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Audio Video Disco (gatefold 2xLP + CD)
Cat: BEC 5161064. Rel: 20 Oct 11
Electro House
  1. Horsepower
  2. Civilization
  3. Ohio
  4. Canon (Primo)
  5. Canon
  6. On'N'on
  7. Brianvision
  8. Parade
  9. New Lands
  10. Helix
  11. Audio, Video, Disco
  12. Horsepower
  13. Civilization
  14. Ohio
  15. Canon (Primo)
  16. Canon
  17. On'N'on
  18. Brianvision
  19. Parade
  20. New Lands
  21. Helix
  22. Audio, Video, Disco
Review: Judging by the overcrowded sweaty scenes in Dalston for the launch party of Justice's second album, the iconic French duo still retain a core number of fans - who will no doubt be eager to snap up this deluxe version of said album. Audio Video Disco comes in gatefold, silver embossed sleeve, holding both the double vinyl and CD versions of the eleven track album. Musically, this is an album that delves deeper into Gaspard and Xavier's passion for prog, marrying the jagged harshness of the 07 era when they ruled the roost with stadium sized ambition. It's probably one of this year's most divisive albums, but then Justice have always liked making a noise.
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 in stock $18.26
Woman (gatefold 2xLP (side 4 etched) + CD)
Cat: 506042 1566214. Rel: 18 Nov 16
Electro House
  1. Safe & Sound (5:41)
  2. Pleasure (4:16)
  3. Alakazam! (5:11)
  4. Fire (5:33)
  5. Stop (4:57)
  6. Chorus (7:06)
  7. Randy (6:34)
  8. Heavy Metal (4:31)
  9. Love S.O.S (5:02)
  10. Close Call (5:07)
  11. Safe & Sound
  12. Pleasure
  13. Alakazam!
  14. Fire
  15. Stop
  16. Chorus
  17. Randy
  18. Heavy Metal
  19. Love S.O.S
  20. Close Call
Review: It's easy to forget that Justice were once one of dance music's most hyped acts, gracing magazine covers and gate-crashing the pop charts with a succession of crunchy, electro-house bombs. Times may have moved on, but the Parisian duo remain big news. Woman is their first studio album for five long years, and smartly moves between quirky, radio-friendly pop and thrusting club workouts. In the latter category you'll find the spiraling, low-slung, Italo-disco-with-balls of "Alakazam", the classic Ed Banger growl of "Chorus", and the vintage Daft Punk madness of "Heavy Metal". While these are impressive, it's actually the more downtempo songs - "Love S.O.S" and the dreamy "Close Call" included - that arguably stand out.
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Cat: BEC 5772130. Rel: 27 Jul 07
Electro House
  1. Dance (Do The JAHCB) (Jackson remix)
  2. Dance (Mstrkrft remix)
  3. Dance (live version)
  4. Dance (Alan Braxe & Fred Flake remix)
Review: Because Music brings you 'Dance (remixes)'. The biggest hit of this spring from Justice gets the remix treatments from Jackson, MSTRKRFT, and the duo of Alan Braxe and Fred Falke.
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Intérprete: Elegante
 in stock $5.82
Cross (2xLP)
Cat: BEC 5772110. Rel: 22 Jun 07
Electro House
  1. Genesis
  2. Let There Be Light
  3. DANCE
  4. Newjack
  5. Phantom
  6. Phantom (part II)
  7. Valentine
  8. Tthhee Ppaarrttyy
  9. DVNO
  10. Stress
  11. Waters Of Nazareth
  12. One Minute To Midnight
 in stock $16.68
Cat: MJAZZ 21. Rel: 03 Apr 19
Drum And Bass/Jungle
  1. Fried (6:03)
  2. Late Night Sweep (8:03)
  3. Edge Of Space (5:09)
  4. Melt (5:42)
Review: The Head Hunter is back! An early jungle protagonist and consistent boundary pusher, Tony Justice returns to his less-is-more Modern Urban Jazz imprint with a brand new crop of timelessness. "Fried" sets the scene, all amen guns blazing, a gritty bass oozing like treacle beneath and cosmic arpeggios. Straight out of the book of 95, it grabs you hook, line and stinker for the rest of the EP: From the mournful synth lines and classic breaks of "Late Night Sweep", those early rave pads of "Edge Of Space" to the jungle techno style 4/4 bumps and jazzy keys of "Melt", this is top shelf material. Let's hope more is in the pipeline very soon.
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 in stock $12.44
Cat: BEC 5543462. Rel: 24 Aug 18
Electro House
  1. Safe & Sound
  2. DANCE
  3. Canon/Love SOS
  4. Genesis/Phantom
  5. Pleasure/Newjack/Civilization
  6. Heavy Metal/DVNO
  7. Stress
  8. Love SOS
  9. Alakazam !/Fire
  10. Waters Of Nazareth/We Are Your Friends/Phantom 2
  11. Chorus
  12. Audio, Video, Disco
  13. Stop
  14. Randy
  15. DANCE/Fire/Safe & Sound (bonus track)
 in stock $9.63
A Cross The Universe (CD +DVD + 44 page booklet)
Cat: BEC 5772407. Rel: 25 Nov 08
Electro House
  1. A Documentary by Justice, Romain Gavras & So-Me
  2. Intro (live in San Francisco)
  3. Genesis
  4. Phantom (part I)
  5. Phantom (part 1.5)
  6. DANCE
  7. DANCE (part II)
  8. DVNO
  9. Waters Of Nazareth (prelude)
  10. Two Minutes To Midnight
  11. Tthhee Ppaarrttyy
  12. Let There Be Lite
  13. Stress
  14. We Are Your Friends (reprise)
  15. Waters Of Nazareth
  16. Phantom (part II)
  17. Encore
  18. NY Excuse
  19. Final
 in stock $20.11
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