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Cat: IF 1014LP. Rel: 13 Apr 11
  1. Sangre Y Mateo
  2. Hugo I
  3. Hugo II
  4. Eugenio I
  5. Eugenio II
  6. Eugenio III
  7. Eugenio IV
  8. Paloma I
  9. Paloma II
  10. Paloma III
  11. Paloma IV
  12. Paloma V
  13. Soriano I
  14. Soriano II
  15. Isaias I
  16. Soriano III
  17. Isaias II
  18. Isaias III
  19. Isaias IV
  20. Como Quisiera Decirte (Los Angeles Negros) (Murcof mix)
  21. Sangre Y Mateo
  22. Hugo I
  23. Hugo II
  24. Eugenio I
  25. Eugenio II
  26. Eugenio III
  27. Eugenio IV
  28. Paloma I
  29. Paloma II
  30. Paloma III
  31. Paloma IV
  32. Paloma V
  33. Soriano I
  34. Soriano II
  35. Isaias I
  36. Soriano III
  37. Isaias II
  38. Isaias III
  39. Isaias IV
  40. Como Quisiera Decirte (Los Angeles Negros) (Murcof mix)
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Cat: BAY 47CD. Rel: 30 Sep 05
  1. Recuerdos
  2. Razon (En 3 Partes)
  3. Retrato
  4. Rostro
  5. Ruido
  6. Reflejo
  7. Resignacion
  8. Rios
  9. Camino
Review: When Fernando Corona's era-defining debut album "Martes" in 2002 it managed to gain plaudits and accolades from almost every end of the cultural spectrum, appearing at the top of numerous end-of-year lists and even managing to get a slot on BBC2's revered/mocked (delete were applicable) Late Review programme. Of course, it was never going to be an easy album to follow, so it's reassuring to see that Murcof's sound has folded itself inwardly instead of attempting to straddle altogether different sounds. Taking orchestral structures and incorporating layers of thrumming instrumentation and mournful strings to top it all off, Murcof has sculpted a sound which is immediately recognisable as his own despite consisting of a well worn selection-box of elements. Instilling songs such as "Recuerdos" and "Rios" with the kind of grandstanding scope that normally require 10,000 strings and your local rent-a-philharmonic, Corona can seemingly conjure a tarnished grandeur from a muted collection of elements that include razor edged beats, lazy horns and crackling backwashes. Clinical but earthy, 'Remembranza' is a fiercely assured album which will enrapture his existing fans whilst winning over those new to his sound. Highly Recommended.
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Cat: GM 035CD. Rel: 27 Sep 18
  1. Intro
  2. Chapitre I
  3. Chapitre II
  4. Chapitre III
  5. Chapitre IV
  6. Chapitre V
  7. Chapitre VI
  8. Chapitre VII
  9. Chapitre VIII
  10. Chapitre IX
  11. Chapitre X
  12. Chapitre XI
  13. Epilogue
  14. Chapitre N
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