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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Billy Idol
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Rebel Yell (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Rebel Yell (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition) (gatefold 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: 587692 3. Rel: 25 Apr 24
Rebel Yell (4:48)
Daytime Drama (4:04)
Eyes Without A Face (4:57)
Blue Highway (5:10)
Flesh For Fantasy (4:38)
Catch My Fall (3:42)
Crank Call (3:58)
(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows (3:21)
The Dead Next Door (3:35)
Best Way Out Of Here (bonus track) (4:31)
Love Don't Live Here Anymore (bonus track) (5:32)
Daytime Drama (demo - bonus track) (4:32)
Flesh For Fantasy (demo - bonus track) (3:31)
Catch My Fall (Early version - bonus track) (4:35)
Crank Call (demo - bonus track) (3:57)
(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows (demo - bonus track) (3:34)
Eyes Without A Face (Poolside remix - bonus track) (5:33)
Review: Fresh from the first two successful singles of his solo career, Billy Idol was one of the most recognisable faces in the early 80s, with his popularity rising in tandem with the rise of the music video thanks to MTV. The follow up album to his eponymous debut, Rebel Yell would prove to be his most successful and the most critically acclaimed of his career, with hits coming out of its ears. 'Eyes Without A Face', 'Flesh For Fantasy', 'Catch My Fall' and the title track 'Rebel Yell' all helped to make one of the highest selling records of 1982, making Billy a household name. Musically, Rebel Yell is a new wave album with hard rock and other influences. Steve Stevens powerful guitar riffs that helped fuel Billy Idol's singing were a match made in heaven. Ironically, the album also broke barriers as being a rock album powered by a drum machine - setting a trend that ZZ Top, Iggy Pop and even Judas Priest would follow in subsequent years. This version, spread across two LPs, comes with the original album plus a a few demo versions as well as a remix to 'Eyes Without A Face'. Whether you have an original copy or not, this version is the ideal one to get.
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 in stock $34.88
The Cage EP
Cat: 405053 8821413. Rel: 10 Nov 22
Cage (2:49)
Running From The Ghost (3:51)
Rebel Like You (3:42)
Miss Nobody (3:34)
Review: How long has Billy Idol been doing it for? Who can even count any more, but here he is bursting back onto the airwaves with his canny blend of hard rock and anthemic pop hooks, sounding like the maximalist 80s juggernaut he's always been. 'The Cage' is a chugging, sing-a-long monster with enough rousing self-help energy to border on sports rock. If you've loved Idol and the musical world he exists in all these years, you'll be very happy to hear every inch of this mighty four-track single. Epic rock without parallel.
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 in stock $12.09
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