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Hotel Karthago
Cat: PH 135. Rel: 07 May 24
Hotel Karthago (5:47)
Energies (4:22)
 in stock $14.62
Balmy Evening
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 283. Rel: 13 Oct 22
Atmosphere (2:57)
Home (2:37)
Frei (4:19)
Super Sonne (3:39)
Greenhouse (5:39)
Dolphins (4:55)
Duftschulter (4:25)
Goth (3:38)
Sick (4:58)
Die Hoehle (7:42)
Ambienteuse (3:45)
 in stock $26.06
Yes People
Cat: REKIDS 204. Rel: 21 Jul 22
Yes People (5:33)
Play Simple (4:28)
Jam (4:43)
Mysterious Delight (5:09)
Review: It is impossible to pin down Roman Flugel. The German innovator has had more different sounds and aliases than most of us have had disco pellets. Here he is back under his own name on Berlin mainstay Rekids with four to-the-point yet still characterful techno cuts. 'Yes People' with both amp up the energy in the club but also trip out all those who hear it thanks to its caustic drums and mind-melting synths. 'Play Simple' is a double time weapon with spoken words morphing before your ears next to an insistent rhythm and sleek pads. 'Jam' is a wonky one with detuned chords tumbling about the mix over old school techno directness and 'Mysterious Delight' again cuts loose at the afters. This may be his best work in some time.
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Intérprete: Skudge
 in stock $13.30
Mega (12")
Cat: RB 105. Rel: 17 Feb 22
Mega (6:59)
Rules (4:51)
Film 1 (5:27)
Film 2 (4:53)
Film 3 (5:00)
 in stock $9.03
Eating Darkness
Eating Darkness (140 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: RBLP 15. Rel: 12 May 21
Deep House
Magic Briefcase (4:20)
Chemicals (5:16)
Wow (5:26)
Jocks & Freaks (4:14)
The Best Is Yet To Come (4:14)
Cluttered Homes (4:58)
Eternal (3:40)
Locked (5:00)
Charles (2:19)
Review: Roman Flugel is back with his seventh full length titled Eating Darkness. The nine tracks were created during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020, and are testament to the Frankfurt legend's penchant for mixing elements of pop with sounds of the underground - a scene he has been affiliated with since the early '90s. A variety of moods and grooves are all delivered in his idiosyncratic style: from the woozy and broken slow burner 'Chemicals', to the majestic and spellbinding dancefloor drama of 'Wow' or the raw hardware acid jack of 'Jocks And Freaks' which harks to his days as Alter Ego. Elsewhere, there's the heartfelt and bittersweet ambient house of 'Cluttered Homes' and the downbeat bliss of closing epic 'Charles'.
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 in stock $23.93
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