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BOHM Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Bohm
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Ethereal (12")
Cat: MOS 035. Rel: 12 Jul 24
coming soon $13.50
Land Of Lost EP
Cat: X 2401. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Minimal House/Tech House
Land Of Lost (5:39)
Most Of It (5:31)
Finest Touch (4:53)
Operator Select (5:31)
Review: Bohm is next up to bring his own minimal and tech house perspective to X Masters and does so with a stripped back yet effective style across a quartet of real bumpers. 'Land Of Lost' kick off with a bobbling bassline and old school 90s house chords that bring some intrigue. 'Most Of It' is a little deeper and warmer with a hint of garage skip in the drums and 'Finest Touch' then rides on another nice old school house bassline with with a future cosmic twist in the synths. 'Operator Select' closes out with a nice jumble of percussion and diffuse chords a sublime deep house closer.
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 in stock $16.15
Scientific Relevance
Cat: EUDEMONIA 016. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Minimal House/Tech House
King Cobra (5:24)
Current Mood (5:39)
Scientific Relevance (5:29)
The Fog (5:18)
Review: Bohm is no stranger to the scene, having made quite a splash with his latest releases on Dolly, PARTOUT, M>O>S and Undersound Recordings. His newest outing on Eudemonia acts as an ideal successor, as he delivers a versatile EP with both dreamy and old-school-ravey moments, sating all proclivities towards ecstasy and cascading soundbaths, from the 'King Cobra' arpeggiated judders of 'King Cobra' to the hazy situational-awareness-muddying closer 'The Fog'.
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 in stock $12.44
Globular Cluster EP
Cat: PARTOUT 1104. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Minimal House/Tech House
Globular Cluster (6:10)
Overcompensate (5:53)
Acidy (6:35)
Striker (5:41)
Review: Partout is a perfect home for the latest sonic transmissions from Bohm. He is no stranger to exploring the outer edges of the minimal and techno universe and that's what he does here for the first moment the needle hits the record. 'Globular Cluster' is booming, deep, supple, mid tempo techno with far sighted chords and lashings of cosmic energy. 'Overcompensate' is a more bubbly and melodic with with tumbling synth patterns falling like rain before 'Acidy' layers up soft, meandering 303 lines over bumping drum funk. 'Striker' shuts down with some spaced out breakbeat blissfulness.
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Tags: Acid House
 in stock $15.61
Connected EP
Cat: MOS 033. Rel: 16 May 23
Review: Right after two recent drops on Steffi's Dolly imprint and the London based EYA Records, Utrecht based producer Boehm is back with his second release on MOS Recordings on which he again ventures into the deeper side of house music. The EP begins with title track 'Connected' an emotive and mesmerising journey, while over on the flip there's the energetic 'Mainstreet' capturing the feeling of Detroit style hi-tech soul, and the playful tech funk of 'Underground'.
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 in stock $14.29
Leaving Earth Part 1
Cat: LONEWOLF 009. Rel: 08 Dec 22
Deep House
Stars & The Sun (6:32)
Move Over (1990) (4:42)
Phasmofonia (5:25)
Robot Heaven (5:33)
 in stock $15.35
Kulture Galerie Volume Two
Cat: KGV 002. Rel: 21 Dec 23
Minimal House/Tech House
Bohm - "Tactical Options!" (5:31)
Metropolitan Soul Museum - "Negative Mouth" (6:13)
John Beltran - "Canarias" (6:57)
Nathan Kofi & RDS - "Bankastraat" (3:22)
Tramic - "Lanterns" (4:14)
Review: Kulture Galerie has got off to a superb start with a release that got the attention of big names such as Laurent Garnier, Midland and Vladimir Ivkovic. The pressure is on, in that case, to follow that up with a second release that makes just as much impact and the label passes the test with flying colours with a various artists' collection featuring some big names. Chief amongst them are Detroit don John Beltran with his scintillating hi-tek soul workout 'Canarias', and Bohm with the densely woven synth layers and dusty drum programming over the gorgeous 'Tactical Options!' Add in the more hard edge drums of 'Metropolitan Soul Museum's 'Negative Mouth', the melodic elegance of 'Bankastraat' and the acid madness of Tramic's 'Lanterns' and you have a vital 12".
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 in stock $15.61
Fukuinn03 (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: FKN 03. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Fazack - "Look Left" (6:42)
Relaxant - "Swamp Break" (5:40)
Bohm - "Acis Era Kicks" (5:35)
Foreign Sequence - "Finfemxtrd" (6:45)
Review: There is never a lack of attitude when it comes to Fukuinn releases. This third one comes on a nice translucent blue vinyl 12" and finds a smorgasbord of producers serving up one tune each. Fazack kicked off with a sharp 'Look Left' that has powerful drum machines rhythms and neck-snapping percussion with talk box vox. Relaxant's 'Swamp Break' then layer up more jittery rhythms and coruscated synths and bass before Bohm layers up Chicago hosue drums with visceral acid lines and silvery drums on the expressive 'Acis Era Kicks.' Foreign Sequence's 'Finfemxtrd' closes in a hurry, with techno drums and twanging synths that will blow up the club.
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 in stock $16.15
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