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SEB G Vinilo y CD

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We Are Not From Here
We Are Not From Here (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: HPDVA 003. Rel: 09 Sep 24
Progressive House
Anderson - "Sweet Psylow"
HearThuG - "Back To The Future"
Luis Malon & Seb G - "Extasis Nebular"
Jamie Leather - "Strange Commodities"
Review: The Hyperdrive label is back with a third outing which once again offers up some exciting and forward-thinking new artists. Anderson's 'Sweet Psylow' kicks off with some psychedelic synth loops over crisp tech house drums that hark back to the 90s prog heyday. HearThuG's 'Back To The Future' is a darker sound with whistles, snappy snares and eerie chords and Luis Malon & Seb G then combine for the bouncing techno rhythms and acid-laced pads of 'Extasis Nebular.' Last but not least, Jamie Leather's 'Strange Commodities' is a surging cosmic techno trip with dynamic drums and perc and majestic leads. This is another fine release from this young label.
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est. release 09 Sep 24 $15.94
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Rave Revival EP
Cat: HPDVA 002. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Anthrophia - "The Voice" (5:09)
Dimension 23 - "Fascination" (Seb G mix) (5:17)
Centuras - "Jizz" (6:15)
Dimension 23 - "The Eagle" (5:48)
Review: Hyperdrive's label debut was a biggie that brought together old and new-school techno on one fizzing EP. The follow-up comes soon after and this time makes no bones about being a Rave Revival. Anthrophia's 'The Voice' kicks off with what is a hefty breakbeat cut with edgy rave stabs and slamming bass. Dimension 23 - 'Fascination' (Seb G mix) then takes a more stripped-back approach with turbocharged synths layered up over silky drums. Centuras brings plenty of bright, euphoric prog energy to the urgent drum funk of 'Jizz' and last of all Dimension 23's 'The Eagle' then kicks out more dusty old-school breaks with machine gun synth fire. A potent EP, make no mistake.
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