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X Pt 2
X Pt 2 (green marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: HARMONY 0102. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Alfred Czital - "No Future" (6:30)
Biri - "Resonate" (5:15)
Alan Backdrop - "Kuantum" (7:06)
Raleigh - "Return From Hora" (7:05)
Intérprete: Tom Drew
 in stock $13.71
Midnight Picnic
Cat: HARMONY 013. Rel: 13 Mar 24
Alfred Czital & Ayu - "The Robbery" (6:57)
Ayu - "In The End" (5:03)
Alfred Czital & Ayu - "Body High" (5:49)
Alfred Czital - "Midnight Picnic" (6:01)
Review: This is the 13th release for the Czech Republic techno label Harmony Records and sees a return of a regular contributor in Alfred Czital plus Ayu. This joint EP sees two pieces that are co-produced and then a single track by each, which gives the record a unique flow. 'The Robbery' is an upbeat breakbeat that strides the line between techno and trance. We like how these songs stay in the sweet spot and don't go overboard into a cheesiness like with 'In The End'. For a more psy-trance and techno track to keep in the groove is the refreshing. 'Body High', giving us big flashbacks of warehouse raves in 1994. We love the energy these sustain. With a psy influence throughout, fans of futuristic techno will love these darker bangers.
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 in stock $12.65
EC 137
EC 137 (12")
Cat: HARMONY 014. Rel: 16 May 24
Alfred Czital - "It's Me BB" (6:02)
Jamida - "Lots Of Love" (6:19)
Polygonia - "Akkala" (5:41)
Andy Garvey - "Euphorique" (4:46)
Intérprete: Tom Drew
 in stock $14.24
Cat: LOST 001. Rel: 08 Dec 22
Saphileaum - "Prologue" (5:16)
Alfred Czital & Moon Patrol - "Act I" (6:11)
Human Space Machine - "Act II" (5:44)
Owl - "Act III" (5:27)
Orca Silent - "Act IV" (9:38)
Martinou - "Epilogue" (3:07)
Review:  Lost In Translation's debut release, Anthroposcene, is a vital coming together of various artists each with their own take on ambient. It is all airy soundscapes and lo-fi pads to start with from Saphileaum's 'Prologue' while Alfred Czital & Moon Patrol bring in some silky broken beats and warped electronics on 'Act I.' Human Space Machines's 'Act II' is deep rolling techno bliss and on the flip, we get everything from cavernous underwater soundscapes to Orca Silent's edgy dub 'Act IV' and Martinou's soothing closer 'Epilogue.'
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Intérprete: Agnostic Rhythm, Tom Drew
 in stock $15.81
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