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Glory Ensamble EP 2
Glory Ensamble EP 2 (limited 12")
Cat: WFR 002MX. Rel: 14 Oct 22
Minimal/Tech House
Glory Ensemble (5:45)
Lost In Paradise (6:17)
The Myth Of Tech (7:02)
The Perfect Drop (6:05)
Review: Alex Neri is a totem of Italy's house and techno scene - one of the trailblazers who helped define Italo-house in the early 90s and went on to found such institutions as Tenax Recordings in Florence. After a successful first outing on Wildflower with The Symbol Of Love EP Vol 1, now he's back with four more slices of sophisticated, trance-infused tech house steeped in Neri's heritage as well as reflecting the contemporary scene. 'Glory Ensemble' is a brooding, sensual cut with trippy synth lines and a catchy organ lick, while 'Lost In Paradise' lays the emotional pads on thick n' juicy, just how we like them.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $17.31
Nerimennie EP
Cat: FUSEX 003. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Minimal/Tech House
Find Me
Watch Me
Review: The unstoppable Fuse continues its X series with a meeting between Italian veteran Alex Neri and next generation Florence-rooted hero Mennie. The sound is big, bold and 90s on this EP, with 'Reality' setting the tone perfectly with its trance-informed arps, sensual rhythm section and 'outer space' speech samples. 'Find Me' has a slightly more intricate techno make up to its synth work, while 'Rockets' shrugs off the grandiose synths for a tougher rhythm track sprinkled with acid. 'Watch Me' completes the picture with a rawer, nastier workout that maintains that old-stool flavour the duo have laid down on this deadly release.
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 in stock $16.78
Ciao Italia Generazioni Underground: Bonus Quattro
Nikita Warren - "I Need You" (Flute mix) (4:32)
Lorenzo Morresi - "Tento Brass" (4:43)
Deseo - "Summer Breeze" (Jazz mix) (4:28)
Alex Neri & Marco Baroni - "Lamar" (4:48)
Anxious - "Tribal Love" (4:49)
Spinapsys - "Whenever (Asha)" (5:34)
Review: Following the success of the Ciao Italia. Generazioni Underground album, Rebirth is excited to release three additional 'Bonus' parts this year, on a limited edition vinyl press. Bonus Quattro continues connecting two distant yet neighbouring generations: the seminal early '90s, and the modern day from a futuristic perspective. On side A, there's some early classics by the likes of Nikita Warren on the emotive old school feelings of 'I Need You' (Flute Mix) and Lorenzo Morresi on the downbeat swagger of 'Tento Brass'. On the flip, Alex Neri & Marco Baroni serve up the proper uplifting house of 'Lamar' while Spinapsys appears with the life-affirming 'Whenever' (Asha) that's a true zeitgeist of a golden era.
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 in stock $12.98
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