "In The Dark" is a fine slab of late '90s style UK garage, while Goddard's "Almasti" sounds like a nu-disco era riff on Pepe Bradock deep house classic "Deep Burnt".
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 in stock $14.03
Cat: QMT 054. Rel: 24 Apr 13
Deep House
  1. Fast Forward (main)
  2. Fast Forward (instrumental)
  3. Fast Forward (drumix)
Intérprete: Sir Lord Comixx
out of stock $7.55
Part 1 (12")
Cat: AD 004. Rel: 19 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Glenn Astro - "Strings"
  2. Chocky - "Blow Down"
  3. Rauld Dancesol - "Too Much Saturday"
  4. Glenn Astro - "Strings" (Leon Vynehall translation)
  5. Gnork - "Summer Of Love"
out of stock $8.63
  1. Audio Soul Project - "Nevicata"
  2. Demarkus Lewis - "Wrong #"
  3. Grant Dell & Daniel Poli - "Out The Door"
out of stock $0.00
Cat: CRM 165. Rel: 26 Aug 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. In The (Last) Moment (11:25)
  2. In The (Last) Moment (Robag Ponk Pramen NB remix) (8:02)
Review: Barcelona-based tech house heroes Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito are back. This time for Damian Lazarus' esteemed Crosstown Rebels imprint with "In The (Last) Moment". The track is equally esoteric as it is atmospheric in the tradition of the label's new sound and perfect for drifting. The woozy, journey like aesthetic is only intensified by Georgia Lewis' hypnotising vocal efforts. On the lip we've got added dance floor drama and cerebral stimulus courtesy of the master himself Robag Wruhme; who as always turns in an emotive and bittersweet epic on "In The (Last) Moment (Robag Ponk Pramen NB remix)" complete with his trademarks: glitchy sound design, beautiful string arrangements and the usual Midas touch for pure deepness.
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out of stock $7.55
Time 2 Go (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SL 79. Rel: 20 May 15
Deep House
  1. Time 2 Go (Charles Webster main vocal mix) (7:13)
  2. Time 2 Go (original mix) (7:02)
  3. Time 2 Go (Charles Webster Bear Friendly mix) (7:09)
  4. Time 2 Go (Charles Webster Bear Friendly dub mix) (6:37)
Review: Only 200 pressed for the world !
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out of stock $10.26
Cat: BEDLDNVIN 4. Rel: 13 Dec 12
Deep House
  1. Baby Prince - "Nobody" (feat Lonely C - Miguel Campbell club mix)
  2. Dusky - "It's Not Enough" (feat Janai - Jozif Voxatron remix)
  3. Gabriel Ananda - "Hey Blop" (Marcell Janovsky remix)
  4. Doomwork - "Dreamland" (Supernova remix)
Intérprete: Black Jack
out of stock $8.63
SV VNYL01 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SVVNYL 01. Rel: 31 Jul 15
Deep House
  1. Mike Beattie - "Panayama" (6:02)
  2. Richkus - "Poesie" (7:13)
  3. Josef Lupo - "Empty Hearts" (6:46)
  4. Guido Nemola - "To My Friends" (6:53)
out of stock $10.53
Spargel Trax Vol 2 (white vinyl 12")
Cat: SPARG 002. Rel: 17 May 12
Deep House
  1. Bed Stuy Beat - "James Duncan"
  2. Green & White - "Untitled W"
  3. Points D'Amour - "Freeman"
  4. Spargel Jack - "Melvin Elephant 303"
out of stock $8.63
Cat: LIFE 1201. Rel: 16 Mar 13
Deep House
  1. Beige - "Emperor" (Celebrate Life mix)
  2. Francis Englehardt - "Leveling"
  3. Genoa Mungin - "New Way"
out of stock $12.69
Mad & Son (12")
