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That's Heaven To Me
coming soon $17.32
Cat: 772171. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Peace In The Valley (2:44)
  2. Jesus Gave Me Water (2:30)
  3. Come, Let Us Go Back To God (2:50)
  4. Joy, Joy To My Soul (2:07)
  5. I'm Gonna Build On That Shore (2:33)
  6. Until Jesus Calls Me Home (2:44)
  7. It Won't Be Very Long (2:36)
  8. Just Another Day (2:43)
  9. He'll Welcome Me (To My Home) (3:06)
  10. End Of My Journey (2:54)
  11. Come & Go To That Land (2:37)
  12. Jesus, I'll Never Forget (2:35)
  13. Any Day Now (2:28)
  14. Be With Me Jesus (2:29)
  15. I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always) (3:13)
  16. Farther Along (2:29)
  17. Touch The Hem Of His Garment (2:04)
  18. Pilgrim Of Sorrow (2:19)
  19. Were You There? (2:32)
 in stock $13.63
Dream State Of A Bellmaker (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: DELAPHINE 008. Rel: 18 Apr 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Baby I'm Sorry (5:23)
  2. Alone In A Crowd (9:22)
  3. Out Of Touch (8:42)
  4. Pour Aisha (11:17)
  5. Two Hearts In Doubt (7:35)
  6. Mirror (1:16)
  7. Better To Have Loved (8:11)
  8. Thank You/Dream State Of A Bellmaker/Big Sur (14:00)
Review: A mere four years after making his 12" debut on Fathers & Sons Productions, Samuel Andre Madsen delivers his debut album on Delaphine, the label he set up to release his music back in 2013. There's much to admire about Dream State of A Bellmaker, which attractively drifts between undulating ambient bliss, deep and melodious techno shufflers, evocative electronica, becalmed drone explorations, and atmospheric compositions that define easy categorization (see the electronic jazz/ambient/dream house fusion of "Better To Have Loved"). It's a hugely enjoyable and entertaining set, full of intricately programmed and life-affirming music.
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Intérprete: Savile, Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $26.76
Fury's Laughter EP
Cat: DELAPHINE 010. Rel: 24 Jun 19
Deep House
  1. Fury's Laughter
  2. Alright
Review: Having recently rounded off his Prolific Trilogy 009 series with a third and final collection of deep and groovy club cuts, Samuel Andre Madsen returns to action via a tightly wound two-tracker full of funk-fuelled grooves and rush-inducing moments. There's something wonderfully loose-limbed about flipside "Alright", a post two-step club cut rich in foreboding acid bass, looped spoken word samples, acid flashes and twisted tech-house electronics. It's good but nowhere near as life affirming as lead cut "Fury's Laughter", an acid bass-propelled peak-time stomper blessed with the most wide-eyed and spine-tingling breakdown we've heard this month. The clips alone are giving us chills, which is always a good sign.
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coming soon $12.33
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