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Calor Para Cuatro
Cat: STS 001. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Progressive House
DJ Gamba - "La Mode Aujourd'hui" (6:15)
Liquid Earth - "The Pressure" (5:40)
Prince De Takicardie - "Let Yo' Body Rock" (8:46)
Vince Void - "Unit Call" (4:36)
Review: Simple Times keeps it local here with four Barcelona-based producers all joining forces on one crucial EP from the Catalan capital. All four cuts are for the floor, but are never pure functional tools and all pay homage to the golden era. They also all come with hints of the 90s starting with DJ Gamba's 'La Mode Aujourd'hui', a high speed and haunting tech cut with eerie pads. Liquid Earth's 'The Pressure' while spinning you out on its nebulous eco-system of synth details and Prince De Takicardie keeps it otherworldly with the cosmic tech of 'Let Yo' Body Rock.' Vince Void's 'Unit Call' has a Gat Decor feel to the bassline that will get you up on your toes.
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 in stock $14.58
Three Dimensional Rocker
Cat: LEP 003. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Minimal/Tech House
Wizard Of Loneliness (6:25)
Three Dimensional Rocker (6:05)
Are You There? (6:20)
How Dare You (6:32)
Tags: Tech House
 in stock $15.40
Deputy Dog EP
Cat: BSU 009. Rel: 15 May 23
Minimal/Tech House
2 Tha Dance Floor (5:37)
Deputy Dog (6:30)
Rim City (6:49)
Feels So Good (As It Should) (5:10)
Review: A keystone label in the minimal and tech house world, Butter Side Up are yet to disappoint, adding another dazzling release to their collection, welcoming back Liquid Earth for 'Deputy Dog' - his second EP on the label. Exploring a sublime and spaced-out club sound, the LA-based artist is a new school mainstay, having previously appeared on the likes of renowned label Kalahari Oyster Cult and his own label project, Liquid Earth Physical. Tight punchy drums and swirling, interplanetary pads veer into view with the opening track '2 Tha Dance Floor'. Next up, the title track 'Deputy Dog' arrives as a wonky counterpart with bleeping and squeaking modulated beats dancing over a full-bodied bassline. On the flip side, 'Rim City' touches on a West Coast house sound with funk-infused chords and energetic, driving drums. Closing things up, 'Feels So Good (As It Should)' loosens things up, flowing between shimmering cymbals and a delicate, vapour-like synth melody, punctuating the track at points and then swerving out of view at other moments. A wonderfully varied release from a do-no-wrong label and an up-and-coming producer to get excited about.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $15.40
The Breakdown EP
Cat: LEP 002. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Minimal/Tech House
The Breakdown (Charms Of Gaia mix) (6:52)
The Breakdown (Trips & Skips mix) (6:54)
The Closer (5:40)
Cobblestone Stomper (5:54)
Review: Liquid Earth is an alias of new school underground house hero Urulu and he's dropped fine beats on Kalahari Oyster Cult, Butter Side up and Small Hours. He has also recently started his own self-titled label which is where he arrives now with four more fresh and well-infused cuts of spaced-out breaks, electro, house and minimal. This one starts with 'The Breakdown' (Charms Of Gaia mix) which has fast-paced trance-techno overtones. The Trips & Skips mix of the same tune is more dark and on the flip are the whacked-out acid-laced breakbeats of 'The Closer' and 'Cobblestone Stomper,' a white knuckle tech house thriller.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $11.87
Scope Zone
Cat: OYSTER 36. Rel: 29 Oct 21
Deep House
Scope Zone (7:34)
Scope Zone (Youandewan remix) (4:51)
Review: Liquid Earth is another alias for the cult underground house beat maker Urulu and here he lands on Kalahari Oyster Cult with another fine bit of futurist house. 'Scope Zone' is a great meeting point between cosmic synth work, spaced out breaks and retro house action. It's got a fat bassline that powers it onwards and some mice subtle prog melody. On the reverse is a Youandewan remix from the Berlin based Brit who is in superb form right now. He smooths things out, keeps the bounce and heads for the stars. A tidy two tracker for sure.
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Intérprete: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $14.31
Nuances De Nuit Vol 12
Cat: NUIT 012. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Deep House
Liquid Earth - "Poly Enamel" (5:51)
Man/Ipulate - "Cosmic Tea" (5:41)
Robin Graham - "2 Da Rhythm" (6:57)
Basement Space - "Tuskien Raider" (6:03)
Review: Nuances De Nuit offers up some nuance de groove here with four supremely tasteful house cuts from some of the freshest names in the game. Liquid Earth opens up with some on-point beats on 'Poly Enamel' that come topped with retro stabs and sleek pads. Man/Ipulate' 'Cosmic Tea' taps into old school Italo and dream house vibes with the feathery drums and snares and nice soft focus chords. Robin Graham's '2 Da Rhythm' brings a little more of a prickly edge and some textured, spaced out pads over kinetic tech beats. Basement Space's 'Tuskien Raider' shuts down with a little playful melodic charm.
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 in stock $14.58
Cat: SMALLHOURS 006. Rel: 10 Nov 22
Minimal/Tech House
Velvet Velour - "Show You The Door" (5:51)
Liquid Earth - "Gummo Hardrive" (instrumental) (6:15)
The Honda Boys - "Funghi Pie" (5:51)
Dreaming Mind - "Mid-Bozz" (6:53)
Review: Small Hours from the Berlin-based Brit Youandewan is a young and already cult label that does things well, if not fast. Yet here we get a second EP in quick succession with the sixth outing again offering up four vital names from the house and tech underground. Velvet Velour opens up with squelchy, funky bass on 'Show You The Door' before Liquid Earth melts the mind with impossibly bendy synths and stiff drums on 'Gummo Hardrive.' Flip this 12" over and you'll find some cosmic tech in the form of The Honda Boys's 'Funghi Pie' and gurgling, gritty, metallic deep space house from Dreaming Mind who offers up 'Mid-Bozz.' Top tackle for sure.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $13.51
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