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Route 8

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Cat: FARB 003R. Rel: 04 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Can You Feel It? (5:32)
  2. Slim City (5:41)
  3. Mental Murder (5:09)
  4. Never Ending Journey (6:29)
  5. Till Dawn (Miguel Flacos Deep South revision) (6:50)
Review: Route 8's Mental Murder EP first surfaced back in 2013, with Farbweschel releasing as a limited cassette and WAV download. This, then, is its first appearance on wax. It remains one of the Hungarian producer's strongest works: a fine collection of analogue-rich workouts that successfully tiptoes the fine line between home listening, and the needs of the dancefloor. So while DJs will get plenty of plays out of hissing, drum machine-heavy jack-track "Mental Murder", whistling deep house number "Slim City", and the glassy-eyed Motor City positivity of "Never Ending Journey", it's not all straight-up club fodder. IDM-inspired opener "Can You Feel It", in particular, is utterly sublime.
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Intérprete: Gnork
 in stock $10.77
Cat: TIOT 000. Rel: 24 Jun 16
Deep House
  1. Floating (dub) (6:37)
  2. Dance With U (5:49)
Review: This Is Our Time - a 101% Hungarian label run by the homies Route 8 & Soundbank aka the Lathequex boyz - presenting a special 10" from the former, highly regard artist known for his work on Lobster Theremin, Nous and Farbwechsel. Arriving on the 10" format, This Is Our Time describe this two track salvo from Route 8 as like "being when you have that slice of pizza on your way home from a big night out and you feel like that you are in the centre of the universe." We've all been there right? "Floating (dub)" gets that sublime dubby deep house vibe happening as good as Swiss guys like Baaz or Quarion can; this low slung groove is pure bliss. On the lip things get a bit more uplifting on the very KDL inspired slo-mo deepness of "Dance With U" which is perfect to get the crowd in the mood in the early evening. Tip!
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 in stock $9.97
Cat: TIOT 002. Rel: 31 Oct 18
  1. Liquid Night (7:02)
  2. It Keeps Flashing On Me (6:43)
  3. Acid Talk (7:43)
  4. Slowly (6:26)
Review: After a suitable warm-up, Route 8 flexes his muscles ready for a spot of wrist-abusing TB-303 "exercise". He works the vintage Roland machine hard on opener "Liquid Light", where undulating and psychedelic acid lines bubble away increasingly intensively atop a bustling, energy-packed groove. "It Keeps Flashing On Me" is an altogether funkier, loose-limbed affair blessed with looped scat vocals and chunky bass as well as the obligatory 303 abuse, while "Acid Talk" is the kind of head-mangling, retro-futurist jack-track that wouldn't sound out of place on Posthuman's I Love Acid label. Finally, "Slowly" is an altogether deeper affair, with the Hungarian's bubbling acid lines being offset by deep space chords and hushed percussion.
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Intérprete: Baltra
 in stock $10.77
Artículos del 1 al 3 de 3 en la página 1 de 1


Route 8
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