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Annie Hall

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Annie Hall

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10 X
10 X (12")
Cat: SEM 10X. Rel: 11 May 17
  1. Arcanoid - "Urgull" (5:28)
  2. Jimmy Edgar - "Private" (Ideograma remix) (6:12)
  3. Plant43 - "Spider Silk Structures" (6:26)
  4. Annie Hall - "Kanji" (5:07)
Intérprete: Tagwell Woods, Leri Ahel
out of stock $9.97
The EP
The EP (12")
Cat: CRYO 012. Rel: 29 Sep 14
  1. Andy Garcia - "The Collector"
  2. Corbin Davis - "Different Breed"
  3. Keith Kemp - "You Can't C Me"
  4. Annie Hall - "Latch On"
out of stock $11.04
Fum (12")
Cat: CPU 01010101. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. Verd Mar (4:41)
  2. D'Un Altre Planeta (5:41)
  3. Fum (5:31)
  4. Promeses De Fusta (5:00)
Review: Sheffield's Central Processing Unit's good work continues with a return to the label for Annie Hall. It comes four years after her last and is another sleek electro offering from the future. "Verd Mar" is an edgy affair with glass melodies that keep you in suspense as heavy bass trudges below, but the pace picks up with the superb Detroit electro funk of "D'Un Altre Planeta". The title track gets more into it with its razor edge synths and hall of mirrors effects, before "Promeses De Fusta" closes out with a serene atmosphere that has you gazing far off into the distance.
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 in stock $8.89
Statics EP
Statics EP (12")
Cat: MUSAR 004. Rel: 19 Sep 18
  1. Linium (5:19)
  2. Lavandula (Mattheis remix) (6:09)
  3. Lavandula (4:39)
  4. Silene (5:26)
  5. Santolina (4:51)
out of stock $10.77
Tenured Positions
Cat: CPU 00011100. Rel: 31 Mar 16
  1. Curie (5:11)
  2. Meitner (4:14)
  3. Arden (4:38)
  4. Herschel (4:14)
out of stock $8.61
Random Paraphilia EP
Cat: DETUND 21. Rel: 13 Dec 13
  1. DSM-5
  2. Sada Abe
  3. Foithreiu
  4. Symphora
  5. Bandit2893 (Richard Devine remix)
  6. Symphora (ERP remix)
  7. DSM 5 (Valance Drakes remix)
  8. Bandit2893 (feat Shadow Huntaz)
Review: Representing what could more accurately be called to the alternative choice for electronic music in the Motor City, Detroit Underground come up with the goods once again in this gutsy EP of glitchy sonics from Annie Hall. After previous appearances on Semantica and D1, Hall is utterly devastating here in her low slung hip constructions that fizz and crackle with hyper-attentive production details and smoked out moods. As well as the seductive original tracks the likes of Richard Devine are on hand with some serious digital dismantling, while ERP serves up a remix of wonderfully fractured electro.
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Intérprete: Exium
out of stock $11.58
Comienzo (12")
Cat: DONE 044. Rel: 05 Aug 08
  1. Comienzo
  2. Remember The Goodtime
  3. Saggitarius A
  4. Sky Watcher
out of stock $7.01
Introducing Icon Of Desire
Introducing Icon Of Desire (limited 180 gram vinyl 12" (a side plays inside out))
Cat: IOD 001. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Annie Hall - "Empty"
  2. locked groove
  3. Passenger - "Frustration Device"
  4. Louis Haiman - "Compassion" (part I & part II)
  5. locked groove
  6. Furthr - "Fountain"
Intérprete: Rob Belleville
out of stock $10.72
Elephant Road
Cat: 11 LTD100. Rel: 21 May 10
  1. Annie Hall - "Ansia"
  2. Annie Hall - "Natron"
  3. Annie Hall - "Wine And Beats"
  4. Plant 43 - "The Eldrich Meadow"
  5. Plant 43 - "Extrasolar"
  6. Plant 43 - "Corporeal Boundaries"
out of stock $10.77
After Seattle
Cat: CRYO 010. Rel: 13 Dec 13
  1. Kero - "After Seattle"
  2. Annie Hall - "Emotional Navigtor"
  3. Keith Kemp - "Heart Humps"
  4. A Garcia - "Bylar"
out of stock $9.97
Exit Planet Earth: Nitrogen
  1. Radioactive Man - "One Out"
  2. Annie Hall - "Invisible Dust"
  3. Sansibar - "Tamagotchi"
  4. VC-118A - "Moss"
Review: "The third edition of the Exit Planet Earth vinyl series features four more exclusive intergalactic selections from Ralph Lawson.A

'Exit Planet Earth - Nitrogen' features a selection of pioneers and up and coming talent. First up is a true legend of the UK electro scene, Keith Tenniswood aka 'Radioactive Man', who creates a constantly evolving sonic trip called 'One Out'. Watch out for the surprise sting in it's tail too. Sharing the A side is the incredibly talented Spanish producer Annie Hall, arriving fresh from her stunning CPU releases. Annie creates melodic landscapes, layered with intricate string orchestration driven by deep bass.A

On the flip side Helsinki-based Sunny Seppa aka Sansibar shows exactly why he is fast becoming hot property following his immense debut album on FTP - 'Targeted Individuals'. ASansibar brings the record back to the 4/4 with a flowing yet subtle working of synths and pads. Also based in Finland yet hailing from Holland is VC-118A, who previously caught our attention with his track 'PCB' a firm favourite at Exit Planet Earth events. VC118-A delivers some deep space dub with expertly crafted production centring on low end theory.
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Intérprete: Wes Baggaley
coming soon TBA
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Annie Hall
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