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Keep It In The Family
Cat: HANDYSNF 001. Rel: 26 Apr 22
Deep House
9th House - "Harmonic Convergence" (4:13)
Ruff Stuff - "Still Dancing" (6:46)
Adam Curtain - "Wonk That Arp" (5:06)
Bobby Cazanova - "Big Eden" (5:13)
Arthur Dudley X Retromigration - "Moody Knights" (5:13)
Review: A collaboration between Bristol's Shall Not Fade and London label/clothing line Handy here titled Keep It In The Family. SNF tapped 9th House & Berlin-based Italian Ruff Stuff for some wicked techno tracks, and it's all about the latter doing his best Aril Brikha impression on 'Still Dancing'. Representing Handy we have Bobby Cazanova serving up some bass-heavy sci-fi fantasies on the electro number 'Big Eden' and a collab between Arthur Dudley and Retromigration who serve up some smoky, late night deep house on 'Moodyknight'.
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 in stock $13.76
Touching Base I
Touching Base I (limited 12")
Cat: APRH 005. Rel: 31 May 23
Deep House
Nephews - "To The Basement" (5:56)
Retromigration - "Simpel" (5:40)
DimSum - "Up & Away" (6:00)
DimSum - "Up & Away" (Alex Attias remix) (7:06)
Review: Small but well formed label Addictive Pleasure Real Healing hits release number five and it takes the form of a three way split. Nephews opens up with the lithe house funk of 'To The Basement' complete with wet claps and steamy vocal coos, then Retromigration pumps a deep, jazzy house mood with 'Simpel' that is light up by some great work on the keys. DimSum is the third artists and offers some sax laced Balearic beats with 'Up & Away' which becomes a more lazy and lounging affair in the hands of remixer Alex Attias.
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 in stock $15.87
Cloudin (12")
Cat: WOLFEP 074. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Deep House
Cloudin (6:51)
Only Well (5:54)
Just Take It (5:01)
Everybody Knows (4:51)
They Hatin (5:11)
You Win (4:45)
Review: Retromigration's Cloudin is a deep house 12" that offers a great blend of fun, jazzy, and serious tracks. Sometimes, all in the same track. It opens with the title track, which is a proper deep house effort that is techy and fresh, with tribal and psychedelic elements. This is followed by 'Only Well,' which is a jazzy funk track with a nice melody. The third track, 'Just Take It,' is a catchy, slick house track with an addictive melody and hints of disco. Side 2 of the album opens with 'They Hatin',' an urban groove track with cool sound effects, an old skool jazz feel and a 70s sound. The album closes with 'You Win,' a clever, different and unique track. Overall, Cloudin is a great 12" that shows that house music can be much more than just an evolution of disco.
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 in stock $15.62
Dead Tech
Dead Tech (limited 12")
Cat: LYAM 006. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Deep House
B O (5:51)
Lapras (5:11)
Dead Tech (feat Mauricesax) (2:33)
Half Pure (3:51)
Half Pure (Da Poet remix) (5:18)
Review: Amsterdam-based producer Malik Kassim aka Retromigration has been turning out a steady stream of beautifully soulful infused house eosins on several key labels over the last few years. Now he lands on Last Year At Marienbad with another delightful EP rich in melodies. 'B O' starts with a mid tempo groove that is embellished with the joys of a new spring day then 'Lapras' is lead by a mystic flute lead while the loose limbed drums make you move below. 'Dead Tech' slows to a jazzy late night crawl and then two flip side joints bring 70s fusion flutes and diva vocals to organic house drums. Sublime EP.
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Intérprete: Superbreak
 in stock $15.35
Straight Foxin'
Cat: WOLFLP 006. Rel: 18 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Kunta (feat Mauricesax)
Be Someone (feat Bezzix)
All I Do (feat Mauricesax)
Bouncer (feat Mauricesax)
New Cribs (feat Bezzix & Mauricesax)
ITWT (feat Mauricesax)
Kush Love (feat Passion Deez)
What If
Mild Fever
Bad Knees (feat Nephews)
 in stock $30.70
Also Durag EP
Cat: HANDY 005. Rel: 25 Oct 22
Deep House
Also Durag (5:50)
Also Durag (Earl Jeffers Thunder remix) (5:20)
You & Dion (6:24)
Stop The Presses (5:25)
Review:  London label/clothing line Handy has already put out a fine EP in collaboration with Bristol's Shall Not Fade while Retromigration has had big 12"s on Last Year At Marienbad and We Will Always Be A Love Song this year. Now the two on-form forces come together for a fresh EP of dusty, woozy, seductive house. 'Also Durag' has classy skip in the drums and steamy sax motifs while 'Earl Jeffers' flips it into something heavy and sweaty. 'You & Dion' is a freeform house jam with squelchy bass and atmospheric vocals then 'Stop The Presses' rounds out with dreamy, carefree house goodness.
