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  1. Dave Graw - "The Potter Becomes His Pot" (part 1 - edit) (4:58)
  2. Seth Carter & Raybone Jones - "Moonzilla" (6:09)
  3. Mgun - "Going" (Sooped Up version) (5:47)
  4. Mark Flash - "Detroit Deluxe" (6:51)
  5. Remote Viewing Party - "Up Thing" (5:57)
  6. Gari Romalis - "Get It Up" (Sentinal Building mix) (6:55)
Intérprete: Blair French
out of stock $16.64
Cat: DBA 009. Rel: 29 Nov 12
Deep House
  1. Let Conversation Take Place
  2. Gas Chamber
  3. Westerns
  4. Files React
Review: Manuel Gonzalez's status as something of an unearthed gem in the Detroit scene won't stay the same for much longer. Previously touring with Underground Resistance, Gonzales has already served up one of our favourite records of 2012 with The Harmnear EP on Wild Oats under the adopted M GUN banner, and precedes a debut on The Trilogy Tapes with this excellent induction on breakthrough London label Don't Be Afraid. The Upstairs Apt EP showcases his evolving style, dropping four tracks that glide between strung-out house ("Let Conversation Take Place") and decaying, virulent electro ("Gas Chamber") with ease. There's a healthy amount of homespun charm to these decidedly unpolished tracks, as the wobbly machines jerk to Gonzalez's whims and carve him an unpredictable space in the Motor City scene.
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Cat: TTT 007. Rel: 28 Dec 12
  1. 2
  2. Walk With Me
  3. The Race
  4. Flutters Brother
  5. Shamen
  6. Tiles
Review: The final release of the year on Will Bankhead's excellent label The Trilogy Tapes comes from Detroit-based producer M GUN. The man otherwise known as Manuel Gonzales has already impressed us in 2012 with 12?s for Wild Oats and Don't Be Afraid, The Near Future EP is possibly our favourite release from the producer yet. Those expecting the kind of raw Detroit techno he's become known for will be all over tracks like the deep mid-tempo cosmics of "2?, the rippling percussion and growling bassline of "The Race" and the tracky Millsian jack of "Tiles", but the real surprises come in the form of "Walk With Me", an edit of what sounds like some dusty 60s psychedelia, and "Flutter's Brother", a track which sounds like a knackered, decayed old Green Velvet demo.
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out of stock $10.35
Blunt Run (limited 12")
Cat: BH 003. Rel: 06 Sep 13
  1. Blunt Run
  2. Lazer Jam
out of stock $9.35
Cat: 3EEP2013 10. Rel: 20 Nov 13
  1. Extort
  2. Mean While
  3. Fiber
  4. Mask
  5. Taft
Review: Manuel Gonzalez has put out a diverse range of music, but this release for Third Ear is his most out there venture to date. "Fiber" is little more than a series of pitch-shifting tones, held together in the loosest sense by jarring rhythms, while "Meanwhile" is more subdued, its dubby beats seeing Gonzalez at his most laid back. The other tracks sit at opposing ends of the US producer's sound palette: "Extort" is a grainy banger, its rolling drums and stomping beats sitting somewhere between Omar S and Purposemaker, while "Mask" is a beautiful house groove, its chiming melodies unfolding over a fragile rhythm.
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out of stock $8.84
Cat: DBA 012. Rel: 13 Jun 13
  1. Hand Over Fifth
  2. Proxy
  3. Funnel Vision
  4. Jijijijij$ijijijiji
  5. Tritan
  6. Bean Chirp
Review: Since his emergence on Wild Oats collaborating with Kyle Hall as NSNT PRJCT, Manuel Gonzales has impressed under the MGUN moniker across a string of releases for the likes of Don't Be Afraid and Will Bankhead's The Trilogy Tapes. His return to the former with Are You Reading This is a hefty six tracks deep, and allows him the space for an expansive portrayal of the MGUN production palette with excellent results. Demented moments such as the rickety rhythms of opening track "Hand Over Fifth" and the unpronounceable exercise in tape screeching boom bap that is "Jijijijij$ijijijiji" sit next to clubbier arrangements like "Proxy" and the almost Berghain-like "Funnel Vision", but it's "Tritan" and "Bean Chirp", tracks with similarities to his aforementioned Kyle Hall collaboration, albeit moistened with wet reverb, dribbling acid and washy synths, that evoke a more classic Detroit style, albeit in his own unique way. Highly recommended stuff all round.
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out of stock $8.06
Resin EP (12")
Cat: DBA 015. Rel: 06 Mar 14
  1. Asssumptions
  2. Funkshun
  3. Migraine
  4. Flutter
  5. In The Road
  6. 90 Sumtin
Review: Since his breakout solo debut as MGUN on Wild Oats with the psychedelically charged Harmnear back in early 2012, Detroit's Manuel Gonzales has found a place for himself among the current crop of talent from the Mid West's techno capital with a prolific production rate that's seemingly too much for labels to keep up with. Operating at the more abrasive end of the techno scale, Gonzales nonetheless has exhibited a keen understanding of Detroit's music heritage across a killer run of records for Semtek's increasingly influential Don't Be Afraid, The Trilogy Tapes, Berceuse Heroique and the Third Ear label. Having most recently rubbed shoulders with Jamal Moss on Pangaea's excellent mix CD for Fabric, MGUN now graces the Don't Be Afraid label for a third time with the Resin EP. Some six tracks deep, this EP sees Gonzales occasionally dip into the experimental style taken on his Savant side project - see opener "Assumptions" which could almost be from a Minimal Wave reissue - but there is still plenty of gritty techno here for the heads, "In The Road" is particularly apocalyptic.
