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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Chez Damier
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Make Up The Edits 3
Cat: AR 013. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Dance To The Beat (Freakout) (6:08)
Dance To Freedom (7:02)
She's So Divine (6:53)
African Bump (5:42)
Sunny (6:36)
Happy Music (6:39)
Yes (5:21)
Changes (6:49)
Review: The superb Make Up series hits release number three and in doing so heads back to the trio that started it all. The combination of Chicago house originator Chez Damier, Adeen label head Camille and Italian talent Nico Lahs is a dream team indeed and they serve up some crucial edits that cover a wide sonic range. There are standout cuts on the first 12" such as 'Dance to Freedom' and 'African Bump' while jazzy grooves define 'Sunny' and 'Changes' is all about getting that dance floor vibing. This is another in-the-know musical voyage from this crew that more that deserves a spot on your shelves.

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 in stock $24.89
Close (12")
Cat: PHONOGRAMME 30. Rel: 26 Nov 21
Deep House
Close (vocal mix) (7:05)
Close (Derrick Carter remix) (12:39)
 in stock $13.77
Master Jam 4
Cat: MJ 004. Rel: 26 Aug 21
Deep House
Your Love (feat Leroy Burgess) (6:48)
Your Love (feat Leroy Burgess - DJ Aly dub mix) (8:05)
Soul Minimal (Stephan Hoellermann remix) (6:23)
My House (Ron Trent & Chez Damier mix) (7:04)
Review: The Master Jams label has been active for five years now, but this is only its fourth release. And mores the pity to be honest because they always serve real deal house music direct from the source in the United States. They don't come much more revered than Chez Damier, the former Prescription man turned Balance label boss. His house sound is deep, soulful, perfect. The four cuts here show that with vocal stunner 'Your Love' melting your heart, the DJ Aly dub making things more club ready then a Stephan Hoellermann remix and Ron Trent & Chez remix closing out the flip with two lovely house jams.
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 in stock $13.77
I Never Knew Love (reissue)
I Never Knew Love (reissue) (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: KMS 048CLEAR. Rel: 26 Jun 20
Deep House
I Never Knew Love (MK club mix) (7:00)
I Never Knew Love (Made In Detroit mix) (8:23)
I Never Knew Love (Change Up mix) (5:16)
Help Myself (7:46)
Intérprete: Paul Starey
 in stock $14.82
Can You Feel It (reissue)
Cat: KMS 035. Rel: 09 Nov 16
Deep House
Can U Feel It (club vocal mix) (5:11)
Can U Feel It (dub mix) (5:03)
Can U Feel It (M.K. dub) (5:31)
A 2 1/2 Step (5:28)
Review: What can be said here that has not been before about this seminal and timeless Detroit house classic? Instead of preaching to the choir, we'll just state the obvious. On this always welcome re-issue, it features the original mixes, in the form of "Can U Feel It (club vocal mix)" and "Can U Feel It (dub mix)" in all their funky, uplifting and soulful glory. But most importantly it features what was probably the most played mix of the track, out of any: Marc 'MK' Kinchen's infamous "New York Dub" with the trademark vocal cut ups, organ stabs and its infectious, swing fuelled shuffle. Legendary stuff right here!
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 in stock $9.52
Cantico EP
Cat: BL 029. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
Low Pressure (Afro Acid mix) (7:25)
Feel Me (Deep mix) (7:16)
Cantico (Synth Wave mix) (7:13)
Take It Off (Techno mix) (6:37)
Review: Pietro 'Peter' Macaluso has been around for some time, operating between Berlin and his native Sicily, though remarkably this is the first time his productions have been showcased on vinyl. It comes via Balance Recordings, with boss man Chez Damier acting as 'executive producer'. There's much to admire across the EP, from the suspenseful, alien electronics and slow-build groove of deep Afro-tech bubbler 'Low Pressure (Afro-Acid Mix)', and the light-touch deep house hypnotism of 'Feel Me (Deep Mix)', where DJ Ronaldo-esque synth string sounds catch the ear, to the ultra-deep techno haziness of 'Cantico (Synth Wave Mix)' and the tough, bleeping throb of 'Take It Off (Techno Mix)'.
