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Quartet Series 001 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: QS 001. Rel: 04 May 16
Deep House
  1. Crackazat - "Lindop Circles" (6:36)
  2. Saine - "Prime Chops" (6:13)
  3. Nachtbreaker - "Totally Not Mistique" (7:07)
  4. Gnork - "Chord Tool" (5:26)
Review: Quartet Series is a fresh imprint based between Milan and Amsterdam and run by Nachtbraker and KiSk. Inaugurating their new label is Crackazat (from Uppsala, Sweden) with his 80's pop- house excursion "Lindop Circles" (which is so lovably cheesy) and Saine with the deep and sexy slo-mo disco of "Prime Chops". On the flip there's also Nachtbreaker himself with "Totally Not Mystique" (which sounds like an outtake from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack) and Gnork with "Chord Tool" which sounds like early Underground Resistance or 808 State.
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Deer IV EP (limited hand-numbered hand-stamped heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DEER IV. Rel: 28 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Stringxxx233344 (8:10)
  2. Well It Was Just A Tree (7:15)
  3. Fckk (7:45)
  4. Acid Quartet (4:40)
Review: In case you were in any doubt about his identity, Hungarian producer Gnork - previously of Legendary Sound Research affiliated outfit Black L3GO - has handily titled his Black Vension debut I Am Gnork. His particular brand of deep house is attractive and atmospheric, but with enough low-end grunt and machine-made roughness to appease peaktime dancefloors. The four tracks here explore subtly different but similar themes, from the bittersweet chords, Detroit electronics and spacey grooves of "Well It Was Just A Tree", to the outer space 303 business of "Acid Quartet" and "Fckk". Opener "Stringxxx233344" offers the best of both worlds, fusing sharper electronics with some typically swirling deep house niceness.
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Marble EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: CHURCHM 004. Rel: 11 Oct 18
Deep House
  1. 3PM (& Already Happy) (5:59)
  2. Golden Hour (6:52)
  3. Space Jam (with Douala) (7:17)
  4. Easy MFX (6:24)
Review: Hungarian deep house maestro Gnork has released on some top quality record labels since making his debut in 2013, including Bokhari, Unknown To The Unknown, Crow Castle Cuts and Magicwire. Here he adds another hyped imprint to his impressive discography via a rock solid four-track outing on Church. He begins with the bouncy and saucer-eyed "Golden Hour", where rushing chords and futurist electronics ride a rolling breakbeat house rhythm, before expertly joining the dots between TB-303-driven acid house and electro on "3pm (& Already Happy)". You'll find a dreamier, punchier and more bass-heavy take on electro opening side B ("Space Jam") in collab with Douala, while the EP's closing cut, "Easy MFX", is a lusciously evocative and spine-tingling slab of drifting deep house brilliance.
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CCCRAW 4 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: CCCRAW 4. Rel: 11 May 16
Deep House
  1. Unreal (6:51)
  2. Larm (6:12)
  3. Transylvanian Night Drive (7:04)
  4. Subjektive - "No Cursing" (Gnork redream) (5:17)
  5. Rawtoolz1 (0:35)
  6. Rawtoolz2 (0:48)
Review: Gnork is by far our favourite Hungarian DJ and producer with a deliciously facetious name and no strangers to the mysterious Yorkshire trio responsible for the Blind Jacks Journey and Crow Castle Cuts labels. Having appeared on several 12"s by the former, Gnork now brings his glistening command of deep house to the latter for this superb fourth edition of the latter's Raw series. This is one of those records where the soundclips speak for themselves really, the six tracks the sort of deep house productions DJs want to play and club goers want to hear. All of them hit the spot but the rush-inducing madness of "Transylvanian Night Drive" is particularly special. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Cat: UTTU 058. Rel: 15 Dec 15
  1. Space Beach (4:56)
  2. Give It All (Locked Grove 1) (0:32)
  3. Give It All (Locked Grove 2) (0:25)
  4. Double Sunset (6:44)
  5. Bleeps (Locked Grove 1) (0:32)
Review: Unknown To The Unknown's early '90s inspirations are well documented, with boss man DJ Haus frequently signing and releasing tracks that doff a cap to ghetto-house, acid, Belgian techno and early British hardcore. Despite this history, Gnork's "Space Beach" feels surprisingly fresh. Described, somewhat matter-or-factly, as "jungle techno", the title track does a brilliant job combining booming, skittish, energy-packed early jungle rhythms with the kind of spacey melodies and chords that you'd expect to find on vintage Detroit techno records. Flipside "Double Sunset" jettisons the Motor City inspirations in favour of a more straight up, bass-heavy early jungle flex, with rich dub bass enhancing the mood.
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Cat: UTTU 082. Rel: 12 Dec 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Future Music (10:25)
  2. Shroomz (7:17)
  3. Outro (2:19)
  4. Future Music (Legowelt remix) (5:59)
  5. Outro (Fantastic Man remix) (6:31)
Review: Gnork returns to UTTU for his annual DJ Shark adventure. As broken, classically-trained and timeless as ever, this time round he's treating us to three poignant pieces: "Future Music" is a white knuckle ride down early jungle lane with all the breezes and rushes you could ever ask for; "Shroomz" is led by a beautifully filtered harmonic synth tone that is nicely reminiscent of the tunes trippy title while "Outro" brings the comedown fuzz, all lush and languid. Remix-wise Legowelt opens a whole can of crazy and sprays it all over "Future Music" while Fantastic Man flips "Outro" into a pensive piece of creepy 4/4 deepness.
