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Day To Day Living
Cat: GRELP 045. Rel: 18 Oct 12
Roots/Lovers Rock
Hog & Goat
I Like It
Dice Cup
Roots Man Party
Hey Mr Babylon
Street Life
English Woman
400 Years
I'm Not Crazy
At The Bus Stop
 in stock $16.94
Paradise House Vol 2
Paradise House Vol 2 (numbered unmixed 2xCD limited to 300 copies)
Cat: IRM 2127. Rel: 25 Jul 22
Deep House
Don Carlos - "Purple Day" (Don Carlos edit - CD1)
Deep Aural Penetration - "Let Your Body Be Free" (club Xero mix - Don Carlos edit)
Be Noir - "It's Gonna Be Alright" (Don Carlos Rimini 4:00 AM mix - Don Carlos edit)
Deep Aural Penetration - "All I Want To Do" (Josh Wink HERE mix - Don Carlos edit)
Love Nation - "Everything 4 U" (remix - Don Carlos edit)
More Heavy Soul - "Magic Tonight" (Irregular dub - Don Carlos edit)
Outdance - "Pump The Jumping" (Sexy No dirty mix - Don Carlos edit)
FITZ - "The Reigh Forest (Fitzcarraldo)" (Don Carlos edit)
Love Nation - "Love Nation Theme"
More Heavy Soul - "Magic Tonight"
Don Carlos - "Purple Night" (Don Carlos edit - CD2)
SYB Crew Presents Lust Unlimited - "Back Together (Feel Good)" (Jason's Man On The Roof mix)
Subsonic Posse - "Go Global" (The A Side mix)
TMV - "You'd Never Know (Baby)" (feat Tyra Lee - Love instrumental)
Rasoir Presents The Sweatbox Orchestra - "Alright" (The Fragile mix)
Three Bu - "Seize The Day" (Flavio Vecchi Freedom mix)
Aritmya - "Hey Man" (Sei Sei mix)
Obsession - "Got That Feeling" (dub mix)
Aritmya - "My Sound" (Down mix)
Moz Art & Angelino - "Thunder Runner"
$21.45 SAVE 33%
 in stock $14.37
Paradise House Vol 2
Cat: IRM 2128. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Deep House
Don Carlos - "Purple Day" (Don Carlos edit) (8:26)
Deep Aural Penetration - "Let Your Body Be Free" (Don Carlos edit - club Xero mix) (4:43)
Be Noir - "It's Gonna Be Alright" (Don Carlos edit - Don Carlos Rimini 4.00 Am mix) (6:38)
Deep Aural Penetration - "All I Want To Do" (Don Carlos edit - Josh Wink HERE mix) (5:28)
Love Nation - "Everything 4 U" (Don Carlos edit - remix) (5:54)
More Heavy Soul - "Magic Tonight" (Don Carlos edit - Irregular dub) (6:45)
Outdance - "Pump The Jumping" (Don Carlos edit - Sexy No dirty mix) (5:51)
FITZ - "The Reigh Forest (Fitzcarraldo)" (Don Carlos edit) (5:58)
Review: Don Carlos will always be best known as the legendary Italian producer behind the enduring Balearic and Italo/dream house classic 'Alone' which was, rather impressively, his first ever release. Here we get to hear some of his favourite tunes on another vital volume of this series from his longtime home label Irma Records. All the tracks on this essential double pack have been re-edited by Don Carlos himself, especially for this occasion with highlights from the likes of Deep Aural Penetration, Love Nation and Outdance.
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 in stock $29.64
Alright Alright
Cat: GCV 020. Rel: 14 May 24
Deep House
Centric House - "Alright Alright" (Micky More & Andy Tee remix) (6:20)
Micky More & Andy Tee, Don Carlos - "The Music Of Your Mind" (feat Taka Boom) (7:36)
Review: Groove Culture taps into an effortlessly timeless house sound with this new remix 12". It sees the in house production team step up on the B-side to remix Micky More & Andy Tee, Don Carlos, Taka Boom's 'The Music Of Your Mind' and the result is a super smooth, soulful roller with passionate vocals and disco sprinkled percussion. Ahead of that, Centric House's 'Alright Alright" (Micky More & Andy Tee remix) is a piano-laced and joyous house bumper with elastic bass and hands in the air energy.
