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Mika Vainio

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Mika Vainio

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The Heat Equation
The Heat Equation (CD + 100 page hard-back book + postcard)
Cat: CODEX 2. Rel: 31 Oct 19
  1. Track 1 (live)
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
Review: This is something of a treat for fans of the late, great Mika Vainio. It's a book and CD combination that was first discussed by Vainio and photographer Josephine Michel in 2017. The book contains 100 pages of artful, close-up photos of "quasi-scientific imagery" that Michel took following discussions with Vainio before he passed away. The accompanying CD is icy, pulsing and abstract and provides a surprisingly fitting accompaniment. It's a recording of a particularly potent set that Vainio performed at ContraPop in Ramsgate in 2016. The label claims it's as good as anything the Finnish experimentalist released during his lifetime. While that's a bold claim, it's certainly very impressive.
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MTV 15.05.63 - 12.04.2017
MTV 15.05.63 - 12.04.2017 (hardback book + CD)
Cat: 733027 Rel: 21 Jun 19
Limited deluxe hardback book with CD of previously unreleased material
Notes: 260 page, full colour, hardback book full of previously unseen photographs from Mika Vainio's archive and the Vainio family scrapbook, plus contributions from his musical associates, friends and family, unseen texts, a full discography of everything Vainio ever released on his own and in collaboration with others and much much more - including a CD of previously unreleased material.

The book contains a heart-wrenching collection of photographs from the Vainio family archive, a broad range of artistic contributions (text, photographic and visual remembrances) from Mika's artist friends and collaborators, an Updated and exhaustive Mika discography, Jennifer Lucy Allen's unedited transcript for her The Wire magazine 2013 "Invisible Jukebox' - one of Mika's most animated media responses, a variety of Pansonic ephemera from Paul Smith's own Blast First archives, and an album length exclusive CD of previously unreleased Pansonic performance recordings - "Turku Moai - live on Rapa Nui"."
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Kiteet (CD)
Cat: ARC 2. Rel: 27 Nov 20
coming soon $12.75
Arc 1
Arc 1 (12'')
Cat: MVARC 1. Rel: 04 Jul 19
  1. Ambient City 1994 (part 1) (20:12)
  2. Ambient City 1994 (part 2) (13:15)
Review: Sahko has decided to offer up a series of releases focusing on choice unreleased works from the late, great Mika Vainio's archives. The first, "Arc 1", showcases a 32-minute piece (here split into two parts to fit on one record) originally recorded in 1994 for his Ambient City radio project at Helsinki's Museum of Contemporary Art. It's a sparse, stripped back affair, with Vainio alternating between drowsy, elongated ambient chords, crackling drones, fuzzy white noise, doom-laden tones, creepy sonic movements and hushed moments of intense electronic bliss. It's not Vainio's most blissful work, but it is hugely enjoyable; an experimental ambient journey that's arguably darker and more unsettling than many of his records as O.
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Live 2002
Live 2002 (CD)
Cat: N 0431. Rel: 19 Jan 18
  1. Movements 1
  2. Movements 2
  3. Movements 3
  4. Movements 4
  5. Movements 5
  6. Movements 6
  7. Movements 7
  8. Movements 8
  9. Movements 9
  10. Movements 10
  11. Movements 11
Review: While many experimentalists are still coming to terms with the death of the late, great producer and live performer Mika Vainio, his spirit lives on via occasional archival releases. This latest one is particularly special, as it presents a rare live recording - apparently the only one in existence - of Vainio's three-way collaboration with fellow electronic minimalists Ryoji Ikeda and Alvo Noto. Across 11 movements, the trio thrilling moves through droning ambient, Autechre-ish re-imaginings of Jamaican dancehall rhythms, concrete-clad electro and pulsating abstract techno, before returning to where they began. It's a dizzying and hugely enjoyable journey that somehow gets the perfect balance each of the contributor's trademark style.
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 in stock $16.55
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Mika Vainio
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