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Watergate 28 EP 2
Watergate 28 EP 2 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: WGVINYL 94. Rel: 12 Oct 22
Funky/Club House
Biesmans & Mathew Jonson - "Quantum Computing" (6:11)
Biesmans & Mala Ika - "Creme Brulee" (6:12)
Biesmans & Tomthebomb - "Shock Therapy" (5:14)
Biesmans & Johannes Albert - "Luft" (6:47)
Biesmans & Kid Simius - "Me Gusta Acid" (5:45)
Biesmans - "Hipster Paradise" (6:11)
Review: On his contribution to Watergate's mix series, Biesmans has decided to showcase his own tracks, and mostly a dizzying array of previously unheard collaborations with some seriously talented producers. It makes sense then that the German imprint has decided to show off the best of these across two vinyl samplers, of which this is the second. It's a great collection all told, with opener 'Quantum Computing' - a bumping piano-house hook-up with one of his musical heroes, Mathew Jonson - and the effortlessly funky nu-disco workout 'Me Gusta Acid', co-produced by Kid Simius, standing out. Elsewhere, solo cut 'Hipster Paradise' and Johannes Albert collaboration 'Luft' are also well worth a listen.
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 in stock $13.76
Cat: VQ 086. Rel: 08 Mar 23
Minimal House/Tech House
Mathew Jonson - "These Tears" (8:00)
Cesar Merveille - "Decennium" (7:44)
Gianluca Pegoiani - "Wonder Wheel" (8:27)
Vinyl Speed Adjust - "Dirty Pathways" (6:54)
Review: For a couple of years a decade or so ago Visionquest was a DJ collective and label that ruled the world. In the time since it has sunk back to the shadows, regrouped and come back as another vital force in the underground. This EP brings together a wealth of real talents not least the one and only synth wizard Mathew Jonson who opens up with the artful sounds of 'These Tears.' Cesar Merveille's 'Decennium' then gets wonky with tightly coiled minimal drums overlaid with pensive chords. On the flipside 'Wonder Wheel' gets a little more eerie and trippy with hunting keys leading you down a late-night maze and 'Dirty Pathways' from Vinyl Speed Adjust layering up the deft synths and airy rhythms.
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 in stock $17.20
Cyclops (The Remixes)
Cat: SMR 36. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Deep House
Cyclops (10:45)
Cyclops (Tim Green remix) (8:03)
Cyclops (Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos remix) (7:00)
Cyclops (Volen Sentir & Izhevski remix) (8:10)
Cyclops (Makebo remix) (8:30)
Cyclops (Tibi Dabo remix) (7:02)
Review: Mathew Jonson and Quenum's modern classic 'Cyclops' is the title track from last year's album of the same name. It is elegant, synth-laden techno and the original gets included here - it's a poly-rhythmic affair with ghostly, wordless vocals, rubbery bass and multi-layered synths that never stops moving. Tim Green offers a dream deep house remix, Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos go for something dubby and cavernous, Volen Sentir & Izhevski lighten up the mood and make it a perfectly dreamy day-time dancer and Makebo brings the Afro vibes. Tibi Dabo reworks things for late-night dance floors but keeps the mystic synth work.
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 in stock $29.64
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