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 in stock $15.61
Dynamik (12")
Cat: NATSU 1201. Rel: 30 Apr 24
Deep House
Gareth Cooke - "Dynamik" (9:09)
Don Carlos - "A Time Coloured" (5:42)
Review: Don Carlos is a legendary house producer behind seminal hits like the Balearic classic 'Alone'. Back in 1997 he hooked up with equally revered Londoner Gareth Cooke to deliver this fantastic double sider. It has become a much sought-after tune in the years since so it now gets a welcome reissue. The opener on the A-side is a big and hugely fun piano romp while on the flip, 'A Room Coloured' sees Carlos exploring a more earthly and lose-limbed house sound with rubbing low ends and plenty of spiritual and soulful vibes in the pads. Great tunes, for sure.
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 in stock $14.56
Pass Me The Lazer Beam (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: VP 4248.
Roots/Lovers Rock
coming soon TBA
Mediterraneo (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: QQT 006. Rel: 12 Jun 23
Deep House
Mediterraneo (5:27)
Alone (5:35)
Review: Active as a DJ from the late 70s, it wasn't until the end of the 80s that Carlo Trojo AKA Don Carlos unveiled his studio talents with his single, 'Alone', which quickly grew to cult status within the international deep house scene. He soon became known for a sound that delicately combined house rhythms with Afro-American jazz influences, flecks of disco, hints at progressive house and occasional flashes of electronic soul. Originally released in 1992 by Calypso (Irma), 'Mediterraneo' is a wonderful example of the signature Don Carlos sound - deep, jazzy house at its best.
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 in stock $21.45
Mister Big Man
Cat: BD 125. Rel: 19 Jun 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Don Carlos - "Mister Big Man" (3:31)
Don Carlos - "Mister Big Man" (version) (3:15)
Little John - "Works To Do" (3:24)
Little John - "Works To Do" (version) (3:53)
 in stock $19.32
Dreaming The Future
Dreaming The Future (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RNTR 050. Rel: 27 Sep 22
Music All Night (Deep In Milano mix) (5:11)
Keep Dancing The Boogie (5:03)
Waited So Long (5:23)
Gotta Keep Dancing (4:47)
Review: Considered "the absolute Don of Italo piano house", Don Carlos is up next on esteemed NYC label Razor N Tape with an EP of rare vintage house from the archives - 30 years old in fact. For the uninitiated, Don (Carlo Troya) and S-Tone (Stefano Tirone) released two records on Italian imprint Calypso in the early '90s under the alias Montego Bay. Features the emotive, late-night garage of 'Music All Night' (Deep In Milano mix) followed by the low-slung dancefloor heater 'Keep Dancing The Boogie' on the A-side. The flip offers the life-affirming vocal cuts 'Waited So Long' and 'Gotta Keep Dancing' respectively which perfectly capture the zeitgeist of house music's golden era in the early '90s.

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 in stock $16.41
Ciao Italia Generazioni Underground: Bonus EP Due
Cat: REB 123BONUSDUE. Rel: 11 Jan 22
Deep House
Green Baize - "Toxicology Room" (4:41)
Don Carlos - "I Believe In Heaven" (5:16)
Stage 28 - "Feel The Night" (extended mix) (7:19)
Cirillo & Leo Young presents Brother's Brigade - "They Couldn't Resist" (4:53)
Review: After the runaway success of the Ciao Italia (Generazione Underground) compilation on Rebirth for RSD 2021, we're getting treated to a series of bonus follow-ups taking us further into the realm of classic Italian deep house. Part Due kicks off in style with 'Toxicology Room' by Green Baize, which leans in on the organ chops and sets the appropriate mellow mood to sink into. Unsiputed legend Don Carlos follows up with 'I Believe In Heaven', a truly ascendant slice of house magic, while on the B side Stage 28 and Brother's Brigade bring yet more timeless treasures that sport that unmistakable Roman flair.
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 in stock $15.35
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