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Ratiug 03
Ratiug 03 (12")
Cat: RAT 003. Rel: 15 Dec 23
Deibeat - "Scanned State" (7:23)
Mmmh - "Be My Way" (6:46)
Elias Sternin - "Gato De Piria" (8:59)
Artesano Titer - "Leitmotiv" (6:04)
Review: Ratiug Recordings has had a great year and this is its third fine outing so far. For this one, the Uruguayan label represses a rare and hard-to-find gem that takes us back to the naughties and the heyday of the breaks era. Spanish artist Deibeat is behind the beats first up with the turbocharged electro-funk of 'Scanned State'. Mmmh's 'Be My Way' is then a hurried and hopping electro-tinged cut with quick beats and cosmic energies and Elias Sternin's 'Gato De Piria' brings dark synth drones which search across gritty drum machine rhythms. Artesano Titer closes down with another colourful and jittery future rhythm on 'Leitmotiv.'
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 in stock $15.68
Split #2
Split #2 (12")
Cat: OTH 008.
N.E. - "Procrastination"
N.E. - "Lostrack"
Elias Sternin - "Dirty Spring"
Elias Sternin - "Falso"
Review: Split #2 presents a riveting showcase of techno talent from NE and Elias Sternin, delivering four tracks brimming with dynamic energy and driving beats. On Side-1, NE starts with 'Procrastination,' blending techno and electro elements seamlessly, supported by an acid line that adds a futuristic edge to the track. 'Lostrack' follows suit with its commanding presence, anchored by a strong techno foundation and bolstered by a serious acid motif. Flipping to Side2, Elias Sternin takes the reins with 'Dirty Spring,' a mysterious and atmospheric journey characterized by its building tension and expansive synth lines, creating a retro movie soundtrack of sorts. Closing the EP with 'Falso,' Sternin introduces elements of psy trance, infusing the track with pulsating rhythms and hypnotic textures that elevate it. Even though each track is of the more serious nature, there is a tongue in cheek 80's vibe that makes them come across as fun pieces of techno music.
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Virtual Analog EP
Virtual Analog EP (limited 12")
Cat: REAL 002. Rel: 20 Jan 23
Saturacion (5:05)
Tucu Persa (6:21)
Mind Control (7:12)
Club Electronico (7:24)
 in stock $13.03
All Killer No Filler Vol II
Cat: MPHS 004. Rel: 15 Jan 24
Elias Sternin - "Loop Hole" (6:44)
Stonem - "Festichola" (6:38)
Alfalfa - "Rising Down" (5:41)
Two Phase U - "You Are" (6:59)
Review: The correctly titled All Killer No Filler series from the Memphis/Monevideo label is back with a second instalment to back up the fine first outing. This effective various artists release kicks off with Elias Sternin's 'Loop Hole' which is a warm, fleshy techno kicker backed up by Stonem's more lithe and broken beat workout, 'Festichola', which brings some retro 90s synth sounds and plenty of colour. Alfalfa's 'Rising Down' is the flipside opener and is a turbocharged retro-future tech sound with cyborg energy. Last of all is a deeper, slower, heavier sound from Two Phase U with the pensive 'You Are'.
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 in stock $16.49
Cat: LEMAIA 002. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Wil Do - "Computer Rage" (6:47)
Elias Sternin - "Escape" (6:05)
Trajano & Villaca - "Alma" (4:36)
Javiera Meyer - "Acid Drops" (7:11)
 in stock $17.01
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