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Another Moses (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Cat: MD 026. Rel: 18 May 23
Who Shall I Fear
Mount Horeb
Another Moses
Who Shall I Fear Dub
Mount Horeb Dub
Moses Dub
Solomon Dub
Another Moses Dub
 in stock $25.39
Yemenite Chant
Yemenite Chant (limited 12")
Cat: PRTL 12017. Rel: 13 Feb 23
Yemenite Chant (part 1 & 2) (7:05)
Yemenite Chant (part 3 & 4) (6:55)
 in stock $15.94
Tree Of Life: Vol 1 (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Cat: MD 024. Rel: 25 Jun 22
Jerusalem (4:10)
Africa Ethiopia (3:49)
Promised Land (3:32)
Night & Day (3:32)
Great Tribulation (3:41)
Stepping Up (3:55)
Tree Of Life (3:54)
Holy Mountain (3:51)
 in stock $24.31
The Sacred Art Of Dub Vol 1 (Record Store Day 2020)
Cat: MANIADUB 017LP. Rel: 23 Sep 20
Prowling Lion (4:25)
Philosophers Stone (4:15)
Philosophers Dub (4:18)
Dancing On A Rainbow (4:46)
Seven Colours Of Dub (4:23)
Elixir (5:01)
No Peace In The City (4:27)
Eternal Dub (bonus track) (4:03)
Review: When Inhmost made their debut on Greta Cottage Woodpile in 2015, we remarked on the quality of their picture-perfect tributes to the cosmic, soul-warming sound of 1990s ambient labels such as Fax and Apollo. "Everything Is New", their belated second album, takes a similar widescreen, retro-futurist approach, with the publicity-shy duo delivering impeccably crafted, exceedingly atmospheric workouts that variously doff a cap to Global Communication ('Aurulia'), Pete Namlook (the quiet and contemplative 'Break Down'), Space Time Continuum ('Deeper Thoughts'), the Irresistible Force ('Sleep Walk'), Ninja Tune's almost forgotten N Tone label ('Spectrum'), and the more ambient end of Richard H Kirk's Sandoz project (the warm and wonderful 'Sometime For Time').
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 in stock $22.96
Almighty Jah
Cat: AO 077R. Rel: 01 Aug 23
Almighty Jah (3:43)
Hand To The Wheel (3:43)
Dub Can Reveal (3:41)
Honest Opinion (3:40)
David & Goliath (3:29)
Rasta Is Merciful (3:58)
Merciful Version (4:01)
Africa Is Calling (3:26)
Banks Of The Nile (3:30)
Shebas' Journey (4:28)
Review: Legendary UK dub pioneers Alpha & Omega have put out several classic cuts that are now hugely sought after. Their timeless reggae album Overstanding from back in 1991 is one of them and they followed it up just a year later with Almighty Jah alongside Dub Judah. It now gets reissued as part of an ongoing series and is record that fetches eye-watering prices. It has been meticulously re-mastered here and is presented in its original sleeve. It is truly one of the most definitive UK dub albums ever so do not sleep on this reissue.
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 in stock $28.08
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