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out of stock $7.54
MGUN EP (12")
Cat: FIT 011. Rel: 25 Jul 14
  1. Wide Eye
  2. Debit
  3. MSC
Review: Though he first appeared on Wild Oats as part of NSNT PRJCT back in 2010, the music Manuel Gonzales produces as MGUN has largely surfaced on labels outside of his hometown of Detroit, with Don't Be Afraid, Berceuse Heroique and The Trilogy Tapes among them. His arrival on Aaron Siegel's Fit Sounds label is most welcome then; with the 3 track self titled EP proving further compelling evidence that Gonzales is becoming one of Detroit's current greats. There's a marauding nature to the bassline and rhythms in "Wide Eye" that will appeal to Jamal Moss fans, whilst "Debit" drags you down a gnarly acid rabbit hole. It's the B Side cut that really impresses however, with "MSC" seemingly embracing some of the experimental urges Gonzales has when recording material under the Savant guise with some truly atmospheric results.
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Gentium (2xLP)
Cat: DBALP 001. Rel: 07 Apr 16
  1. Pok (5:08)
  2. Half Past 3 (8:30)
  3. Don't Hurt Yo Self (4:53)
  4. Past Due (9:13)
  5. Bed & Breakfast (6:02)
  6. NVR (7:08)
  7. Veyra (9:12)
  8. Nobs (3:20)
Review: Given Don't Be Afraid's long relationship with Manuel 'M Gun' Gonzales, it's pleasing to see Semtek's label releasing the Detroit producer's long-awaited debut album. Predictably, it's a fine set, containing a mix of far-out techno throbbers - the hypnotic, piano-laden alien funk of "Half Past 3", fuzzy "Past Due", and classic Derrick May revivalism of "Bed & Breakfast" - dusty electro jams (the brilliant "NVR"), and more experimental downtempo fare (see the bass-heavy, dubbed-out "Nobs" and jazzy opener "Pok"). While it arguably takes mutiple listens to really peel back the layers and get your head round Gonzalez's impressive use of textures, it's more than worth the effort. Put simply, Gentium more than delivers on its' promise.
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out of stock $14.56
The Nerve (12")
Cat: FP 002. Rel: 11 Mar 19
  1. The Nerve (7:07)
  2. Snap In (6:15)
  3. Intent (4:06)
Review: For the second release on Futurepast, MGUN aka Manuel Gonzales offers a fresh take on his Detroit roots with three tracks that escape the usual categories. No two subsequent bars are identical, simultaneously reflecting and satisfying our curiosity. Gritty drums and panned-out synth sequences in "The Nerve" result in a suspenseful yet unmistakably energizing step. "Snap In", with its funky, reverb-soaked highs and hefty breakbeat, demonstrates MGUN's talent for folding in his electro and hip-hop influences. "Intent" recalls a dreamy, vintage slideshow projector, misplaced memories lining up in a heartfelt procession. Each track taps into an elemental feeling within, fitting well into Futurepast's time-traveling vision.
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Axiom (2xLP + 7")
Cat: DBALP 004. Rel: 31 May 18
  1. You Inside Me (6:10)
  2. K Art W Heel (5:00)
  3. Nichrome (7:42)
  4. Sil (8:24)
  5. See It For Myself (0:37)
  6. She Finna Blow (5:14)
  7. 359 (7:35)
  8. Hole (3:59)
  9. Your Never Home (8:25)
  10. Vap (1:43)
  11. Cancel (6:40)
  12. Sift (9:08)
  13. Track 13 (3:01)
  14. Track 14 (3:21)
Review: It now feels like a long time ago since Detroit's Manuel Gonzales aka M GUN first released his debut EP for London's The Trilogy Tapes. That release is, of course, still a blinding classic in our opinions but, since then, the electronic music producer has visited many facets of house, techno, and beyond, leading him all the way to this second album for Semtek's Don't Be Afraid, entitled Axiom. With a double LP + 7" format at his disposal, M Gun explores mamy different narratives of the music that he has evidently been exposed to from a lifetime in Detroit and, for this reason, the album remains largely genre-free. The pulse behind the majority of the tracks is undoubtedly techno in mind-set, but there are many moments on here, such as "Sil" or "Hole", that take this way beyond the dancefloor and onto something more timeless. A beautiful cacophony of extraneous electronic sounds. Yes, Manuel.
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 in stock $16.45
Cat: BAKK 003. Rel: 04 Dec 14
  1. Mgun - "Diet Research"
  2. Halvtrak - "Imaginary Water"
Review: Emerging out of the Hague scene and affiliated to Intergalactic FM, Bakk has already offered up some impressive techno split 12"s featuring the likes of Legowelt and Aurora Halal. This time around Don't Be Afraid types MGUN and Halvtrak get a go at a side each, with the former creating his usual stir of emotions with a sharply angled and resolutely adventurous twist on dub techno as spat out by ungrateful machines. Halvtrak has a smoother confection to offer, although there is still an abundance of tumbling drum machine action in amidst the plush pools of melody that make up "Imaginary Water".
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out of stock $8.06
Work (12")
Cat: DBA 0155. Rel: 10 Jul 14
  1. The Room Below - "Work"
  2. Mgun - "Risque"
  3. Ali King - "Session 24"
  4. Deep88 - "Sunday Morning"
out of stock $8.06
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