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Deep Stimulation EP (140 gam vinyl 12")
Cat: DDSR 008. Rel: 02 Mar 15
Deep House
  1. Deep Stimulation
  2. Relations
Review: The next DDS Release comes from labelowner Gianni aka Washerman himself, this time under his moniker Azuni. Azuni is an older project founded by Gianni Siravo & Sven Lacoste in 2007. Sven left the project in 2011. Azuni already made themselfes a name with various 12" releases on labels like Drumpoet Community, Morris Audio, Boe & Quintessentials and an Album called "City Look" on Agnes label sthlmaudio back in 2008 which was very well received by the Deephouse Community. Azuni's "I Feel For You" reached Nr.1 position in the beatport deephouse download charts in 2009. Azuni's tracks have been played & charted by dj's like: Rolando, Delano Smith, Steve Bug, Milton Jackson and many more. After a long releasebreak Gianni reactivates the project and brings us two deep & sensual Azuni tracks on this release.
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out of stock $6.12
Cat: DPC 027-1. Rel: 21 Jan 10
Deep House
  1. Here You Come
  2. Believe
Review: Switzerland based label Drumpoet Community is grabbing the attention of the deep house world at the moment, following a string of impressive releases. Next up is the Zurich based duo, Azuni, whose "Here You Come EP" stands as a clear example of why the label is enjoying so much success lately.

Gianni Siravo and Sven Lacoste have both been around individually for some time. However, it is as the joined force of Azuni that they have enjoyed the most recognition. 2008's debut album, City Look, released on Agnès' Sthlmaudio imprint introduced the duo to the house world in style. Now, their debut release on Drumpoet Community is looking to propel them further into the limelight with two big, groovy tracks of Detroit influenced house that are stripped down to the max.

"Here You Come" sees simple and pumping grooves build from the ever present riff. It twists and turns in hypnotic fashion, with swirling melodies cushioned by warm synthesizer pads. The hushed vocal takes you straight back inside the warehouses of early days of Detroit, completing that authentic old school sound that resides throughout this record. "Believe's" vocal is from a similar vein. At first it stabs away in disjointed fashion, but as the track builds it develops into full lines of speech. The track is a slower, jacking number, once again built around a simple riff. The two note organ motif keeps the simplicity and the deep kick drum adds the bumping house sound that lends itself to the earlier part of the night where the dancefloor begins to build nicely.

As Drumpoet Community's reputation for quality house continues to grow, so too does Azuni's production talents. If the "Here You Come EP" is anything to go by, we can be sure that there is plenty more to come from both label and artist.
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City Look (CD)
Cat: SACD 0012. Rel: 28 Oct 08
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Miss Brown
  2. Use Me
  3. Matinee
  4. Last Time
  5. What You Say
  6. I Feel For You
  7. Blue Sky
  8. Remember That Girl?
  9. Can't Forget
  10. Slotmachine
out of stock $17.35
City Look (double 12")
Cat: SALP 0013. Rel: 06 Nov 08
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. I Feel You
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Miss Brown
  4. Slotmachine
  5. Can't Forget
  6. Remember That Girl?
  7. Use Me
  8. Last Time
out of stock $18.37
Rotate EP (12")
Cat: MORRIS 0686. Rel: 06 May 10
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Rotate
  2. Brotherhood
Intérprete: Washerman, DANI CASARANO
out of stock $10.16
out of stock $8.16
Cat: MORRIS 0776. Rel: 01 Dec 11
Deep House
  1. Azuni - "Raw Chord"
  2. Julien Sandre - "In The Mood"
  3. DJ Aakmael - "Deep Street" (Street mixx)
  4. Tomson & Leader - "What A Find"
out of stock $9.18
Cat: HIVE 005.2. Rel: 24 May 11
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Steve Bug - "Endless Squares"
  2. Kellerkind - "Oh"
  3. Azuni - "Wipe Out"
  4. Christian Burkhardt - "Cheech"
Intérprete: Alessio Mereu
out of stock $9.18
Boe X (12")
Cat: BOEX. Rel: 01 Dec 10
Deep House
  1. Ladzinski - "Looking Back"
  2. Nils Anthes - "Lessons"
  3. Marc Vacher - "I Know"
  4. Azuni - "(Baby Don't You) Make Me High"
Review: Ben Parkinson's Boe Recordings imprint has already endeared itself to lovers of house music with a deepish hue thanks to releases from the likes of KiNK, Burnski and Iron Curtis. This sampler showcases the label's wares with Ladzinski's "Looking Back" - which features some Kerri Chandler style vocal cuts - sharing the A Side with the moody analogue shuffle of "Lessons" by Nils Anthes. Marc Vacher's "I Know" comes in on a 90s deep house tip - thus guaranteeing a spot in Juno's affections - while Azuni's "(Baby Don't You) Make Me High" rounds off a killer 12" with beefy club drums and expertly arranged vocal elements.
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out of stock $6.12
  1. Guido Schneider - "Enidane"
  2. Benja & Reto Ardour - "Sweet Peace"
  3. Oliver Koletzki - "Some Old Loop Shit"
  4. Steve Bug - "Endless Squares"
  5. Kellerkind - "Oh"
  6. Azuni - "Wipe Out"
  7. Christian Burkhardt - "Cheech"
  8. Einzelkind - "Blackout"
  9. Pascal Feos & Frank Leicher - "Wilde Walse"
Intérprete: Doc Martin
out of stock $27.57
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