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MATO Vinilo y CD

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Mato
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Summer Madness (reissue)
Cat: STIX 054. Rel: 06 Sep 21
Summer Madness (3:19)
Use Me (3:39)
Review: Stix Records is the sub-label of superb French outlet Favorite Recordings, and it is reserved for heavy dub cuts. This one finds label regular Mato reworking a classic reggae roller first written by Kool & The Gang. His gorgeous version is perfect for hot summer nights with its languid Fender Rhodes leads and sun kissed beats. It's loved up and perfectly, frankly. On the flip is a reggae rework of Bill Withers', who is sadly no long with us, 'Use Me,' repackaged with a playful harmonica lead and more grinding chords over the gently tumbling beats.
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 in stock $12.72
T Stands For Trouble Dub
Cat: STIX 044. Rel: 21 Mar 16
T Stands For Trouble (dub) (3:19)
Enter The Dragon (dub version) (2:14)
 in stock $8.82
Baby Come Back
Cat: STIX 061. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Reggae Classics/Ska
Baby Come Back (Mato Mellow Reggae mix) (4:16)
Baby Come Back (Mato dub version) (4:16)
Review: Stix Records, a sub-label of Favorite Recordings, presents the second release from its new Mellow Reggae Series project. Launched earlier this year by Mato & Ethel Lindsey, with a stunning cover of the famous 'What You Won't Do For Love' by Bobby Caldwell, the series continues with the same duo, now taking over 'Baby Come Back', the underground AOR/Blue-Eyed-Soul classic from The Player. Like he always does, Mato delivers an outstanding version, delighting us with his matchless skills for dub production. Already matching on Bobby Caldwell's rendition, Ethel Lindsey ensures yet again the perfect vocals over Mato's production.
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Intérprete: Charles Maurice
 in stock $15.31
What You Won't Do For Love
Cat: STIX 059. Rel: 17 May 23
Reggae Classics/Ska
What You Won't Do For Love (Mato Mellow Reggae mix) (4:03)
What You Won't Do For Love (Mato dub version) (4:03)
Review: Thomas Blanchot has been casting a spell with his sun-soaked reggae renditions as Mato for a long time now. He's back on his regular stomping ground of Stix with a beautiful version of Roy Ayers' evergreen 'What You Won't Do For Love', with Ethel Lindsey taking on the role as singer to complement Blanchot's sweet and easy riddim. It's a tune primed to greet the warmer weather, staying faithful to the original while giving it a fresh spin. As well as the full vocal version on the A-side, we know full well you're going to love flipping it over for the consummate dub version on the B-side.
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 in stock $15.31
You Can't Turn Me Away
Cat: STIX 062. Rel: 15 Mar 24
Reggae Classics/Ska
You Can't Turn Me Away (Mato Mellow Reggae mix) (3:53)
You Can't Turn Me Away (Mato dub version) (3:54)
Review: Thomas Blanchot aka Mato's love for reggae runs deep. His love for soul music is just as equal. So, what should a producer do who enjoys making original music but also enjoys the art of sampling? Use both! Known for creating reggae/dub versions and then using popular lyrics sung by a guest vocalist over the top of them, giving the original versions a new life and sometimes, a completely different feeling, in some ways working even better than the original. Here, Mato takes the 1981 hit by Sylvia Striplin 'You Can't Turn Me Away' and a super laid back reggae rhythm underneath as a base. And it works so well. Complete with the dub version for the DJs. Sit back and relax to these interesting examples of a stylish way to take mashups to a different higher level.
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 in stock $15.05
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