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Little Dragon

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Cat: PFG 134. Rel: 27 Aug 09
  1. A New
  2. Looking Glass
  3. My Step
  4. Feather
  5. Thunder Love
  6. Never Never
  7. Runabout
  8. Swimming
  9. Blinking Pigs
  10. Come Home
  11. Fortune
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Cat: PFG 150. Rel: 28 Jul 11
  1. Ritual Union
  2. Little Man
  3. Brush The Heat
  4. Shuffle A Dream
  5. Please Turn
  6. Crypstalfilm
  7. Precious
  8. Nightlight
  9. Summertearz
  10. When I Go Out
  11. Seconds
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Cat: ZEN 12496. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Lover Chanting (5:28)
  2. In My House (5:53)
  3. Timothy (3:49)
Review: After a brief dalliance with Because Music, Little Dragon signed to Ninja Tune earlier in the year. "Lover Chanting" is the popular combo's first EP for Coldcut's venerable imprint, following a single-track hook up with BADBADNOTGOOD earlier in the year. Title track "Lover Chanting" is a killer chunk of reggae-tinged synth-pop/disco-pop fusion, with singer Yukimi Nagano providing a strong, ear-catching vocal that will lodge itself in your consciousness and stay there for weeks. Elsewhere, "In My House" is a sultry, off-kilter trip into heavily electronic deep house territory - albeit with some suitably Balearic flourishes and a pop-tinged vocal - while "Timothy" is a whistling voyage through wonky '80s soul/R&B pastures.
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Cat: PFG 110. Rel: 22 Nov 07
  1. Twice
  2. Turn Left
  3. No Love
  4. Recommendation
  5. Constant Surprises
  6. Forever
  7. After The Rain
  8. Place To Belong
  9. Stormy Weather
  10. Test
  11. Wink
  12. Scribbled Paper
Review: Gothenburg, Sweden, is a hotbed of diverse and escalating musical talent, now boasting the dynamic, organically soulful pop sounds of Little Dragon. Featuring radiant vocalist Yukimi Nagano and her close high school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrick Kallgren (bass) and Hakan Wirenstrand (keyboards), Little Dragon stepped into the spotlight with releases on Peacefrog. "Little Dragon" is their debut album.
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Intérprete: M50, Benji B Playlists
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Season High (gatefold LP + CD + insert)
Cat: BEC 5156852. Rel: 30 Jun 17
  1. Celebrate (feat Agge) (3:55)
  2. High (4:16)
  3. The Pop Life (3:37)
  4. Sweet (3:36)
  5. Butterflies (5:49)
  6. Should I (2:57)
  7. Don't Cry (4:15)
  8. Strobe Light (3:45)
  9. Push (3:07)
  10. Gravity (7:31)
  11. Celebrate (feat Agge)
  12. High
  13. The Pop Life
  14. Sweet
  15. Butterflies
  16. Should I
  17. Don't Cry
  18. Strobe Light
  19. Push
  20. Gravity
Review: It's been a while since we last heard from Swedish combo Little Dragon. Aside from a few remix singles, they've not released anything of note since acclaimed 2014 full-length Nabuma Rubberband. While that set was apparently something of a struggle to complete, Season High - their fifth album in total - feels spontaneous and life affirming. With James Ford handling production duties, the album offers a gleeful romp through hook-laden, high quality synth pop with nods to the likes of Prince, Pet Shop Boys and Janet Jackson along the way. Of course, there are a few chunks of skewed electronica thrown in to mix things up, but these are nowhere near as thrilling as their unashamed pop works.
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Nabuma Rubberband (180 gram vinyl LP + CD)
Cat: BEC 5161771. Rel: 10 May 14
  1. Mirror
  2. Klapp Klapp
  3. Pretty Girls
  4. Underbart
  5. Cat Rider
  6. Paris
  7. Lurad
  8. Nabuma Rubberband
  9. Only One
  10. Killing Me
  11. Pink Cloud
  12. Let Go
  13. Mirror
  14. Klapp Klapp
  15. Pretty Girls
  16. Underbart
  17. Cat Rider
  18. Paris
  19. Lurad
  20. Nabuma Rubberband
  21. Only One
  22. Killing Me
  23. Pink Cloud
  24. Let Go
 in stock $18.67
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Little Dragon
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