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Polarlys (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MPIORIGINAL 001. Rel: 26 Jan 24
The Evil Eye
The Crazy Passenger
The Death Of Rue Delambre
The Two Tickets
Cornelius Vriens
Katia's Birthday
Wallets Day
Katia's Fortune
Stenberg's Nephew
Hamburg Night
Else Silberman
Intérprete: Mimi
 in stock $31.13
The Obscure Cities
Cat: BAP 194. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Galatograd (5:32)
Eden Olympia (5:47)
Remoria (5:54)
Mylos (6:00)
Review: Bordello A Parigi is back with more of their sublime electro jams this time from Heinrich Dressel. The EP kicks off with 'Galatograd', a slow and steady jam with shimmering chords and lazy baselines. 'Eden Olympia' then picks up the pace a little with still skill drums and celestial keys that take you on a jaunt through the cosmos. 'Remoria' brings many layers of lush and futuristic synth work and timeless electro rhythms that are comforting and subtly celebratory and 'Mylos' shuts down this most lovely EP with another classy sound.
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Tags: Nu Disco | Synthwave
 in stock $16.60
Lambda 2077
Cat: SLOMO 049. Rel: 09 Mar 23
Nebulosa (1:54)
Delta Twin (3:33)
CEM 8220 (3:21)
Lambda 2077 (Francisco remix) (5:10)
Arpeggio Jawa (3:34)
Lambda 2077 (2:27)
Review: Italian producer Heinrich Dressel has made a name for himself in a very focused pursuit of 70s and 80s synth wave soundtracks. Relishing in the horror and keeping one hand on the schlocky funk, he's graced the likes of Cyberdance, Strange Life and Mannequin with his Giallo-rooted sound, and now he's returning to Slow Motion with an exquisite EP of brooding, creepy crawlies that kick down low and keep it chilly up top. Paying tribute to iconic synth chips on 'CEM 8220' and exploring sweeter tones on the cascading 'Arpeggio Jawa', this is Dressel at his best.
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Intérprete: Dmitry Distant
 in stock $11.93
Giano Electronics Vol 1
Cat: GE 001. Rel: 25 Apr 23
T/Error - "Neuromancer" (5:13)
JFrank - "Premeditatio Malorum" (5:21)
Akkaelle - "Capacitor Discharge" (4:51)
Anywave - "Cfrigiancid" (5:42)
Heinrich Dressel - "A Few Thoughts Away" (5:04)
 in stock $15.83
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