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Ezra Furman

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Perpetual Motion People (limited blue vinyl LP + CD)
Cat: BELLA 498V. Rel: 01 Jul 15
  1. Restless Year (2:24)
  2. Lousy Connection (4:10)
  3. Hark! To The Music (1:25)
  4. Haunted Head (4:49)
  5. Hour Of Deepest Need (4:25)
  6. Wobbly (3:00)
  7. Ordinary Life (2:20)
  8. Tip Of The Match (2:34)
  9. Body Was Made (3:31)
  10. Watch You Go By (4:09)
  11. Pot Holes (3:13)
  12. Can I Sleep In Your Brain? (3:55)
  13. One Day I Will Sin No More (2:28)
  14. Restless Year
  15. Lousy Connection
  16. Hark! To The Music
  17. Haunted Head
  18. Hour Of Deepest Need
  19. Wobbly
  20. Ordinary Life
  21. Tip Of The Match
  22. Body Was Made
  23. Watch You Go By
  24. Pot Holes
  25. Can I Sleep In Your Brain?
  26. One Day I Will Sin No More
Review: In a music landscape seemingly micro-managed and steeped in cliche to the point of inescapable blandess, the maverick spark of an artist like Ezra Furman is something to be valued very highly. His third album 'Perpetual Motion People' crams more ideas, energy, eccentricity and chutzpah into its thirteen tracks than most bands can dream of in a career. Wracked by self-doubt he may be, yet Furman here channels his angst, inspiration and flamboyant joie-de-vivre into a kaleidoscopic collection of exuberant ditties that sashay with blues-rock, jaunty punk-pop and acoustic introspection whilst maintaining a vibrant pull all Furman's own. The sound of a unique talent blossoming in rare style.
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 in stock $18.55
Transangelic Exodus (limited heavyweight purple vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: BELLA 725V. Rel: 09 Feb 18
  1. Suck The Blood From My Wound (4:48)
  2. Driving Down To LA (3:15)
  3. God Lifts Up The Lowly (3:50)
  4. No Place (3:38)
  5. The Great Unknown (2:46)
  6. Compulsive Liar (2:47)
  7. Maraschino Red Dress $8.99 At Goodwill (2:30)
  8. From A Beach House (2:33)
  9. Love You So Bad (3:39)
  10. Come Here Get Away From Me (3:52)
  11. Peel My Orange Every Morning (3:17)
  12. Psalm 151 (1:59)
  13. I Lost My Innocence (3:23)
Review: 'Transangelic Exodus' is Ezra Furman's rock 'n' roll concept opus following the pseudo-autobiographical story of Furman falling in love with a transangel and the two becoming outlaws on the run from the government and mysterious, intolerant and violent figures. Structurally and musically, every song feels like a new chapter as Furman explores a multitude of avenues, drawing strands of genres together to create something simultaneously strange and familiar. It's a stunningly well-formed and considered album, and Furman's storytelling makes for a visceral and thrilling ride, and this is perhaps his best work yet. In a time when values are changing so rapidly in favour of openness and acceptance, but intolerance still has societal footholds, albums that manage to be as joyously compelling, poetically written and acerbically counter-cultural in their message as 'Transangelic Exodus' feel more necessary and relevant than ever.
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 in stock $19.34
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Ezra Furman