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Tiger Fold EP
Tiger Fold EP (10" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: TIGERFOLDG. Rel: 29 Sep 23
Tiger Fold (9:52)
How I Feel (6:46)
 in stock $13.48
Soul Recognition EP (reissue)
Cat: JOULE 02 RP. Rel: 11 Aug 20
Deep House
Spirit (6:46)
Your Counterpart In Another (7:58)
Soul Recognition (9:35)
 in stock $13.21
Heading In A Backwards Direction
Heading In A Backwards Direction (2xLP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: YOYAKU 003LP. Rel: 15 Jan 20
Minimal House/Tech House
Fragil (dub) (5:22)
Draxis (9:03)
Cerendipity (7:26)
Don't Be Neutron (6:30)
Continued Momentum (6:11)
Native Tongue (8:58)
Capturing Diversity (7:01)
Holding Thoughts (7:21)
Review: Roger Gerressen's previous album, 2017's Sushitech-released "Monoaware", did a fine job in delivering atmospheric slabs of dancefloor hypnotism that were variously inspired by tech-house, dub techno and the deeper end of the European techno sound. "Heading In A Backwards Direction" feels like a more open and expansive take on the same basic blueprint, with Gerressen quietly slipping between beat-free dub techno soundscapes (blissful opener "Fragil (Dub)"), sun-kissed tech-house/dub techno fusion (the ear-pleasing "Draxis"), deep house inspired dancefloor warmth ("Cerendipity"), heavier peak-time workouts (bass-heavy tech-house jack track "Don't Be Neutron"), crackling minimalism ("Continued Momentum") and hushed, sub-heavy goodness (closing cut "Holding Thoughts"). It all adds up to another impressively atmospheric excursion.
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 in stock $28.52
Ebadi EP
Ebadi EP (12")
Cat: IRENIC 005. Rel: 05 Sep 19
Shirin (6:50)
Women (6:09)
Children (7:28)
Refugees (2009 version) (6:17)
Intérprete: Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $14.00
The Come Down EP
Cat: MN 006. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Deep House
The Come Down (8:44)
The Come Down (Halo Varga remix) (7:49)
Be Who You Want (8:12)
Be Who You Want (Ion Ludwig Think You're Free remix) (7:56)
Review: Roger Gerressen is one of those artists, along with the likes of Plastikman and Maurizo, say, who can craft a loop so perfect that it's almost enough to just let it play for days. Here he works with Jonah on a new one for Muted Noise that finds him layer up more fulsome arrangements, at least to start with on the pained 'The Come Down' with its nagging vocal coos and melancholic chords. A Halo Varga remix is more driving and club ready tech, then 'Be Who You Want' is a delightfully deep, delicate and dubbed-out house cut with silky vocals and pillowy chords. Ion Ludwig Think You're Free remix again ups the pace and makes the original a more deriving tech cut.
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 in stock $15.06
The Scandinavian Forest
Saphileaum - "Interlingua" (5:45)
Roger Gerressen - "Angsalvor" (7:21)
Sebastian Mullaert - "Unwind" (7:07)
Polygonia - "Stellar Rain" (7:01)
Eyvind Blix - "Green Algae" (6:30)
Elin Piel - "Skog" (4:57)
Review: Norwegian online magazine Monument presents its second release titled The Scandinavian Forest. As expected, they've tapped some of the hypnotic techno genre's seasoned experts to deliver their take on deep and atmospheric dancefloor sounds. Highlights come from Dutch dub engineer Roger Gerressen with the heady greyscale minimalism of 'Angsalvor', the ever reliable Sebastian Mullaert will cast a spell on you with the arcane trance induction of 'Unwind' and rising Bavarian talent Polygonia hands in the strobe-lit frenzy of 'Stellar Rain' which will push you into mental overdrive.
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 in stock $17.95
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