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BVDUB Vinilo y CD

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The Depth Of Rain
Cat: IF 120CD. Rel: 09 Apr 24
The Depth Of Rain
Review: On his return to China in 2019 after a period away, Brock van Wey noticed a "strange, sound emitting item" on the table. It was a handmade 'steel tongue drum', a unique percussion instrument associated with spirituality and meditation in Asian culture. A few days later, van Wey recorded an extended jam of himself playing it, and later overdubbed electronic sounds, melodies, chords and textures. The result is The Depth of Rain, the long-serving ambient and drone artist's second Bvdub album of 2024. Where some of van Wey's ambient sets can tend towards the intense and claustrophobic, The Depth of Rain is a genuinely melodious, evocative and spring-like affair that ebbs and flows wonderfully throughout, providing entertainment and sonic bliss in equal measure.
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 in stock $17.74
Violet Opposition
Violet Opposition (limited purple & yellow vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MD 302LPYELPUR. Rel: 01 Feb 22
Divinity At Dusk (20:28)
Heracles Before The Fall (19:32)
Scarlet In Mourning (18:52)
Northern Stars In Jade (19:11)
Review: Brock van Wey's BVDub project has long been a source of inspired, sonic detailed and aurally grandiose ambient, where experimental sound design techniques and the overdriven noise of dub techno add untold layers of complexity. Violet Opposition, his latest full-length excursion under the alias, continues in this vein, with waves of fuzzy, hard-to-pigeonhole noise, effects-laden chords, mutilated instrumentation and cascading, ear-pleasing melodies combining to create a quartet of epic, opaque ambient soundscapes. It's an approach that pays dividends though, with the immense beauty of van Wey's arrangements and instrumental choices consistently breaking through a wall of echoing, intoxicating aural fuzz.
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 in stock $34.42
Wrath & Apathy
Wrath & Apathy (green vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MD 286LP. Rel: 16 Sep 20
Wrath & Apathy (18:11)
Ghosts & Stone (19:48)
Emerald & Ultramarine (19:46)
Endurance & Exodus (17:04)
Review: Under the BVDub alias, ambient, drone and electronica explorer Brock Van Wey has amassed a vast discography of full-length excursions, though very few of these have been released on wax. The American producer has therefore pushed the boat out for new album Wrath & Empathy, which comprises four lengthy tracks stretched across two green vinyl plates. It's a hugely enjoyable set inspired by what van Wey calls the "magical realism" of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. We're not well versed enough in Murakami's work to spot the sonic references, but there's much to admire, not least the San Franciscan's uncanny ability to create musical gold with little more than layered and effected instrumentation, slow-release ambient chords, gentle IDM beats, tactile aural textures and melodies that linger long in the memory.
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 in stock $27.01
Destroyesterday (limited CD)
Cat: PITPDT 01/AY052. Rel: 14 Dec 23
All The Weight Of The World
Alone In Crimson
Please Let Go & Let Me Hold You
Review: Past Inside The Present welcomes the excellent pairing of Brock Van Wey aka Bvdub and vocalists and instrumentalist Lacey Harris aka Inquiri for a brilliantly escapist new ambient EP, Destroyesterday. They combine to majestic effect with 'All The Weight Of The World' a swirling soundtrack with vocals floating amidst the melancholic pads. 'Alone In Crimson' is more textural and suspenseful and 'Please Let Go & Let Me Hold You' then has the spoken word vocals front and centre as intense synth crescendos sweep you up. The title cut is a hypnagogic delight that leaves you adrift in your own dreams.
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 in stock $12.44
Departing In Descent
Departing In Descent (limited coloured vinyl 2xLP + download code (comes in different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: PITP V033. Rel: 28 Oct 22
Preludes In Parting (10:08)
Stares In Sapphires (8:23)
Harmonies In Hesitation (feat Marine Eyes) (10:53)
Interactions In Isolation (8:20)
Halvings In Hypnosis (10:06)
Strategies In Struggle (9:03)
Lamentations In Light (8:18)
Formulas In Fathoms (9:25)
Review: Anyone who's cast even the most casual eye over their ever expanding catalogue will have realised that one thing Past Inside The Present do best is bring artists together for unexpected and inspired collaborations. Departing in Descent is the first collaboration between James Bernard and Bvdub but their creative conversation effectively started as far back as 1994 when the latter bought Bernard's Atmospherics album in 1994 when it was "mistakenly stocked" in his local house music store. He says it was and remains his favourite ambient album, so when the pair found themselves crossing paths for one night in LA years later, a collaboration was the only logical conclusion. The results are more organic and friendly on the ear than some ambient offerings, with real instrumentation meshed with walls of woozy synths and delays, but no less fantastical and ambitious for it.
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 in stock $33.89
Cat: GM 049. Rel: 15 Dec 22
No Trees For Miles
Darkness From The Sun
Seas Of Stone & Sand
Ice On Fire
Review: Glacial Movements is the perfectly named home for this collaborative album between San Francisco-based musician and sound artist Brock Van Wey aka Bvdub and Italian sound artist Netherworld. As the title suggests, this is a record about finding the balance between the respective sounds of the two artists. And they manage it perfectly across cold and icy dub depths, wide open frozen ambient tundras and arching chords that bring beauty and light in the most slow and subtle of ways.
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 in stock $14.30
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