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Cat: MORD 017. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Unipolar (5:29)
  2. Inner Core (5:27)
  3. Shock Waves (5:31)
  4. Human Element (5:03)
Review: Since first pricking the consciousness of the international techno community with their 2001 debut 12" Zet Oviedo, Exium has become a reliable source of solid, often fiendishly dark dancefloor material. Here they add another label to their bulging discography via a debut on the similarly impressive Mord. There are few surprises, of course, but plenty of robust, thrusting floor-fillers. It's all of a reliably high standard, but we're particularly enjoying opener "Unipolar" - a maudlin chunk of throbbing darkroom funk complete with a nagging, rave-inspired riff - and the deeper, impressively trippy hypnotism of "Shock Waves". That said, the alien, acid-tinged closer "Human Element", may well be the best of the lot.
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 in stock $9.14
Reduction Required (double 12")
Cat: NHEOMA 018. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Reduction Required (4:51)
  2. Redox Reactions (6:08)
  3. Carbon Cycle Models (5:37)
  4. Emission Spectrum (5:22)
  5. Vector Potential (6:09)
  6. Orbital Decay (5:51)
  7. Destructive Testing (6:06)
  8. Photonics (6:09)
 in stock $19.39
Regenerative Circuits Part 2 (white vinyl 12")
Cat: NHEOMA 019. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Circuit IV (7:59)
  2. Circuit V (5:19)
  3. Circuit VI (6:14)
 in stock $9.70
Cat: NHEOMA 016. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Exium - "Diverse Population"
  2. Exium - "Pulstar"
  3. Developer - "Promiscuous"
  4. Developer - "Indigenous"
Review: With every release Spanish duo Exium do it's like they grow an extra muscle, and at the moment they're starting to look like a well conditioned iron man. This split release with fellow booming techno cohort Developer sees the duo, on their side of the EP, deliver a stripped and sinisterly grubby "Diverse Population", while "Pulstar" sounds like a reserved and dubbed-out Sandwell District production. On the Developer-side the American provides a drivelling up-and-down arpeggio in "Promiscuous", while there's only two words that can really explain "Indigenous" properly: Developer techno.
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 in stock $8.85
Cat: POLEGROUPBOX 1DISC2. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Oscar Mulero - "Genetix" (7:25)
  2. Exium - "Biolag" (5:32)
  3. Jonas Kopp - "M31" (Reeko remix) (5:46)
Intérprete: Damien Schneider
 in stock $9.14
Artículos del 1 al 5 de 5 en la página 1 de 1


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