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 in stock $15.35
Secret Of A Pimp EP
Cat: WEWILL 023. Rel: 24 May 22
Deep House
Secret Of A Pimp (6:06)
Secret Of A Pimp (Jimpster remix) (6:09)
Flying Lotus (6:08)
Flying Lotus (Franc Spangler remix) (5:35)
Review: wewillalwaysbealovesong has very quietly become a much treasured outlet for classy hosue sounds by those who know. It is the on form Retromigration who steps up now following EPs on Handy and Wolf Music that deserve more attention than they seem to have so far got. He brings his sleek modern deep house style to the fore here with opener 'Secret Of A Pimp' layering up crispy boom-bap house drums with warm, whirring pads and smart vocal sample. The don Jimpster adds his textbook musicality to a fine remix, then 'Flying Lotus' brings a more airy and melodic vibe for outdoor dancing. The Franc Spangler remix is dubby and deep as you like.
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 in stock $13.76
Cat: WOLFEP 064. Rel: 20 Apr 22
Deep House
Hafenluft (5:19)
Mad Fox (6:03)
Tinger (feat Nephews) (6:19)
Be Alright (6:01)
Disk Yard (5:07)
Nur Wir (3:59)
Review: Given their confident style, the artist lurking behind the Retromigration moniker already has an impressive track record, and the take on U.S style deep house and J Dilla style instrumental hip-hop they show here is sure to please both DJs and punters alike . Check first the echoing strings, synth chords and twinkling pianos of deep and steppin' house jam 'Hafenluft', before admiring the swirling deep house jazz of 'Mad Fox' and the more driving but similarly jazzy 'Tinger'. Elsewhere, 'Be Alright' is a mid-tempo number that combines deep house elements with flashes of '80s synth funk, while 'Disk Yard' and 'Nur Weir' are dusty, stoner-friendly head-nodders.
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 in stock $13.24
Bloom Street EP
Cat: WOLFEP 061. Rel: 27 Jul 21
Deep House
Bloom Street (6:34)
Brining It (5:53)
Free Spirit (5:13)
One Night With Colin (feat Arthur Dudley) (5:08)
Slick Walkin' (5:49)
Review: Retromigration is the nom de plume of Malik Kassim, a DJ and producer from Amsterdam with previous releases on labels like Ravanelli Disco Club, GLBDOM and Healthy Scratch. The five tracks featured on the Bloom Street EP come to you courtesy of London's Wolf Music, featuring the sensual late night mood music of A side cut 'Brining It' and its velvety Rhodes keys that guide it all the way. Over on the flip, you have the urban influenced jam 'Free Spirit' getting that Berlin vibe going on that's reminiscent of Max Graef and Glenn Astro's work, and ending with the dusty jazz bar loops of 'Slick Walkin' that takes you deeper into the twilight hours.
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 in stock $14.29
Metro Blonde EP
Cat: RDC 009. Rel: 23 Mar 21
Deep House
Metro Blonde (5:47)
Meinst Du (6:38)
Osupa (6:27)
Pleasure, Achim (6:36)
 in stock $13.24
Collectors Edition 003
Collectors Edition 003 (limited numbered hand-stamped 180 gram vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: TDRLTD 003. Rel: 08 May 24
Deep House
Retromigration & Bezzix - "Where Is The Sunshine" (5:57)
Joey Musaphia - "I Miss You" (6:53)
Moodena & Soul Central - "A Glass Of Kool Aid" (5:55)
Sartorial - "Sartorial's Day Off" (6:20)
Review: Whether or not it is the first sign of a reaction to the domination or harder techno in recent years or not we do not know, but there sure is some superbly soulful and feel good house around at the moment. TDR LTD is back with more of just that after two first releases that got us very much locked in for the ride. This various artists' outing kicks off with Retromigration & Bezzix's 'Where Is The Sunshine' which has loose cow bells, glockenspiels, hip-swinging drums and plenty of love. Joey Musaphia's 'I Miss You' brings some funk, there are some blissed-out broken beats on Moodena & Soul Central's 'A Glass Of Kool Aid' and 'Sartorial's Day Off' shuts down with some pumpkin MAW-style and loopy house joy.
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 in stock $18.79
Jeffa (12")
Cat: RDC 011. Rel: 10 May 22
Deep House
Retromigration - "Jeffa" (6:32)
Retromigration - "Jeffa" (Ron Basejam remix) (6:33)
Nephews - "Reingelaxed" (5:23)
Nephews - "Reingelaxed" (JKriv remix) (7:31)
Review: Marseille-based label Ravanelli Disco Club welcomes back Amsterdam-based producer Malik Kassim aka Retromigration for the evocative sunset groove of 'Jeffa' which is perfect for poolside vibes, which then heads inside to the club for some deep, late-night mood music courtesy of Ron Basejam on the remix. Over on the flip, Nephews serve up a slo-mo heater reminiscent of French deep house from the turn of the millennium on the sultry 'Reingelaxed' which gets a re-rub by Razor N Tape main man Jkriv on the flip.
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 in stock $13.24
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