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PSY X (double 12")
Cat: RASSVET 005GOST015. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Xsaw (2:25)
  2. The Big R (5:12)
  3. Sirenius (2:44)
  4. Dead Land (2:56)
  5. O2 (4:35)
  6. RCA (2:01)
  7. Tranq (2:26)
  8. The Drome (3:24)
  9. X-tr (5:10)
  10. 2020 Sequence (4:42)
  11. AC Torches (5:02)
  12. Rise Loop (2:28)
Review: Russian has long been a world unto its own when it comes to electronic music. Often the sounds reflect what we think we know about the vast country and that is the case here on a blistering new 2 x 12" from Buttechno. "Xsaw" is a dense blizzard of white noise and buzz saw synths that gets you on edge. "The Big R" is fun of suspense and paranoia and "Sirenius" is mysterious synth melodies with arresting blasts of dystopian noise. There are plenty of other haunting and unsettling soundtracks, art noise sketches and bleak moments of musical cinema that are brilliantly beguiling.
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 in stock $22.36
Minimal Cuts
Cat: INC 005. Rel: 30 Jan 19
  1. Dub Hole Funkin (4:52)
  2. Dubber Funk (4:10)
  3. Orient ACD (5:05)
  4. RZ Bass (4:49)
Review: Sometime Zodiac 44, trip and The Trilogy Tapes contributor Buttechno (real name Pavel Milyakov) kick-starts 2019 with a collection of what he calls "Minimal Cuts" on Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery's fast-rising Incienso imprint. Although none of the four tracks explore minimal techno pastures, there's plenty of hazy hypnotism and cheeky nods to dub techno to be found amongst the drum machine beats, wayward electronics and funk-fuelled grooves. Check, for example, the suitably heavy sub-bass, lo-fi drums and alien electronics of "Orient ACD", the dub funk/deep house/dub techno fusion of standout cut "Dub Hole Funking" and the loose, languid warmth of the suitably trippy (and rather fine) EP opener "Dubber Funk".
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 in stock $10.81
Cherskogo Drive
Cat: CITI 025. Rel: 01 Oct 18
  1. March Cherskogo (7:07)
  2. Back 2 The E (5:42)
  3. Elektroshirka (6:16)
  4. Slow Durk (3:50)
  5. AXF (10:56)
  6. 808 Exc Dirty (5:07)
Review: Sometime Trilogy Tapes and Zodiac 44 artist Buttechno (real name Pavel Milyakov) arrives on Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax with his fourth album-length excursion. It could well be his best to date too, as we can confirm it has very few flaws, but plenty of atmospheric, ear catching fare to enjoy. He begins with the fuzzy, metallic mid-tempo techno creepiness of "March Cherskogo", before proceeding to flit between smooth horror-techno ("Back 2 The E"), melodious and spacey electro ("Elektroshirka", the foreboding "AXF"), mind-altering intergalactic chug ("Slow Durk") and sparse, crackling industrial techno (L.I.E.S-ish closer "808 Exec Dirty").
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 in stock $18.85
Spectres (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: PSY 007. Rel: 11 Jul 22
  1. Buttechno - "Spectres" (4:08)
  2. Buttechno - "909 Steroids" (4:03)
  3. Buttechno - "Trance Open Airs" (3:21)
  4. DJ Speedsick - "You Do This To Yourself" (2:27)
  5. DJ Speedsick - "Motion Sickness" (4:38)
  6. DJ Speedsick - "Devil Times Seven" (5:16)
Review: For "Spectres", a 6-track split release, Buttechno teams up with DJ Speedsick, a Chicago-based artist, famous for his raw and uncompromising approach to sound. Together they explore sonic and textural possibilities of the extreme forms of dancefloor music employing distinct ways of sound manipulation. Buttechno's side features highly saturated textures being torn out, dissected and sewed back together with a wicked use of spectral processing. On the other side, Dj Speedsick, known for reamping his material with guitar amplifiers and cabinets, puts out tracks that bear unique sonic qualities and transform the usual sense of space and distance. The underwordly sounds and high-speed beats presented on this split go beyond the common bounds of dancefloor music, exposing the spectres that dwell between the genres.

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coming soon $12.82
Zbirka (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: PR 009. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Buttechno - "Trance" (4:36)
  2. Yate - "Mercury Nights" (8:54)
  3. Module One - "On The Edge" (7:58)
  4. Juras Lietus - "Why" (7:53)
Intérprete: Dan Orchard
 in stock $13.06
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