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HUERTA Vinilo y CD

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Pan's Grotto Jam EP
Cat: LZR 004. Rel: 09 May 24
Deep House
Pan's Grotto Jam (6:40)
Vaquera Blues (5:43)
Reverse Mary (6:57)
CJ's Place (6:13)
Review: The super cool Leizure label is back with more super cool house, this time from US don Huerta. 'Pan's Grotto Jam' is a balmy opener that's doused in silky synth puddles and has smooth drum breaks powering it along. 'Vaquera Blues' is a little more tech-y: the drums are crisp, the synths both sci-fi and abstract yet cosmic and pensive and 'Reverse Mary' then take off with a cascading wall of bubbly synth arps and nimble bass notes. 'CJ's Place' might be the best of the lot - both dynamic and deep and packed with fresh synth sounds and alluring patterns.
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 in stock $14.51
TV Slang
Cat: RNR 001. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Humming Bird (3:12)
TV Slang (6:39)
Stutter Dub (5:05)
Deez Things (4:19)
Hang Time (4:18)
Traces (5:06)
Sylvio's Dream (6:08)
Park Dub (4:27)
Coconino (7:27)
Review: Kicking off his new R&R imprint, LA-born and Berlin-based producer Huerta brings us TV Slang - an LP which exists somewhere between rhythmic and ambient house. For the title track, woozy voice samples drift in and out of focus, existing in a space just outside of reality. 'Stutter Dub' emerges as one of the more dance-geared tracks, yet it's still decorated with the hazy sound design of the release's ambient numbers; its buffed-out environment softening the edges of Huerta's percussion. On the B-side, 'Traces' features dreamily reverberating piano chords embellished with glittering breaks. This is a highly multi-faceted release which promises to take listeners and dancers alike into a beautifully realised soundworld.
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 in stock $18.72
Keeping The Legacy Vol 3
Cat: HZO 13. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Minimal House/Tech House
Huerta - "DAYL" (5:08)
Jacksonville - "Data Log" (7:03)
Nlxlb - "Gravitate" (6:35)
100Hz - "Ggg" (6:52)
Review: Hizou Deep Rooted Music is one of those quality-assured imprints that is always well worth checking in with. This latest platter is another on that truly matters with Huerta opening up with 'DAYL' which showcases his distinctive blend of spaced-out breaks and silky tech house. Jacksonville's 'Data Log' is ahems down and deep late-night cosmic excursion and Nlxlb's 'Gravitate' keeps you afloat on mellifluous astral lines and twinkling melodic stars. 100Hz shuts down with 'Ggg', a unique mix of floating pads and barely-there rhythm that grow in stature as your journey to the certain edges of the galaxy unfolds.

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 in stock $14.51
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