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Reflections Within EP
Cat: MB 003. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Deep House
Vibe Check
Light Of The World
No Fomo
Around The Corner
Review: One of house music's most underrated artists is back with another one of his gloriously soulful and deep musical excursions. Alton Miller does vocal grooves like few others and despite having done so much of it already, his new EP Reflections Within is one of his best. Opener 'Vibe Check' brings to the fore the vocals of Jiinga Flame whose rich tones later in the soul next to freeform synth lines and over classic, dusty, cuddly house drums. 'Light Of The World' soon soothes with its balmy pads and gentle chord vamps and 'No Fomo' rides on slightly heavier drums but is still alive with jazzy motifs and the heart-aching tones of Jiinga Flame. 'Around The Corner' then bumps along in subtle fashion with smart synth dabs, smeared pads and an elegance that few can match.

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est. release 03 Jun 24 $15.14
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Vibes Alive
Cat: QUINTESSE 90. Rel: 15 May 24
Deep House
Crush (feat Kayczwe - Hitman On Set remix) (6:21)
Haibo (feat Sololo) (6:27)
Just Saying (4:39)
Review: Some 31 years after he made his debut, Alton Miller continues to be a reliable source of high quality deep house. Here, the storied Detroiter returns to Quintessentials, an imprint he first appeared on two years ago, with another strong batch of emotive, deep and immersive club cuts. The real standout - for us, at least - is A-side 'Crush (Hitman on Set remix)', where Ron Trent style hand percussion hits, drowsy electric piano motifs, eyes-closed vocal snippets and the dreamiest of pads rise above unfussy deep house beats and a warm, evocative bassline. Elsewhere, Sololo features on sunset-ready deep house box jam 'Haibo', while 'Just Saying' is a jazzy, percussive and bass-heavy workout tailor-made for increasing energy levels out on the dancefloor.
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! low stock $14.60
AM Forplay EP
Cat: MB 002. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
Am Forplay (6:53)
For Me (7:29)
Sweet Love (dub) (8:05)
Review: Alton Miller doesn't get spoken about as much as he should - he is a genuine Detroit pioneer who played the city's earliest house parties and decades later he is still turning out authentic and emotive deep house. Here he debuts on Mister Bear Records, a new imprint out of Berlin. First up is 'Am Forplay', a mid-tempo roller with heady chords slowly moving through the scales next to smoky vocal coos. 'For Me' is a more edgy and energetic sound with wispy pads darting about like fireflies over more percussive, tech-leaning drums. Last but not least is our standout - 'Sweet Love' (dub) with its delightful vocal and shuffling, cuddly deep house drums soon hypnotising you.
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 in stock $13.01
Love Don't Pass Me By
Cat: SS 089. Rel: 05 Dec 22
Deep House
Love Don't Pass Me By (feat KB) (7:16)
Love Don't Pass Me By (instrumental) (8:05)
Review: Sound Signature welcome the return of Detroit hero Alton Miller for a classy single graced with the vocals of KB, with the thoughtful addition of an instrumental on the flip for those so minded. The result is some extremely classy, luxurious sounding deep house music with a touch of the lounge about it. A track that certainly plays its cards cautiously rather than banging them down on the table all at the same time, but one that will build the atmosphere of your early evening set up subtly but surely.

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! low stock $13.54
Amazed (12")
Cat: RMCE 012. Rel: 18 Oct 19
Deep House
Make It (7:07)
Amazed (7:09)
Amazed (instrumental version) (7:08)
Intérprete: Tomi Chair, Saison
 in stock $14.33
Way Of The Drum EP
Cat: DPTCH 005. Rel: 03 Oct 18
Deep House
Introspect (9:00)
New Beginnings (6:58)
Way Of The Drum (8:33)
Way Of The Drum (TS Descarga mix) (5:26)
 in stock $14.33
Bring Me Down
Cat: SS 065. Rel: 20 Jan 17
Deep House
Bring Me Down (9:32)
Bring Me Down (Theo Parrish translation) (9:35)
Review: Here's something to get excited about: a cracking new cut from Detroit deep house legend Alton Miller, backed with a 'Sound Signature' translation from the equally revered Theo Parrish. Miller's version of "Bring Me Down", is something of a treat: a sparkling, starry deep house epic that's blessed with immaculate vocals from soul chanteuse Maurissa Rose. Parrish's translation is equally as stretched out and similarly enjoyable, but is far looser and dustier in feel, with warmer bass and beats that naturally tend towards the jazzier. It's naturally more in keeping with Parrish's work than Miller's, but retains enough of the latter's touches to be counted as a fine remix.
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 in stock $15.14
Remember Who You Are
Cat: SPLTE 001. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Deep House
Remember Who You Are (7:33)
Remember Who You Are (instrumental) (7:30)
Impilo (6:18)
Review: Spot Lite is a leading creative space, art gallery and club in Detroit that now branches out with its new label. Who better to step up with the music than the city's legendary Alton Miller, a master of deep house. As always he radiates heartwarming sounds from the off with 'Remember Who You Are' bringing a big and infectious bassline, rich keys and lush vocals from Nina. On the reverse is a cultured instrumental along with another deep and dynamic cut, 'Impilo.' Both are timeless and mark a great start to this new label, not least as they come on deep purple coloured vinyl.
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 in stock $15.66
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