Cat: OFF 0226. Rel: 17 Feb 11
Deep House
  1. Mad & Son
  2. Mad & Son (DJ W!ld remix)
  3. Phased
  4. What's Going On?
out of stock $8.63
Contrasts (limited 12")
Cat: AOC 003. Rel: 28 Jun 19
Deep House
  1. Bellaire & Georges - "Absolutely" (5:12)
  2. Bellaire & Georges - "Contrasts" (4:52)
  3. Bellaire - "At The Jazz Club" (5:26)
  4. Georges - "About Love" (4:26)
  5. Bellaire & Georges - "Thin" (5:03)
out of stock $13.23
  1. Bellaire - "Make It" (5:00)
  2. Groove Boys Project - "I Feel It" (7:11)
  3. Too Many Cars - "Next Trip" (5:25)
  4. Alva - "A Feeling" (6:26)
  5. Avorton - "MFK" (5:43)
  6. Ohes - "Fulgur" (5:22)
out of stock $11.07
Cat: HSM 001. Rel: 15 Aug 18
Deep House
  1. Bellaire - "Oh" (4:54)
  2. Subjoi - "Show Yourself" (5:16)
  3. Gavinco - "Silver" (5:24)
  4. Jesse Bru - "Setup" (7:22)
Review: Houseum goes from strength to strength; from a highly respected online channel they've started hosting awesome intimate events in the heart of their Parisian hometown and now they've launched a label. If you've spent so much as five minutes on their platform, you'll know the vibes on offer here; deep dreamy house laced with cosmic textures, rippling soul and a strong sense of timelessness. From the big vocal salvo of Bellaire's "Oh" right through to the final dubby echoes of Jesse Bru's "Setup", this is exactly the high level of launch release you'd expect from such a respected platform. Houseum is a feeling. A good feeling.
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out of stock $10.79
Guest 1 (12")
Cat: PLRGUEST 1. Rel: 30 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. Bielke & Geschwindner - "Dizzy Dazzle" (7:44)
  2. Bielke & Geschwindner - "Dizzy Dazzle" (TC80 remix) (7:49)
  3. Daines - "From The Top" (Chris Geschwindner remix) (7:56)
  4. Daines - "From The Top" (7:28)
Review: The Project London project comes through utterly correct with this new sublabel of theirs, the aptly named Guest chapter. It's a collaborative effort on behalf of a trio of newcomers, and first up its two shared tunes by Bielke and the easily misspelt Geschwindner; "Dizzy Dazzie" is a deep house scorcher with a bag-load of beautiful delays and pads at its core, a tune that is remixed into more frenetic territories by TC80. Daines touches down with "From The Top" on the flip, a beat-heavy minimal-house beast that is sexified by Geschwindner, of all people.
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out of stock $9.99
Cat: 1005. Rel: 10 May 12
  1. Alpha & Omega
  2. Origin
  3. Bloodline
Review: FXHE bloodline member Big Strick continues to excel on his own 7 Days Ent. label, dropping his first 12" of 2012 which has a nice community feel to proceedings. Alpha & Omega introduces us to Generation Next, a rising 16 year old talent from the streets of Detroit who contributes alongside Mr Strickland to all three tracks here. Stylistically, the three tracks here seem equally indebted to Juan Atkins pure techno endeavours as Infiniti and the sub aqueous grooves of Drexciya, not least the restrained title track which shimmers from the murky depths into a finely crafted liquid groove imbued with bubbling elatory Utopian textures. On the flip "Origin" ripples with pressure, its rhythmic elements grappling for your attention as the space between them decreases with Strick and Gen Next expertly layering texture upon texture. A masterful 12" shaped exercise in modern day Detroit sounds is completed with the devious electrofied snap of "Bloodline".
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 in stock $10.79
  1. Big Strick - "Family Affair" (feat Omar S)
  2. Genereation Next - "Windsor Nights"
  3. Reckless Ron Cook - "Night Moves"
  4. Big Strick - "Armed & Dangerous"
Review: Leonard "Big Strick" Strickland is perhaps best known for his family ties with Omar-S (they're cousins), though his productions are well worthy of praise in their own right. Here, he offers up a sampler 12" featuring cuts from his recent (and excellent) Reservoir Dogs LP. Perhaps the most noteworthy cut is "Family Affair", a lovingly constructed chunk of hypnotic, melodic deepness written with Omar-S. That said, Strick's solo effort "Armed & Dangerous" - a winding chunk of voodoo techno - is arguably better. The mazy techno-funk of Reckless Ron Cook's "Night Moves" is also outstanding.
