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Baki (Soundtrack)
Baki (Soundtrack) (gatefold red translucent vinyl 3xLP + booklet in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: WAYOV 026. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Extraordinary Strength (1:46)
Let The Battle Begin! (1:06)
Super High-Speed Dash! (1:08)
Supernatural Phenomena (1:04)
Unspeakable Fear (1:13)
Chinese Martial Arts (1:50)
Approaching Darkness (1:49)
Sikorsky The Terrible (1:42)
Crazy Spec (2:07)
Ryukoh Yanagi, The Poisoner (1:43)
Kaoru Hanayama (1:47)
The Strongest Man, Yujiro Hanma (1:50)
Disturbing Atmosphere (1:11)
Confrontation (1:05)
Time To Fight! (0:59)
Dominance (1:02)
Easy Battle (1:53)
Attack & Defense (2:02)
A Brief Respite (0:54)
Legend (1:46)
Tension (1:40)
Body (1:20)
Incredible Sights (0:48)
Defeat (1:49)
Maximum Attack (1:55)
Looming Shadow (0:41)
Baki, Theme Of Love (1:22)
Ossu Karate-Do! (1:54)
Shaolin Temple (1:25)
Jutsu User (1:09)
Assassins (1:44)
Oliva The Incredible (2:16)
Footwork (1:37)
Great Men (1:42)
Men's Frienship (1:38)
Lovers (1) (1:02)
Lovers (2) (1:33)
Mutual Feelings (2:18)
Sudden Attack (0:57)
Heartbreaking Thoughts (1:43)
Healed (2:07)
Determination (1:38)
Unknown Feeling (1:55)
Saga (2:30)
Settlement (2:18)
The Promise Of That Day (2:11)
Baki's Resurrection (1:10)
Counterattack (1:21)
Super Recovery (1:29)
History Of Chinese Martial Arts (1:41)
Observation (1:41)
Destructive Strength (1:53)
Brilliant Technique (1:11)
Transcendant Battle (1:31)
Offensive Shaori (1:40)
Overwhelming Strength (2:49)
Sea Emperor Kaku Revival (1:40)
Baki VS Alai Jr (1:13)
A Challenge To Yujiro (2:07)
Baki's Bloodlust (2:33)
Review: Baki is one of the best-selling Japanese anime and manga series of all time; the story centres on a quintessential shonen coming-of-age trope, funnelled into the character of Baki Hanma, who tirelessly trains and tests his fighting skills against a variety of different opponents in deadly hand-to-hand combat, with the ultimate hope of becoming a powerful warrior like his father. Kenji Fujisawa's original soundtrack for the anime series, now streaming on Netflix, is the perfect translation of this always-affecting theme; a whopping 60 tracks are spread across 3 vinyl discs in respective illustrated sleeves; Fujisawa's tense, eye-of-the-tiger timpani-bangers, which mesh well with NIN-style industrial rock, are perfect for the invocation of Baki's constant sense of confrontation and self-becoming. This record also comes with ane exclusive shikishi art print, as well as a four-page booklet.
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 in stock $67.74
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