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 in stock $14.82
Special Edition
Cat: HOC 03. Rel: 31 May 23
Deep House
Chez Damier & H2H - "Tomorrow Now" (5:36)
Sista Sista - "Baby Don't" (Damian Rausch remix) (6:08)
Giorgio Morderer - "E-MC2" (The Gathering mix) (6:58)
Chez Damier & H2H - "Tomorrow Now" (J Gabriel & Mojo District remix) (8:30)
Review: Deep house doesn't get any better than when it's from scene-pioneer Chez Damier. The US legend has been finding the most sensuous and emotive sounds for decades, not only as a producer but also as a label boss. His House of Chez label cooks up some more goodness here with his own collab with H2H opening up with mystic Middle Eastern melodies drifting over smooth beats. Damian Rausch's remix then brings something more heavy and El Kazed heads off to the stars on waves of cosmic synth lushness. Last of all is Italo legend Giorgio Morderer with the gloriously soulful 'Engery.'
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $15.88
Hip To Be Disillusioned Vol 1 (reissue)
Cat: PRES 107. Rel: 09 Feb 21
Deep House
Track 1 (5:55)
Track 2 (6:32)
Track 3 (5:53)
Track 4 (6:58)
Review: There's very little collaborative work by Chez Damier and Ron Trent, especially the cuts they made during the days of Prescription Records, that isn't timeless and top-drawer. You could certainly say that about the four tracks that make up 1994's now reissued Hip To Be Disillusioned Volume 1. The untitled opener is loopy, deep and hypnotic in their trademark early morning style, while the track that follows - a version of Primitive Arts LP cut 'Sometimes I Feel Like' - is a little warmer and more positive in tone but no less chunky and locked-in. The flipside opens with a rolling, early morning loop jam (think deep, chunky bass, delay-laden synth stabs and crunchy drums), while the closing cut is a wickedly stripped back version of previous single 'I Feel The Rhythm'.
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 in stock $14.30
Pressure (12")
Cat: HUDD 068. Rel: 14 Jun 23
Deep House
Pressure (7:59)
Pressure (instrumental mix) (5:43)
Pressure (dub mix) (6:47)
Pressure (Dubstrumental) (6:23)
Review: West Yorkshire's finest house label Hudd Trax - named after Huddersfield, of course - kicks out more essential and timeless jams here with Eddie Leader at the helm. Kids in The Streets feature on this package which includes a single and several different versions. The original form of 'Pressure' is a lovely deep house groove with warming chord vamps and smoky vocals. There's a subtle skip to the drums that really locks you in, then comes an Instrumental Mix that makes more of the starry synth work. The dub has fatter, heavier low ends and a 90s New York vibe, then a Dubstrumental closes out another tidy package.
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Intérprete: Per Bojsen-Moller
 in stock $17.74
The One
The One (gatefold double 12")
Cat: DISDAT 007. Rel: 04 Jul 23
Minimal/Tech House
The One (11:53)
The One (instrumental) (11:53)
The One (Space-A-Pella) (3:08)
The One (Expansions) (8:30)
The One (Deep South) (5:31)
The One (Love) (10:43)
Review: ReSolute sublabel DisDat has become an essential checkpoint for anyone hunting out fresh goods in the broader minimal tech house scene. The label seems to have some clout when it comes to signing releases, and so we get this smoking hot combo of Melchior Productions Ltd and Chez Damier laying down a standout piece of deep house that champions the two legends' considerable gifts. A true release for the DJs, this is a double pack with some choice alternative mixes giving you the chance to have fun flipping between versions in the mix to keep a crowd on their toes. Pick your path and let it rip - the results are guaranteed to be magical.
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 in stock $32.83
Chez Damier Presents The Lima Project
Chez Damier Presents The Lima Project (transparent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: BL-AR 002. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Deep House
What Is Love? (vocal mix) (4:45)
What Is Love? (dub mix) (6:12)
What Is Love? (instrumental) (5:30)
What Is Love? (Snad Loveless Rmx) (6:47)
What Is Love? (Damien Rausch Rmx) (7:34)
What Is Love? (acappella) (3:26)
Review: Hot on the heels of 2021's stellar release of The French Connection's "Speechless" LP, Balance head honcho and legendary producer and DJ Chez Damier teams up again with Camille and Adeen Records for another trip around the the world with Lima, Peru's Surco's Groove, "The Lima Project." This beautiful release titled "What Is Love?" delivers hard hitting versions of the track in the original, dub, instrumental, and an acapella with stellar remixes from Snad and German producer Damien Rausch. Be it France or Peru, Balance and Adeen knows how to take you on a musical journey. We can't wait to see where they go next!

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Tags: Tech House
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 in stock $5.03
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