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Loom High
Loom High (limited 12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: FAM 08. Rel: 25 Jun 20
  1. It Was All Happening (6:47)
  2. Geomest (5:17)
  3. Stare Me Down (5:29)
  4. Loom High (7:04)
 in stock $9.70
Sing Sin
Sing Sin (limited 12" + insert)
Cat: SSPB 015. Rel: 20 Mar 20
  1. Bao Cecile (5:48)
  2. Casualty (5:49)
  3. Just In Case (6:12)
  4. Sing Sin (4:41)
Intérprete: Evan Michael
 in stock $15.08
Cave Walls Part 2
Cat: AVN 035. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. Karhide (Departure) (3:00)
  2. Happening RN (5:53)
  3. Opportunist (5:09)
  4. Byzantine Mahogany (7:11)
  5. All Structures Are Unstable (3:33)
Review: Rhyw returns to Avian.

Following on from the producer's much lauded debut, Alex Tsiridis reemerges on the Avian label with Cave Walls (Part Two).

Tsiridis' work under the Rhyw moniker has always showcased the producer's keen ear for drawing out melody from potentially disharmonious elements - tweaking feedback components and utilising heavy filtering to generate curious hook-like riffs that dip in and out of the heady drum work with some considerable style.

On AVN035, Rhyw continues to mine this unique production aesthetic, eking out both pleasing tones and more discordant sonic anomalies in equal measure across a handful of new recordings.

Beatless pieces All Structures Are Unstable & Karhide lean tentatively towards Cluster-esque Krautrock in their execution - the former, an acrimonious deconstruction of the producer's dance floor work, and the latter owing more to the Noise & Drone music found elsewhere on the Avian label.

Byzantine Mahogany, the first of three more functional pieces, finds its hook element in a growling, low slung saw, driven hot & buoyed by dry, shuffling percs & Happening RN features that same twisted bass, this time with added urgency. Opportunist completes the triad and finds Tsiridis in yet more high octane territory, sonically shifted more to the high frequencies found on Cave Walls (Part One) - cementing a now characteristic bent to the producer's work.
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Intérprete: Kessell
 in stock $11.33
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 009
Planet Rhythm Sales Pack 009 (coloured vinyl double 12" + 12")
  1. Scalameriya - "Planetary Deflector"
  2. Scalameriya - "Undeciphered Language"
  3. Scalameriya - "Colonal Resort"
  4. Scalameriya - "Subterranean Transmitter"
  5. Klankman - "Can Not Use That Command On Overlapping Selections"
  6. Charlton - "Profiler"
  7. Thanos Hana - "The Injury Pattern"
  8. Rhyw - "MKFBTB"
  9. YYYY - "Relic"
  10. YYYY - "A Cry From The Plateaus"
  11. YYYY - "Instrument Of Self Evasion"
  12. YYYY - "Born To Breed"
coming soon TBA
NAIF 09 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: NAIF 09. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Nihad Tule - "Lean Forward" (6:33)
  2. RHYW - "Not Now, Not Yet" (5:32)
  3. Marco Shuttle - "Onda Anomala" (6:11)
  4. Efdemin & Konrad Sprenger - "Laveline" (6:04)
Intérprete: Brian James
 in stock $10.53
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