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Nanocluster Vol 2
Nanocluster Vol 2 (gatefold 2x10" LP)
Cat: VWM 58LP. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Post Rock/Experimental
Immersion & Thor Harris - "As Long As" (4:50)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "Just Close Your Eyes" (3:08)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "Rotations" (4:03)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "The House Of Thor" (2:35)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "In Snow" (4:16)
Immersion & Thor Harris - "At The Wizard's House" (5:39)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "I'm Barely Here" (5:14)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "In The Universe" (3:32)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "Other Ways" (5:14)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "Not About Me" (6:35)
Immersion & Cubzoa - "Neptune" (7:20)
Review: Immersion is the epitome of collaboration. Comprising Colin Newman, of legendary UK post punk outfit Wire, and his life partner Malka Spigel, the two first came together in 1985, former producing the latter's band, and have since fallen in love and combined creative forces countless times. Growing out of their Immersion project, a series of pop up gigs took place at the Rosehill, Brighton, with a cast of influential and cutting edge musicians getting involved. Songs were written and rehearsed before each show, and an album, Nanocluster Vol.1, soon materialised. Now we have the follow up. Disc one is centred on Thor Harris, percussion doyen of Swans, while the second half refocuses our attention on Cubzoa, AKA Jack Wolter of Penelope Isles, with Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck) also involved. The result is a psyche-tinged ride through swaggering indie, dream pop, chill, and surreal rock, nodding to names from Beta Band to King of Woolworths and beyond.
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