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LOSCIL Vinilo y CD

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Cat: KRANK 229CD. Rel: 02 Nov 20
Black Tusk
Stave Peak
Brohm Ridge
Goat Mountain
Black Tusk (Descent)
Review: Second time around for Scott Morgan AKA Loscil's seventh album, Coast/range/arc, which first hit record stores way back in 2011. It's an album worth revisiting - or checking for the first time, for that matter - since it offers a near perfect distillation of the ambient producer and sound artist's now trademark sound. Full of beautiful, icy and slowly unfurling compositions that tend towards the meditative, the set is notable for Morgan's seemingly innate ability to craft immersive soundscapes out of a mixture of hazy drone textures, gaseous electronic chords, soft-touch melodies, atmospheric field recordings and simmer, near cinematic musical movements. This reissue also includes the previously unheard 'Black Tusk (Descent)', a deliciously woozy piece of Biosphere-esque arctic ambience.
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 in stock $13.49
Cat: KRANK 221LP. Rel: 13 Aug 19
Equivalent 1 (7:09)
Equivalent 3 (7:15)
Equivalent 6 (6:44)
Equivalent 5 (4:15)
Equivalent 2 (7:54)
Equivalent 8 (3:25)
Equivalent 7 (feat Secret Pyramid) (6:33)
Equivalent 4 (7:50)
Review: Since joining the label at the turn of the millennium, Scott Morgan AKA Loscil has become one of the admirably experimental imprint's most prolific artists. "Equivalents" is Morgan's ninth album for the label and sees him offer up eight meditations on a hazy, spaced-out theme. It's a slow-burn affair, where processed melodic elements, held-note chords and drone style aural textures slowly move across the sound space. It's a formula that guarantees goodness from start to finish, with the pulsing "Equivalent 3", ghostly "Equivalent 6", Mr Cloudy-esque "Equivalent 2" and the becalmed and poignant "Equivalent 8" standing out.
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 in stock $28.29
Colours Of Air
Cat: KRANK 236LP. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Cyan (6:11)
Aqua (4:23)
Yellow (5:02)
Grey (4:08)
Black (8:28)
Pink (6:14)
Violet (6:10)
Gold (7:06)
Magenta (8:00)
Review: Heavyweight ambient partnerships don't come much bigger than Lawrence English and Loscil, who pool their considerable resources into this majestic album for Kranky. If you're familiar with Loscil's shimmering, sweetly synthetic sound, you'll be very happy with the grandiose blooms of undulating colour bleeding out of 'Cyan', while English's affinity for subtlety comes to the fore on 'Aqua'. The approach for the album was centred around a century-old pipe organ at the Old Museum in Brisbane, but of course there's been a lot of work done on the original sound sources. There's no great tussle between the respective artists - their sound practices merge beautifully, rendering an essential addition to both of their considerable catalogues.
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 in stock $39.96
Colours Of Air
Cat: KRANK 236. Rel: 06 Feb 23
Review: Lawrence English's album Colours of Air on Kranky finds him hooking up with fellow composer loscil aka Scott Morgan. The pair find a perfect sweet spot between their respective backgrounds as they work up absorbing ambient sounds from a collection of recordings of a century-old pipe organ that lives in the Old Museum in Brisbane, Australia. The source recordings were then processed, transformed, and elevated into these absorbing soundscapes where timbre, spatial fluctuation and swelling drones all sweep you off your feet. It is a truly original and captivating piece of work.
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 in stock $15.56
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