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EXP (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: TRESOR 167. Rel: 06 Feb 23
EXP (5:27)
Slip Inside You (5:32)
Onto The Body (4:30)
Fourthinter (5:47)
Imageforum (6:41)
Angel Gate (5:32)
PFLP (6:39)
Experience (6:49)
Experience (Surgeon remix) (6:04)
Angel Exit (6:32)
Flowers Of Cantarella (4:53)
Innervisions (5:26)
Innervisions (Pilot) (5:44)
Opaqueness (6:39)
Dawn Purple (2:55)
Review: DJ Shufflemaster (real name Tatsuya Kanamori) first saw fame with Tresor's release of the 'EXP' album all the way back in 2001, at a time when the Berlin clubbing institution was already aiming to shine a light on techno scenes beyond its own walls. Vastly ahead of its time, the tracks on the album (now once more called to our attention via this reissue) are what we'd have considered ourselves more liable to encounter in the UK in the mid-2010s; tracks like 'Onto The Body' have a broken beat feel to them, and many tracks verge quite readily off the edge of 4x4 kick drum orthodoxy. A compressed and washy techno album drawing on every influence from dub to Brummy sound.
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 in stock $29.06
Illegal Alien XVI Years Vol 5
Illegal Alien XVI Years Vol 5 (yellow marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: IARLTDXVI 5. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Electric Indigo - "Mod16" (6:14)
DJ Shufflemaster - "Bizarre" (6:49)
Maccaaria - "Vcntdprlsqm" (3:10)
Tripeo - "Pollywog" (5:37)
Unkle Fon - "Violet" (5:09)
Urban Groove - "Aftertouch" (4:33)
Review: Illegal Alien continues its 16th anniversary celebrations here with another volume, the fifth, of its limited edition Illegal Alien XVI series. Across all eight volumes once they are out there will be a total of 44 exclusive tracks and 46 great artists all tracing the evolution of techno over the last decade and a half. This edition is a superb one that fins plenty of innovation in techno, from the paranoid and warped synth energy of DJ Shufflemaster's 'Bizarre' to the tightly woven and intricate synth layers of Urban Groove's 'Aftertouch' via Unkle Fon's dry, stepped back techno funker 'Violet.'
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 in stock $15.32
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