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The Return Trip Volume 4 (hand-stamped green vinyl 12")
Cat: BLNDTRIPP 4. Rel: 20 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Heko - "Melrose Flames"
  2. Heko - "Ethereal"
  3. Gnork - "Out There"
  4. Gnork - "Blorp93-Piano 93"
  5. Oddnipp - "Tripp 4"
Review: The warm sway of analogue synth jams abound on the latest Blind Jacks Journey release, conjuring up the kind of cosy house music that will see you through the long winter nights. Heko holds court over the A side "Melrose Flames" and "Ethereal", summoning up a healthy amount of synth-pop charm and soundtrack mystery across both jams. Gnork has a slightly more space-sighted approach on "Out There" with its wistful Detroit-esque pads and dusty drum machines, before he switches stance on "Blorp93-Piano93" with a focus on a subtly processed piano hook with little else around it. Oddnipp's "Tripp 4" takes a diversion once again, this time ending up down a spooky back road of forlorn melodic wraiths and downbeat house rhythms.
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Dream House Volume 1.4 (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: BLND 1810. Rel: 08 Jan 14
Deep House
  1. Heko - "Mercury Seven"
  2. Lock Eyes - "Living In A Cup"
  3. Marius Varied - "Artur Beach Miks"
  4. Gnork - "The Unofficial Chords Of Planet EE"
Review: From the same crew that brought us the Crown Castle Cuts series; Blind Jacks Journey arrives at its fourth and final volume which is just as eminently collectable as the editions that preceded it. French producer Heko calls shotgun with "Mercury Seven" a wonderfully uplifting slab of modern italo, all thick channelled arpeggios, heavy filtering and choppy drums that will fit snugly in any warm up set. From here the unheralded Lock Eyes transfers the mood to warm and playfully fluffy dub techno on "Living In A Cup" where a fairly straight rhythm kick is the placeholder around which all manner of interesting detail is unfurled - if Anthony Naples came from Knaresborough he might make music like this. The pastoral warmth remains on the flip where Full Pupp veteran Marius Vareid turns in a slab of blissful Nordic house with "Artur Beach Miks" whilst Hungarian producer Gnork lays down what's possibly an ode to Carl Craig's Psyche output with the ascendant charm of "The Unofficial Chords Of Planet EE".
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Blorp001 (12")
Cat: BLORP 001. Rel: 27 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. No Moon - "AoE Cutz" (6:18)
  2. Gnork - "Lose Control" (6:39)
  3. Douala - "Track 3" (6:09)
  4. S Channel - "Polar Express Pigeon" (5:31)
Review: New imprint Blorp is described by its' creators as an outlet for "dream music from outer space". It's a fairly accurate description, because the four tracks showcased on this first label sampler deliver spacey, Motor City-influenced deep house goodness in spades. No Moon opens proceedings with the gentle acid lines, reverb-heavy dream chords and undulating machine drums of "AoE Cutz", before Gnork doffs a cap to early '90s ambient house and intelligent techno with the luscious "Lose Control". Flip for Douala's "Untitled 1", a broken beat/ultra deep house hybrid that evokes memories of Neo Image's recent work for Pacific Rhythm, and the deep space sludge of S Channel's trippy "Polar Express Pigeon".
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Dream House Tropicana Volume 3 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BLNDTROP 3. Rel: 15 Dec 16
Deep House
  1. RNR - "Room Of Soul" (6:21)
  2. RNR vs Luv Jam - "Talk To Me" (6:54)
  3. Deep88 - "Acid Casio" (5:25)
  4. Gnork vs Luv Jam - "Zipppp" (5:49)
Review: Like the Rhythms of The Pacific series, the Dream House Tropicana EPs from Blind Jacks Journey giddily explore the dreamy, sun-baked potential of analogue-rich deep house. This third volume in the series continues in a similar vein, gathering together a quartet of tactile treats. We Play House regular Luv Jam makes two collaborative contributions, first hooking up with RNR on the gently fluttering bliss of "Talk To Me", before joining forces with rave-era house revivalist Gnork on the early Orbital style shuffle of "Zippp". Elsewhere, Italian deep house maestro Deep88 drops the deliciously loose and blissful "Acid Casino", and RNR goes solo with the melodious and calming "Room of Soul".
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Dream House Tropicana Volume 1 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: TROP 001. Rel: 01 Sep 16
Deep House
  1. RNR - "Moments" (7:15)
  2. RNR - "Moments Vox Tool" (0:36)
  3. Mr Fiel - "Sunset On The Moon" (6:03)
  4. Gnork x Luv Jam - "Troppppixxxx" (6:27)
  5. Jimini - "Back To Reality" (6:45)
Review: Blind Jacks Journey is a genuinely fresh and provocative UK house label that stands apart from the rest of the material coming out of the British Isles. Curiously, the name is based on John Metclaf, a famous engineer from Yorkshire who also went by the name of Blind Jack of Knaresborough, and that's exactly the sort of humorous edge that runs through the label...something that we're always find of. It's all about chilled, placid house here, and RNR drops two stellar doses of the stuff in "Moments" and "Moments Vox Tool", a pair of sensual dance scorchers that sound improvisational yet perfectly happy and balanced in their minimalism. Mr Fiel's "Sunset On The Moon" is a similar sort of lick except that here the percussion is more tribal and the sounds less solitary, but the flipside by Gnork and Luv Jam, named "Troppppixxxx", is what we would call an 'utter winner'; it's the sort of house tune with that subtle acid sway and just the right amount of balearic charm. Jimini's "Back To Reality" completes the picture with a deep and dubby missile for those after-hour sets. Tip!
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