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 in stock $11.34
Cat: 1009. Rel: 19 Nov 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Big Strick - "Rain Dance"
  2. Generation Next - "And You Too"
  3. Generation Next - "Like Father, Like Son" (feat Big Strick)
Review: Like Father, Like Son sees Big Strick and his prodigious son Generation Next team up for a split 12" showcasing this pair of criminally underappreciated Detroit producers. "Rain Dance" sees the elder of the two deliver a deep techno journey filled with abstracted textures and organic chimes that sound, while the young Generation Next shows a remarkable maturity beyond his years on "And You Too", where sparse, subtle chords and the simplest of melodies drift by on a light rhythm. On "Like Father, Like Son" the two pair up for the most gently uplifting of deep piano jams. Just like pretty much everything on 7 Days Entertainment, this is some nigh on essential material.
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 in stock $9.71
Double Pak Vol 65 (12" + 10")
Cat: DP 065. Rel: 29 Apr 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Billy Jewell - "All The Time" (Trippin extended edit)
  2. Billy Jewell - "Music" (duet with Peven Everett)
  3. Glenn Underground - "Chicago Theme"
  4. Glenn Underground - "Chicago Theme" (dub)
  5. Glenn Underground - "You Dont Own Me" (feat Swaylo)
Intérprete: Vakula
out of stock $9.71
RV Trax (12")
Cat: RSRV 01. Rel: 17 Jan 18
Deep House
  1. Bird Of Paradise - "Alone Again" (Steve Legget dub) (8:56)
  2. G-Prod - "D-Light" (9:45)
  3. Hermetics - "Collider" (5:37)
out of stock $8.63
Cat: LZD 017. Rel: 21 Sep 10
Deep House
  1. Lay It On The Line
  2. Broken Promises
  3. Lay It On The Line (Fred Everthing remix)
  4. Lay It On The Line (Fred Everthing instrumental)
out of stock $8.63
Cat: LMD 031. Rel: 10 Apr 10
Deep House
  1. Bleep District - "Don't Stop Now"
  2. Giom - "In Love"
  3. Yse presents Frank H Carter III - "Guessing Games"
  4. Roland Nights - "Phazz" (Vernon & DaCosta remix)
Review: Lost My Dog Records celebrates their first visit to the Miami Winter Music Conference with four new tracks that hint as to what we can expect from the label's output over the coming months. Here we get upfront and fun electro house from Giom, Bleep District, YSE and Roland Nights, offering consolation for those of use who didn't get the chance to wallow in the late winter sun at the industry party fest.

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out of stock $7.55
Cat: FOF 019.5. Rel: 22 Feb 11
Deep House
  1. BLM - "Garage Is Back" (Matthew Styles remix)
  2. Drake & Griffiths - "The Devil's Eyes" (BLM remix)
  3. BLM - "Garage Is Back" (vox)
Review: Having begun the New Year with the blink and you'll miss it rattle of Drake & Griffith's "Devils Eye's" - notable for a great remix from newcomer Bleak - Fear Of Flying revisit that track and another of their recent highlights on this sleekly presented twelve inch. Matthew Styles takes on the dusted vocal minimalist handclap heavy simplicity of BLM's "Garage Is Back" on the A Side, slowing down the vocal from Suz and implementing a low hypnotic bass throb which lends the track a new kind of energy - slightly menacing and more suited to a techno environment. On the flip, BLM remixes the aforementioned "Devils Eyes", retaining the Schatrax jack sensation of the original collaboration between the Peace Division and Tsuba dons, but flushes the surroundings with a raft of reverberating and slightly dystopian sonic textures.
