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Jean Nipon

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Cat: CCB 12008. Rel: 13 Dec 12
  1. Put It In The Trunk
  2. Black Things On Desk
  3. 35 Thieves
Review: French imprint ClekClekBoom sew up a killer year with their final transmission of 2012, from French producer Jean Nipon. A producer already well versed in ghetto house styles with his early material for Institubes, the title track sees him engage in the same kind of vocal cut ups as fellow countryman French Fries, combining it with threadbare 808 rhythms and thundering bass weight, whilst "Black Things On Desk" and "35 Thieves" see him experimenting with the same contemporary dub techno styles as Bambounou's recent missives for 50 Weapons, delivering a clutch of deep bass-techno tools primed for the floor.
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out of stock $8.01
Cat: INS 12025. Rel: 17 Oct 08
Electro House
  1. Wild At Heart
  2. Lost In Music
  3. National Kids
Intérprete: Girls Of The Internet
out of stock $8.26
Cat: CCB 12016. Rel: 05 Nov 14
  1. Eerie ll
  2. Daydream Nation
  3. I Owe You So Much
  4. Up North
Review: Almost two years after he first appeared on Clek Clek Boom with Put It In The Trunk, the DJ, producer, all-round music connoisseur and entertainer known as Jean Nipon returns with some new material for the Paris label. There's always an element of excitement with a Nipon record as you rarely deal with anything straight forward or functional and that's certainly the case with the four tracks on Nice Seeing You. Lead track "Eerie II" has a similar sort of spectral ambience underpinned by subtle kinetic rhythm to Demdike Stare's "Repository Of Light" whilst "Daydream Nation" has the kind of lo fi crunch you'd expect on a Terekke cut. The tone gets more urgent on the flip but Nipon still retains that fossilised feel which will appeal to many selectors out there right now.
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Cat: KARAT 27. Rel: 01 Nov 06
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. AC Anthem
  2. AC Anthem (Club 84 mix)
  3. AC Anthem (Marie madeleine Bread remix)
  4. Can U Fuck Like U Dance?
Review: This release is like Prince doing the funky penguin with attitude.
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out of stock $9.30
Cat: LIES 068. Rel: 16 Dec 15
  1. Tepco Cunts (5:33)
  2. Women's Facility (Conjugal mix) (6:02)
  3. Avoid Romance (5:15)
Review: A fixture of Parisian clubbing since before the Institubes-era, Jean Nipon lands a mighty debut release on LIES with this three track 12" credited to him and The Magendie High School. If you've checked some of Nipon's recent material for ClekClekBoom you'll know this alliance with Ron Morelli's label makes perfect sense and we can only hope it's the first of several releases on LIES from the Frenchman. Provocatively titled lead track "Tepco Cunts" sounds like a beaten down and (French) touched up refix of Beau Wanzer LIES classic "Balls of Steel," whilst B-side opener "Women's Facility (Conjugal mix)" showcases a dustier side to the Nipon palette. This approach continues on the final cut "Avoid Romance" which showcases some delicious tape-warbling melodies. A great 12".
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out of stock $10.60
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Jean Nipon