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MAGGIO Vinilo y CD

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The Sound Of Garden Vol 2 Part 2
Cat: CPSLS 002PART2. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Minimal House/Tech House
Lee Burton - "Amino" (6:14)
Maggio - "Rolling Phunk" (5:58)
Jamhar, Franko Lopez - "Lost Act" (7:00)
Matteo Point - "Great Weekend" (6:50)
Review: After the first volume went down so well it's no wonder we now get treated to The Sound Of Garden Vol 2 Part 2. This various artist affair comes right from the cutting edge of minimal house and tech with Lee Burton opening up in bold, strident, bouncy fashion as he allows zippy acid to flash about his full-bodied beats. Maggio's 'Rolling Phunk' is just that - perfect effective rhythms with machine soul. Jamhar and Franko Lopez then combine for 'Lost Act' which brings more undulating drums and techno-leaning synths before closer Matteo Point shuts down with the future-facing prog pomp of 'Great Weekend.'
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 in stock $13.50
CPSL 005
CPSL 005 (12")
Cat: CPSL 005. Rel: 24 Jul 23
Minimal House/Tech House
Discoline (7:48)
Vertigo (6:01)
Outer Space (6:42)
Discoline (remix) (6:52)
Review: Venetian club and label Caposile are back in action with their fifth release of sleek and sophisticated minimal tech house following on from their excellent two-part The Sound Of Garden compilation series. This time around they're presenting the joint efforts of Maggio and Vitess, who pour considerable flair into their particular strain of 4/4 dancefloor delights. There's a strong melodic, synth-rich thread running through all these tracks, at times teetering towards the trance tech-house movement but retaining a little more house-spirited funk with some redolent disco influences on top. With a variety of keys to suit any emotional needs your set may have, this is another sure shot from one of the prime labels operating out of Venice.
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 in stock $17.27
The Sound Of Garden Selection Vol I
Cat: CPSLS 001PART1. Rel: 25 May 23
Minimal House/Tech House
Super Moon - "I Can Help" (7:15)
Maggio - "Just Landed" (6:39)
Yaar Ku - "Wuisper " (5:55)
Silat Beksi - "Jaho" (8:02)
Review: Leading the way for minimal sounds in their hometown of Venice, Caposile present the second volume of their The Sound Of Garden series with another four high-quality workouts aiming at the subtler kind of dancefloor. Mihai Pol is up first with 'Sugar Rush', a trippy delight with bouncy bass and shimmering synths garnished with an iconic sample. Francesco Maddalena ups the tempo and creates a swirling dream of garage house-meets-jazzy ambient that should grease up the dancers a treat. Giuliano Lomonte locks in for a heady ride through gated chords and teasing patterns with elegance at their core, and Sublee drops something rougher with the old-skool stylings of 'Day Six', a boxy jam that would sound right at home on Nu Groove.
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Tags: Minimal
 in stock $18.35
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