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out of stock $8.63
Cat: Q 004PT1. Rel: 02 Dec 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Alexander Boca - "Nai"
  2. Gruuvelements - "Dona"
  3. Gua Camole - "Sticla"
  4. Mihigh - "Alaric"
out of stock $8.63
My City (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PAR 014. Rel: 13 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. My City (main)
  2. My City (dub)
Intérprete: Jimpster, Ka§par, Last Mood
out of stock $8.10
Cat: WONDER 68. Rel: 24 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Bonobo - "Flashlight" (5:28)
  2. Gregory Porter - "Liquid Spirit" (Claptone remix) (6:21)
  3. Aero Manyelo - "Tshunga" (5:40)
  4. Sorceress - "Brother Dragonfly" (Pablo Sanchez remix) (5:11)
Review: Brooklyn's Wonderwheel imprint has been going strong since the mid noughties, and the label has always offered the best freshest that the world dance scene has to offer. Gliding between broken beat, nu jazz and house, their identity has never truly been reliant on one genre or form, and we like them all the more for it. This week sees the tenth installment of the Turntables On The Hudson series, another chapter in a fine collection of multi-faceted music for the lovers of something a little funky and different. Main man Bonobo comes through with "Flashlight" on the A-side, a tropical house tune with a gentle touch, while jazz funk legend Gregory Porter is remixed and housed-out by Claptone, the man's soulful vocals riding beautifully amid those kick drums and piano lines. On the B-side, "Tshunga" by Aero Manyelo is an Afro dance tune with a heavy dance backbone, while Pablo Sanchez turns "Brother Dragonfly" by Sorceress into a lo-fi house tune with a tight little percussion knot. Gorgeous!
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out of stock $18.35
Bonanza (12")
Cat: GIH 004. Rel: 30 Jul 14
Deep House
  1. Brad P - "Mindwaves"
  2. Slowburn - "Lime Street"
  3. Gene Hunt - "Silent Piano"
  4. Gene Hunt - "Going Crazy"
  5. Unknown - "Bonanza"
out of stock $8.63
Cat: WR 130. Rel: 29 Jul 03
  1. Brainstorm - "We're On Our Way Home" (7:08)
  2. Greene - "Runnin'" (feat Colonel Abrams) (6:39)
  3. TP - "If You Know Like I Know" (6:48)
out of stock $11.34
Cat: 777 010. Rel: 22 Feb 17
  1. Brighton - "Tesla" (Leaves remix) (7:21)
  2. Orson Wells - "Ratio" (Roger 23 remix) (7:40)
  3. Leaves - "Third Floor" (Pablo Mateo remix) (6:31)
  4. Glyn - "Kevin Lomax" (Orson Wells remix) (5:39)
Review: Ron Wilson's 777 serves up more raw and rusty house jams on a new various artists sampler entitled Internal Affairs: this is serious! On the A side is newcomer Brighton with "Tesla" (Leaves Remix), while Frankfurt's Orson Wells gives us "Ratio" where Saarbruckens finest: Roger 23 gets on the remix and delivers a lush deep acid rendition this side of Tin Man. On the flip, Leaves returns with the impressive "Third Floor" getting an awesome remix by Pablo Mateo; working those drum computers to impressive effect as always. Finally, Orson Wells stays on too; working the nightshift on his remix for Glyn's "Kevin Lomax" and giving it a lo-fi, neon lit makeover that will appeal to retroverts dancing well into the morning at Robert Johnson next Sunday morning.
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out of stock $11.61
  1. David Britton - "Illustrate" (Jordan Fields re-edit)
  2. Hakim Murphy - "Circle" (Jordan Fields re-edit)
  3. G Marcell - "Track 4" (Jordan Fields re-edit)
  4. Blackadiscomental - "Atmosphere" (Jordan Fields re-edit)
  5. The Starrrs - "Theme From The Starrrs" (Jordan Fields re-edit)
  6. Jivaro - "I Feel Bass"
out of stock $7.55
  1. Brodanse - "Sleep Won't Come (Signs & Gestures)" (Audio Soul Project & Awoke remix) (9:43)
  2. Gordon Gartrelle - "Aesthete" (vinyl edit) (5:16)
  3. Awoke & ASP - "We Get Together" (5:25)
Intérprete: Audio Soul Project
out of stock $10.53
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